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This is the page for the San Pedro Institute, a privately funded research and adult education entity.  Please check back as this page is being set up.

Current Research Projects

“Man & the Sea Research Project”

This project involves research into ancient human ancestors and the possibility of their having used maritime skills to enter into the Americas.  (assigned researchers:  Peron, Rob L., B. Benson) began 2017

“Chavez Pass & the Sinagua Research Project”

This project involves research into an ancient people known as the “Sinagua” who resided and and built a community in the Chavez Pass area of Northern Arizona.  This research is ongoing.  (assigned researchers:  Rob L., Peron) began 2015

“Homo Erectus in the Americas”

This is an ongoing research project which began in 2014.  It is attempting to answer the question as to whether or not ancient human ancestors such as H. erectus migrated into the Americas.  (assigned researchers:  various)

“Review of Research:  Chaco Canyon”

This is a research project involving research and findings at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the surrounding area.  (assigned researchers:  Peron, Benson) began 2014

“SPI Bigfoot Research Project”

This is an ongoing research project centering around the existence of “Bigfoot” and the supportive evidence.  We are not attempting to prove if this creature is real.  We ARE attempting to determine what it actually is. (assigned researchers:  various)  began 2013

“Extent of Aztec Influence into the American Southwest Project”

This research project centers around the extent of  influence  which the Aztecs had on Native American cultures in the American Southwest.”  (assigned researchers: Rob L.) began 2016

Online Adult Education 

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Interested in Becoming a Researcher?

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Contact Information

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Research Staff

Roberto Peron, –Director/Researcher

Rob L, –Program Coordinator/Researcher

B. Benson, –Research Assistant

 Karl Coburg,–Research Assistant