Hominid Comparisons




Skeletal Comparison of H. erectus & H. sapien

H erectus_Mod Humans

Hominid Skull Comparisons

Hominid Skulls_1

Chimp & Hominid Skull Comparisons

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Various Ancient Human Skulls

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Hominid Skulls:

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Brain Size and Two Opposing Theories of Evolution:

Brain Size and Theories

Hominid Skull Comparisons:

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Hominid Skull Comparison

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Evolutionary Model:


Hominid Evolution:

Hominid Evolution_1

Hominid Skulls:

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H. Sapien & Neanderthal Skull Comparison:


H. habilis and H. erectus comparison:

H. habils_erectus

Skull with H. erectus & Neanderthal Features:  250-500 kya this skull is a Late H. Erectus with some Neanderthal features making it a hybrid.

H erectus_Neanderthal features

Hominid Skulls Comparison:

Hominid Skulls_8

H. habilis skull:

H. habilis skull 1813

Australopithecus, Chimp, & modern Human skull comparisons:

Australopithecus skull comparison

H. erectus & Neanderthal Comparison:


Neanderthal Man:

Neanderthal Man_1

Human Evolution Chart:

human evolution_1

Australopithecus afarensis:

Au Afarensis

Neanderthals:  Artistic Reconstructions that are more humanlike than apelike —