Note to All Viewers

I first want to welcome you to my blog and feel free to look around and check up the subjects that are of interest to you.  I first began this blog with the intention of it being a place for respectful discussion rather than disrespectful argument.  I have certain theories that I have arrived at over the course of many years of work and research just so you know I didn’t pull them out of my hat suddenly.

You do NOT have to agree with everything that is posted here and, in fact, I do not want you to agree with everything posted here.  That shows blind conformity and I as you will soon determine am not a conformist but a REBEL 🙂  And, in fact, I’m rather proud of being a rebel and bucking the system.  We can disagree and still have respectful discussions I would hope and who knows?  You might even change my mind.  It has been said everything in Anthropology is fluid and nothing is set in concrete.  The same applies to my theories as well as new evidence comes along or as I change my mind about certain things.  And this is just how it should be I believe.  Nothing should be set in concrete.

If you decide to comment you will notice that the first time or two you post a comment it will be held for moderation.  That is because it must be approved before it appears on the blog.  Once your first comments are approved they should start appearing without moderation unless there is a technical problem or unless I believe your comments are an attack on me or anyone else here.  I do not tolerate attacks on others.  We are not here to attack or demoralize each other.  If you’re intention is to attack others or demoralize them then you will be banned from this blog and the same goes if you are a troll.

Articles are welcomed from others besides me.  If you wish to have an article of your own writing posted here you can leave a message in any of the comments sections and I will instruct you what to do next.  I am sure many of you have your own ideas about the topics presented here and I would be interested in reading them.  Most people who come to this blog are not professional anthropologists so I don’t expect academic papers. Simple everyday writing is preferred.

Regarding stats…..I did not start this blog with the intention of winning any sort of popularity contest.  I would rather have a few people come here and participate who are sincerely interested in the subject matter over an “army” of those who are not.  I would rather have a few people come here and perhaps learn over an “army” of people who simply would come here to troll, attack others, or spout their beliefs that they cannot back up with facts and evidence.  This blog is a place of sharing, learning, and discussion in the search for answers that we are all involved in all of our lives.  Therefore, it is my believe that those who are supposed to be here come here and those who are not supposed to be here just pass on by.  In my mind it is NOT quantity but it IS quality and that applies to people/participants as well.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I want you to express your thoughts and opinions in a civil manner and I and the others may or may not agree with you.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to their beliefs and we should respect those opinions and believe even if we disagree with them personally.

Again, welcome and if this is a place where you feel comfortable with learning and sharing then please comment.

Thank you