Very simply I am an Explorer, Anthropologist, Paleosociologist, Writer, Educator, and Primate Researcher.

This blog reflects some of my thoughts on a variety of subjects and phenomena. It also reflects some of my own personal experiences and those of people close to me.

It has been said that everything in anthropology is “provisional” meaning subject to change as new discoveries are made and old theories are revised or discarded. But, isn’t that the case with everything? Isn’t everything “provisional” with nothing set in concrete? When we set our beliefs in concrete then those beliefs become dogma, which I detest. Dogma is like getting stuck in a rut that is very hard to get out of. It bogs you down especially if you are a researcher or scientist. Thus, I try to maintain an open mind and avoid dogmas because I’ve never been one with a desire to get bogged down.

I invite you to join me here in my quest for understanding. All that I ask is that you keep your comments civil and respect others. If you don’t then your comments will be removed and you will not be allowed to comment here any longer. We can all disagree in ways that respect others without personally attacking them. We don’t need to lower ourselves to name-calling or insults. We are suppose to be “civilized” human beings. So let’s act like it. Now, let’s get started………………..


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