2 comments on “Genetic Analysis: NOT set in concrete yet!!

  1. There is something in this… Didn’t the Berbers trade with and influence all the regions you mentioned from the first test except the Americas? Their range was from Sardinia to England and included Iberia and North Africa.

    I wonder if the first test was indeed accurate but that they went back even further in the line and sourced what came prior to the later Iberian influence. Sardinia to England just screams of the seafaring Berbers. πŸ™‚


    • Yes they did and they also formed the bulk of the Moors who conquered Spain/Portugal and ruled it for 500 years. I think the first analysis is far more accurate and in line with the ancestry we have found than the new analysis. The Berbers also interacted heavily with the Phoenicians who were magnificent seafarers and explorers.


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