13 comments on “The Dropa Stones, Bi Discs, and the Dropka

  1. What got me when I first dug into these is that they were dated to supposedly 12,000 years ago. It would be pretty advanced artwork for that day and age if true.

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  2. a computerized machine or possibly an analogue machine, certainly a possibility especially for the latter. if you look at the bottom one with all the shades of light green and beige there appears to be a key slot at 12 o’clock in the center. also if you look at about 7 o’clock you can see the light and shadow of the opening and the key slot shadow is wrong, it should show light going up into the shadow of the disc, not down into the light of the hole in the center. also if you look at 5 o’clock on the opening, there seem to be a repair, as if a piece broke out and was patched up possibly with 2 wedge shaped pieces. an inner piece and an outer piece. and like all the questions on the Iowa Basics tests i took in school, i am just guessing hah 😉

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    • It was probably found broken in pieces in situ and then reconstructed after removal. But! You are absolutely right about that shadow! how in the heck would it do that? The angles seem right with the shadow under the bottom of the disk and in the center hole. It looks like it has two different light sources aimed at it but those slots are wrong for sure Randolf. How could that be reproduced with a reverse shadow like that? Could there be lights behind it too? and what we see in the center hole is the light reflection off the back of the disk? Strange… Good catch Randolf!


  3. i noticed it because of all those years of coloring symmetrical designs on Iowa Basics tests and it is good to see somebody else found a way to amuse themselves the way i did coloring dots. 🙂


    • Lol… That’s friggen funny my friend! 🙂

      Did you get my email from a week ago? I have some information for your internet security if you are interested… Just email me back and I will hook you up… 🙂


      • i just read your email and wrote back, i even looked at some of the link, a few came up errors, but none the less we have been experimenting with drugs for a long time and now to find out getting high is a good christian thing to do, that makes my day, maybe my week. it is almost as wonderful news as when state Senator Jeff Essmann (republican) wrote senate bill 423 back in 2011 and it made medical marijuana FREE. if you would like a link to that law i can do that. now the new law, because of a bunch of whiners, i have to pay more for a weed that grows prolifically in Mexico to have it inspected for bugs. i guess the ASPCA got it’s panties bunched for all of the microscopic bugs that are getting cremated against their will, i don’t know what was wrong with the old law, making pot free, republican or democrat, now that’s what i call “affordable healthcare act” no practicing, no experimenting, just acting.

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        • I apologize for the dead links Randolf, I compiled that quite awhile back for a think tank website that is unfortunately now extinct. It was a fantastic and productive site that addressed a lot of controversial taboo topics not unlike what Roberto has here. The owner was pressured into closing it down by the powers that be because there was far too much being exposed there. This what also happened to some of those linked sites I listed in that. I should go through that and recompile it so that all the links work. 🙂

          But I think what is important in this is the fact that man has been trying to use all means available to reach a higher awareness of that alternate realm and consciousness that truly does exist. And from this quest for awareness came every religion we have now including Christianity. None of them can deny the true origins of their faith which is the use of hallucinogenic compounds.

          Just the common theme displayed in many many ancient Sumerian carvings depicting the gods holding and sharing Opium Poppies is self evident of this long before Christianity. There are so many indicators of this in all written and oral traditions it is pretty hard to ignore as truly possible. Take Moses and the burning bush as an example.

          If Moses truly did exist and did in fact share his experience on the mountain I would propose he was sharing a trip he experienced based on either Amanita Muscaria or the two part compound of Acacia bark and Syrian Rue. I hope the link to the snail ceremony did work for you because I found it to be one of the most important and self evident about the origins of the writings in the Bible.

          I am now convinced many of the experiences these authors shared were hallucinogenic experiences that were at that time very very real to them because they took such things very seriously in those times because they did not have the science to know any different. Once again I would be interested in Rob’s take on this concept. Been looking forward to discussing this concept with him for quite awhile now since Roberto mentioned what Rob studies. 🙂

          If you really want some trouble and discussion here, this topic and concept might warrant a thread of it’s own Roberto… lol 🙂 I’m all in for it…

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  4. i agree about hallucinogenics, crap we have been tweeking almost forever. even today there are people that live in the rain forest of S. America that do. well primarily the shaman, during the spider festivities. once a year they hunt tarantulas and during the hunt the shaman eats some seeds from a tree that are hallucinogenic and chants and prays to the spider god. they catch the tarantulas and keep them alive wrapped in a leaf until they are cooked and consumed. as far as actually going to another dimension, well when i did salvio dinorum (spelling) that was very other worldly and i didn’t much like it. and i have had some profound experiences under the influence of other stuff as well. some good others not so much. if i didn’t like it i never did it again. so i get the other world notions too. as far as actually going to another dimension, or planet even, no thanks, this world/reality can suck enough at times and to go someplace else, world or dimension, no thanks, it could be worse! religion and all the sci-fi stuff i like to watch, has had that effect on me. of course the flip side could be true too, it could be a better place than here, just like heaven in religion. but that’s why we invented drugs, to make us feel better about our self and our situation and not want to leave. funny thing, that.

    of course if the world found out that the prophets in the bible were not really conversing with god, but just stoned out of their gourd, that would shake things up a bit to say the least. of course there would be hardliners that are superstitious and in denial and never accept the truth. the same would hold true if there were aliens and other life even if it was only mold, that would mean that we are not alone, god did not create the whole universe just for us and nobody else because he loves us more than everything and everybody else.

    i still want to know who looked at an artichoke and thought that it looked delicious and that it would make a delicious dip? the only tasty part of the darned thing is in the middle and you can’t see it. not to mention the fact the somebody, maybe the same guy, found out that those tough nasty outer leaves if ground up and put in a capsule WILL lower your evil(bad) cholesterol. you see my “experiments” are not always about getting high. i have formal “tests” to prove this fact too!

    but then again some people don’t even need some magic mushroom or pot… to have some profound experience. on occasion we all do this. you know, you get this warm and fuzzy sensation in the pit of you stomach. or if the situation sucks you get a bad or almost sick feeling in the ol’ gut. the limbic system is at play. people don’t even know what it is yet experience it at work all the time. some people have learned to harness it and give themselves their own high, natural and unadulterated.

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    • Natural and unadulterated is the final goal of course. Whether it be a religious high or like myself a musical mathematical high that takes me to a higher consciousness and awareness to tap that realm and energy. We found these compounds because we were in survival mode and were forced to try everything we thought might sustain us, including artichokes… Some were better than others… And some were very spiritual and opened an awareness to the world around us… 🙂

      There is something very surreal and spiritual about the difference between looking at the leaf of a tree and finding appreciation for it what it is as in 2D, or looking at the same leaf of a tree and actually seeing the process within as it flows and happens in real life real time in 3D. This is a huge and remarkable difference… Inanimate objects like rocks and mountains become animate and understanding what they represent becomes more obvious… We are all part of a quantum mechanical world and using the right consciousness explains this.

      “man sees far too much from the top of a mountain…”


      • All religions are the invention of humankind IMO and yes if you trace the origins of every religion back far enough you will find that they began as tribal religions composed of people attempting to achieve higher consciousness and/or alternative states of consciousness and using whatever means they thought necessary to achieve it including the use of hallucinogenic herbs and drugs.

        JR wrote, “I am now convinced many of the experiences these authors shared were hallucinogenic experiences that were at that time very very real to them because they took such things very seriously in those times because they did not have the science to know any different. ” I completely agree and there are plenty of indications of such in our Holy Writs all around the world. Tribal shamans use hallucogenic plants and drugs to achieve altered states of consciousness and no one can convince them that the visions, messages, and revelations they experience at the time are caused by the drug/herb. They are completely convinced that they have been in communications with the god or gods and often other spirit beings. To them this experience is all very real.

        I do believe other dimensions exist and I think some people such as some shamans perhaps have entered into them even if not physically then certainly psychologically/spiritually. We as a species have never resolved the issue of what reality is and is not. Are our lives on this earth the reality or is life nothing but a dream? Is the true reality in the psychospiritual realms of our existence or some place else? And regarding dimensions, we live in a physical dimension but here with us also exists psychological and spiritual dimensions that we experience every day to some extent.

        I have NEVER believed we are alone 🙂 Mathematically the odds are against the notion that we are alone and special. And if we are alone then what about the rest of that vast universe out there with millions of other planets. What is the purpose for their creation if they are not inhabited?

        Randolph wrote: “but then again some people don’t even need some magic mushroom or pot… to have some profound experience. on occasion we all do this. you know, you get this warm and fuzzy sensation in the pit of you stomach. or if the situation sucks you get a bad or almost sick feeling in the ol’ gut. the limbic system is at play. people don’t even know what it is yet experience it at work all the time. some people have learned to harness it and give themselves their own high, natural and unadulterated.” I absolutely agree. Some people can enter into altered states of consciousness without the use of drugs/herbs and some, in fact, seem to have mastered it very well.

        I also agree with the notion that JR presents, “man sees too much from the top of a mountain.” Sometimes it would serve us better to descend that mountain a bit IMO.

        I think that since the dawn of time humans have been trying to figure themselves out. What exactly are we? What is the ending of the “human saga”? Where was the beginning of the human saga? Does a beginning and end ever exist? Is this thing we call “life” reality or just a dream? What is the true reality? We have debated these subjects forever and we still debate them and will continue to do so for a long, long time I suspect. I believe there is something different about the human species. Something that sets us apart from other creatures on the Earth. That is our fantastic ability to think and contemplate deeply. I don’t see dogs engaging in any long hours of contemplation nor any other creature on the planet. I do see them responding mostly with instinct and likely we did the same at one time but then something happened and we began to grow in consciousness, self awareness and thought and I think that is when we became something different from the rest of the animal kingdom. That was the beginning in my mind.

        I’ve heard some pretty incredible things come out of the mouths of shamans that they could not possibly know, yet they DO know. How is that if they are simply high and speculating? Our quest for something more or higher has been a long one and of this there is no doubt. And I’m sure that quest is not going to be over anytime soon.

        I don’t think Rob would mind my sharing briefly here his death experience. It happened when he underwent surgery and was declared clinically dead of a short time. The surgeon had already come to us and was about to tell us that Rob didn’t make it through surgery. There is no convincing him that what he saw and heard during that experience was not real. In fact, he’s convinced that what he saw and heard in that “spirit realm” was much more real than anything on this earth in our physical lives. So what is the reality? Spirit or physical? And I know he wouldn’t mind my sharing that he is a firm believer in reincarnation. Ask him about the man and later the lady he met in a restaurant. He and they all felt an immediate connection as if they knew each other very well even though they’d never met in this present lifetime. And the weird part is that they all knew where and when they met and knew each other and their stories all were the same about that “past lifetime.” How is that possible? How could they all remember the same experience when none of them had ever met in this lifetime? And none of them were on drugs or boos btw.

        Fact is there is a lot about life that we do not understand and may never understand. Fact is there are “mysteries” than may remain mysteries forever. But there IS something to all this and there IS something to the shamanic experiences too. There is just too much that is unexplained. Personally I don’t believe in reincarnation but Rob absolutely does and there’s no convincing him otherwise just as there’s no convincing the shamans that what they see and hear is some figment of their imagination drug induced. How is all this to be explained? Frankly, I have no idea and I’m not going to pretend to explain it either. Fact is there IS something more, something higher and humans have the ability to reach it by various means. And that is one thing that sets us apart from the animals IMO. I’m not an expert on the subject LOL and I’m not going to pretend to be. All I can say is “I don’t know how to explain all this.” But I will say this, there is a lot of unexplained out there and we need explanations for some reason. Maybe we as a species would be better off with such explanations or maybe we won’t. Who knows?

        So that’s my rant…..for now lol…on this matter and yes I will move this discussion to a new thread. 🙂


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