31 comments on “A New Chamber BUT Where Are the Bodies?

  1. I have entertaining the thought that they… and others around the world… Are either very long range communication transmitters/receivers or teletransportation machines. Portals or a communications to another planet or dimensional realm per say…

    And they were there before the Egyptians, they didn’t build them, they found these later and utilized them in practicality. They were instructed in how to use them but they just never could comprehend the technology correctly.

    The Egyptians greatly fearing this advanced technology would in no way want their bodies to be anywhere near it in the after life after they were expired. Just too much for their head to wrap around and they feared it.

    So they buried themselves elsewhere away from these.

    The older hieroglyphs are not Egyptian. They are pre-Egyptian from a previous advanced civilization who taught them this written language as they were becoming extinct or the last to leave and go back to where they came from.

    “Beam me up Scotty” might be an analogy that is not that far off from real history here… Whether it be physically or to another quantum parallel or remote dimension of the universe…

    Great article Roberto!

    Rob’s input on this concept would be very welcome. 🙂


    • I too have entertained the idea that pyramids may have been teleportation or communications devices and they may well have been but I also think they were power generators. So they could be, in short, “all of the above.” In Mesoamerica the natives claim they did not build the pyramids there. They say they were built by an ancient civilization that no longer existed. The native found the stone cities empty after the builders disappeared so they simply moved in. We do know that these pyramids were restored every so often as new material was put over old material of the originals.

      I agree with you that the cultures of the time likely didn’t comprehend how to use the pyramid technology so they turned them into “tombs” but didn’t entomb anyone in them for whatever reason. Fear? Superstition?

      I have often mused about the pyramids and the tales told in the TV series and movie “Stargate.” In that series pyramids are starships and landing platforms and the series has an extremely heavy emphasis on all things ancient Egyptian. Perhaps also not so far fetched?

      Fact is we just don’t know what the pyramids were be they in China, Egypt, Mesoamerica, or elsewhere. The ones in Egypt obviously were NOT burial chambers. Humanity’s past may be very, very different than we’ve been told. In fact, it just might be extremely different 🙂


      • The Giza pyramids are nothing short of a mystery for sure and they certainly were not burial chambers as the mainstream would have us believe. What we see today are the skeletal remains of once even more magnificent structures with their fantastic outer coatings and capstones long gone. I can only imagine how imposing they must have been in their full glory.

        So what were they? It’s anyone’s guess. I also have tended to think that they served as power generating stations but they could have just as well have served as devices for interdimensional travel or teleportation devices between worlds. I agree that the ancient world was far different from what we’ve been told and led to believe. I think those who came before us had high civilizations but unlike our own today. I think the Egyptians had an ancient technology far more “earth friendly” than our own. They had a focus on maintaining harmony between their culture and nature and UNLIKE us today they sought to remain a part of nature instead of trying to fight against her.

        I do believe that the universe around us contains all sorts of life even intelligent life. The mathematics alone proves that we are NOT alone in the universe! I’ve entertained the idea that humanity might have once been a slave race and Earth a colony of some extraterrestrial civilization far more advanced than our own. I’ve studied the theories and writings of the late Zachariah Sitchin author of “The Earth Chronicles” and, frankly, I find his theories plausible. His interpretation although unconventional seems to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together or, at least, most of them.

        Every culture has stories of flying disks, star people, strange beings from the heavens, etc. Even the Bible has stories that can be taken as descriptions of UFOs (ie: Ezekiel’s wheel and the flame that guided the Hebrews out of Egypt). These stories are just to many to pass off as nothing, frankly. In terms of the Giza pyramids I’ve heard engineers say that building just one, much less three, today would be a major feat and they don’t even know if it could be done with all of our wonderful big equipment we have today either! So how did the ancient people build even one much less three? And that doesn’t even consider all of the other pyramids of Mesoamerica, China, etc. How did they achieve such a feat?

        And then there are those “mysterious” hieroglyphs found in Egypt depicting what appears to be a very large light bulb, helicopters, the space shuttle, etc. How do we explain these? Obviously, we are missing something in our story!! All this considered it would NOT surprise me in the least if it was determined that the Giza pyramids were landing platforms for star ships or devices used for teleportation, communication, energy or, as said already, “all of the above.” We most certainly are NOT alone and to think we are goes against the mathematic possibilities greatly. And, I don’t think we have ever been alone, frankly, not even now!


  2. OK guys… it looks like we are all on the same page with this. Thank you for jumping in Rob, very well put to you both. Have either of you heard of operation majestic 12? There is a guy who was part of this program and is whistle blowing about it. I am not going to link it here because it will throw up red flags and cause you problems here on this site. But do a search on this and look for this guy’s site, it is kind of indirect in topic matter but there. Now I must warn you that the site is monitored by be powers that be and you will be filtered through their system and they will be tracking you. But, even so his experience is well worth taking a look at.

    It is related to not only extraterrestrials and other dimensions, but time travel. The time travel concept is the most intriguing for myself. This could explain quit a lot of these mysteries we find throughout history. And yes of course every device capable of these extraordinary realms would also need to be self powered somehow. But I am going to tell you as a web-master that the only time they take this much time and trouble to inject themselves into a certain topic matter like this, then there must be some very probable truth to this subject matter. One of the reasons I had to change my Internet presence for awhile is directly related to the fact that I got way too close to what is really going on in my research.

    It is totally beyond comprehension guys… What you entertain is real. And Rob… There is more than just one physical universe, let alone multi-dimension realms, and parallel time lines and travel. Those, the Ananuki, are still with us and in control of our destiny… 🙂

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    • I’ve heard of MJ-12 both pro and con. Did it ever exist? That seems to still be a matter of speculation although I would not doubt that our military/government had such a program as they have many secret programs dealing with all kinds of things and research. I hold the belief that there are many dimensions and I think at times we have slipped through some of these dimensions. Examples? There seems to be a problem with some famous people in our midst dying more than once! Remember when singer Barry White died? Remember when he died before that? I do and I’m not alone. Remember when Robert Stack the host of “Unsolved Mysteries” died and then died again? Or how about singer Loretta Lynn dying twice? And there are many more.

      As for the Annunaki, Stichin’s basic thesis was that beings from Planet X came to Earth in need of our gold to spread in their upper atmosphere which was deteriorating. The Annunaki mined the gold on Earth themselves at first but then they decided they needed some “workers” (slaves) to do the work. So they mixed their own DNA with a native ape here on Earth and produced several different “humans” with some more advanced than others. Finally, they developed modern humans who turned out to be the best and most efficient workers in the mines. And…whaalaaa…here we are! 🙂 So the Annunaki got their gold and left us behind BUT, claimed Sitchin, they will one day soon be back. And IF Sitichin is right what will they do when they return and see just how advaned their slave race has become?

      Again, it is mathematically impossible that we are alone in the universe and, in fact, from the standpoint of mathematics we have plenty of company. So finding some ancient stories of extraterrestrials coming to Earth for whatever purpose does not surprise me in the least. And neither does the fact that they might still come around even today. That’s just the mathematical reality, frankly.


      • Have to go get done stuff done but will be back later. This is great stuff Rob and I have more share. But the guy you would be looking for was in a program continued off from that program and still in existence. Metallicman is his handle. 🙂

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  3. i only heard of those celebs dying when they actually did die. Barry, Loretta and Robert. not the first times though. i do remember when Paul McCartney died the first time. when he appeared on SNL with Chris Farley that came up, and Chris said you didn’t really die did you? and Paul snickered and said no. i have no evidence but occasionally have heard that Elvis didn’t die and sometimes he is on another planet. also a co-worker and i were discussing the JFK thing and there were some who thought he wasn’t dead either. however he was in a govt. hospital in a catatonic state as a good sized portion of his brain landed on the trunk lid of his limo. all rumors as far as know. no proof to anything i heard or discussed. (except McCartney’s death that was common knowledge and a lot of people were really upset.) as far as those pyramids, i read the same thing on AO about how they were some sort of energy generator. looking at the pic of their possible heyday, up above, that’s just cool looking and i found myself mesmerized by that pic. as far as harnessing water, there is evidence of that in lots of places, recently on either Nova or Secrets of the Dead they pointed that out in Teotihuacan. they had to or their livestock and crops would die, and so would they. also on top of a mountain Machu Picchu they harnessed a small spring and diverted it to their facility to supply their cisterns and agriculture. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon also diverted it as well with aqueducts over long distances. if they could harness water why not the air? wind mills grind grain hence mill. and they did not only for mechanical energy but propulsion as well in their sailing vessels.

    looking at the schematic of the Khufu pyramid it shows all the chambers and shafts, and these voids which look like a possible collapse or cave in of some sort. but there is also a lot of unused space that appears to be solid. what is that for? is it all the same stuff as on the outside, which as i understand is sandstone. could there be something else in all that mass? magnetite maybe? a very common form of iron ore.maybe some copper layered in between layers of magnetite. a couple magnets and coils of wire and a light bulb and you have light. saw that on youtube. also read at AO about how the pyramids survived a great flood and if you look at the largest one you can clearly see a possible high water mark that the others don’t have, either they were submerged completely or not built yet.

    as far as parallel dimensions, that notion has been with us for a long long time, not just as a some scientific possibility but as a religious fact too. i learned nigh on 60 years ago in catholic school that there are parallel dimensions and they had names to boot. our Earthly realm, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo. the previous pope to the current one made Limbo go away, it no longer exists. sorry to all those folks living there. there is a lot of void in outer space, plenty of room for god knows what. funny thing when you look at an atom, it is mostly space with very little substance as well, just like outer space. it is all most as if we are nothing more than a walking, talking hologram, maybe atoms are not matter at all, but a part of a thought, and everything is thought into existence. i know to far fetched.

    i too feel there is life out there and it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when we discover it. i feel we will find life in this solar system, or at least remnants of it. it may only be microbial or something like mold or lichens, but i feel strongly that it is there. if there is intelligent life and they have been here and crash landed well our govt. did to them what they would do to Bigfoot, slice and dice to see how it works, so it is best they remain a myth or superstition. i pity them if they did crash here. if there are Annunaki, and there atmosphere was deteriorating maybe they didn’t fix there atmosphere and went extinct just like many life forms here went extinct due to atmospheric/environmental changes. as far as finding intelligent life, well the only place i have found “intelligent” life is right here on this blog, maybe on occasion a couple other places. no place else though. brainwashed, braindead sheeple everywhere where i live. in the beginning God spoke the word, as a devout catholic i spent a long time trying to find the word and all i have found is a bunch of contentious arguing often times ending up with someone getting their ass capped with a stolen gun. i am no longer a catholic.

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  4. the ringing rocks of Montana? never heard of those. i live in MT thanks J. R. for both the vid and article. a bit over my head technologically speaking. but i am a cabinet maker/home inspector. why don’t they teach this in science class or even history? i flunked history twice, science i did pretty good in as i liked it. shop class i loved. i hated history, but now i am really liking it when i learn this sort of stuff. one can conclude we harnessed or generated electricity long before Ben Franklin ever flew a kite! hmmm, great stuff thanks again. are they teaching this info in the “STEM” classes in school today, i doubt it. i also watched the vid “How ancients cut stone with sound” now i have a clearer understanding of what archeo-acoustics is. there is a whole lot of science in history than i was ever taught in school. maybe that’s why i failed 2 times. 😉


    • My privilege Randolf! It excites me too! Roberto knows as a musician I have been digging into this for awhile now. I am sure a lot of this Ancient technology was based on sound vibrations and frequency harmonics. There are many frequencies we can’t even hear or feel, yet they are there regardless. Most of Nikola Tesla’s work was also based on this phenomenon.

      Another good set of videos to watch related to this concept is Michael Tellinger’s work. There are indeed natural harmonics that can be utilized with the right technology. Everything is vibrating at a frequency on the molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic level, even the earth’s magnetism, wind, flowing water, Etc. Unfortunately we have now lost this knowledge that the ancients once had. 🙂

      For something real cool, dig into the videos about how aerodynamically Bees and most beetles cannot fly and do not fly. The wings are to create harmonic frequencies which allow them to levitate rather than fly. This is directly related to ancient stone work and why the ancient Egyptians so revered the Scarab Beetle in their artwork and religion. 🙂

      Yep… There is some very cool stuff going on with this. 🙂

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  5. i just googled the ringing rocks and they are near Butte and a small town Whitehall. i have been in that neck of the woods several times. the next time i’m doing a side trip to see them. it should be noted to one and all, don’t even think about taking a rock for your yard or whatever. if you do all you will have is a rock, it will not ring. it is not just what they a made of, but also how they are randomly piled up. Mother Nature is a mad scientist with a quirky, whimsical way about her. 😉


  6. The BIG question is why has the true history of humankind been hidden? I’m 99% certain the Egyptians, Maya, etc had and used electricity among other things and there is plenty of proof that these were high civilizations. Yet, we continue to be fed this idea that civilization is a progression upward and right now we are the height of human civilization. Sorry but I DON’T agree! I even suspect Egypt had a higher civilization that our own today and I’ve suspected that for a long time now. In terms ot their technology I think they used a more environmentally friendly form(s) of technology in contrast to much of our own which is very destructive to our environment and planet.


    • The thing I find interesting is that the cultures they attribute these structures to didn’t really have a need for power. Just to light bulbs to carve more hieroglyphs in more new pyramids or burial chambers? So I’m pretty sure it was someone else who built and needed this technology long before the much simpler cultures came along later. I think if they are power generators then who ever built them had a real true practical need for it that is now lost.

      An interesting thought came to mind when I was watching that video. Could it be that the purpose of the great pyramid was to rebuild or adjust the atmosphere? A huge ozone generator maybe?

      But I still content that the suppression of these things we find has roots in stigmatization against anything non-Christian. Everything that was not developed by those of a Christian faith is primitive paganism and in no way allowed to ever be more intelligent in technology. I think as a civilization the stigmas are still ingrained into us as a culture even among those who are objective scientists. Everything is a simpleton pagan religious article or alter and scoffed at as inferior. Even the fact that much of Christianity is actually rooted in paganism. Can’t discuss this possibility without scrutiny even today.

      We have to remember that Anthropology and Archeology was started and first practiced by the British and all these “scientists” were very serious devoted Anglican Christians. This has already skewed historical theory for several centuries now. I think this historical fact is still lingering and skewing theories and possibilities resulting in the suppression of everything historically intelligent as inferior because it is non-Christian in roots. Only Christians have the mental capability to create superior technology and everything else is immediately dismissed and deemed as simple pagan religion in nature and use.

      Even those who believed in Evolution at the time still went to church every Sunday to acknowledge creationism because society demanded it. I think this hypocrisy is still being practiced today even if it is in the subconscious.

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      • Thank you for your comments and insights JR. Yes much of Christianity is rooted in “paganism” as you say. We find, for example, the flood story in Babylonian texts which come way before the Biblical account. Once again we see our Western egocentricism coming out on this topic. I do not subscribe to it. I’m pretty sure that this planet has had several advanced or semi-advanced societies in the remote past. I believe the Hopi stories about the previous worlds (ages) are pretty much true, frnakly. In the Hopi accounts we hear of building made of glass, “flying shields,” etc. Could these be descriptions of what we call “Atlantis”?

        Even more recently we have advanced cultures that we need to give credit to. For example, Inca physcians were doing brain surgery and their patients were surviving with some surviving for decades after the surgery. There are all kinds of stories and all sorts of evidence that we are NOT the first! But it’s ignored for the very reasons you say, sadly.

        Sadly, JR our Western society is literally overflowing with hypocrisy. We speak out of both sides of our mouths claiming one thing and then claiming the opposite. So which is it? We oppose nature and we fight nature every step of the way thinking we know best. Sorry but NOT true IMO. I think these ancient societies were much more “nature friendly” meaning that the people viewed themselves as a part of nature unlike we today who view nature as something to be conquered and dominated. They had more earth-friendly technologies I think also. Technologies that did not destroy the environment. Please notice that just about everything in our society OPPOSES nature and the natural and, frankly, I think that is where many of our social problems stem from including deviancy.

        Returning to Christianity….I have read some of the communications from the Catholic priests who went to Mexico with Hernan Cortez in the 16th century and some of them are nothing short of shocking. They are so full of European self righteousness and personal egotism. Some say some very horrendous things about the native Mexico (Aztec) people. Yet, others are quite glowing reports of the Mexico society, in contrast. Some speak of how the priests order the wholesale destruction of Aztec libraries and their “pagan gods.” And, boy, did they mean wholesale destruction! So the slaughter began and didn’t stop unitl Cortez and his Conquistadors pulverized Native Mexico. And duirng all this was once Conquistador in particular named Nuno Guzman. He and his men committed human attrocities that were horrendous even snatching small babies from their mothers arms and slinging them up against stone walls killing them! But…..all in the “Name of God”….but of course!! A supreme example of Western arrogance and mass murder!!


  7. this is a bit off topic, but someone said something about parallel dimensions as did i,. i just watched (again) a movie about some scientists discovering some parallel dimensions and going to them. it is called “Alpha Gateway”, made in Australia. it was better than i thought it would be. that’s why i rented it again to be sure. if you are into this sort of thing, i think it is worth the $3 rental fee, and i loved the end….

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    • The movie “contact” might be similar. I think anyone who has had any experience with hallucinogenic compounds understands the very real possibility of parallel dimensions as did the ancients. I shared this with Roberto quite awhile back, I should send it to you also Randolf. I don’t know how many have noticed but there is a very strong coloration with these compounds and ALL ancient civilizations. In fact I think it is the root of ALL religions and the drive behind all these fantastic ancient building feats. 🙂


  8. Speaking of chambers… I have to be careful how I deal with this but look at what I found this past week. With my fair knowledge of geology I estimate that the top boulder fell about 10k ago judging by how the break joint is weathered at the top. Do you see what I see? It was very unmistakably used by man before it fell… 🙂



    • And that debris was purposely piled in there later to cover up stuff… I think I have two different use dates here with this find. Earlier as a shelter and later as a cache.

      Chasing down whether it is private or federal property this morning. Hoping it is private… 🙂


          • That is as far as I could get my shoulders in there to get a picture of the fire blackening in the back. But, as you can see that is a lot of black from a lot of use that this half of the boulder is now sitting on. So it was done before the boulder split and fell to where it now is against the floor. So I went to the top and looked at where the boulder split from the one it used to be part of on the right of this picture. From the weathering after it spit and fell over, I would estimate at least 8k- 10k years of weathering, maybe even more.

            But because of where it now sits, I would have to dig that debris out to access what might be a cavity going back under there about 18″ high and about 10 feet wide. But as you know… digging is a no no until all the bases are covered. But the fact that all this fire blackening was done so long before the boulder split and fell has me very intrigued! There would have indeed been a cavity large enough to use as a shelter with a hearth back in there before this half of the boulder split and fell to the floor.

            And the location is next to the shore of a very ancient lake which makes it even more intriguing. A natural dike/dam broke open to release that lake about the same time… 8k ago. There are no other resources readily available close to this, so it had to have been used when the lake was still in existence. Because of the estimated age of the boulder splitting and when the lake existed this could be substantial. I definitely think it might be Pre-Archaic based on the weathering at the top. 🙂


  9. retired? you are no longer director of the San Pedro Institute? I can’t retire yet, but in a little over a year i hope to get soc sec. then i can retire, but until then i just get tired way to much and to often 😉

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    • Damn… Even though I am semi-retired now, I could use that extra income and I have five years left to go… 🙂


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