6 comments on “Ancient Seafaring: Facts Blow Away Our Conceptions!

  1. Hey! new stuff! Made my morning Roberto! 🙂

    As we have talked about here many times, I think there were many voyages and even much earlier too. Here is something we tend to forget. When the oceans were much lower, both the Aleutian and the Hawaiian island chains were above sea level and exposed as almost continuous coast line. And from the east to the Americas Africa to Brazil would have been just a small distance apart. And If the Inuits can survive on icepacks, I don’t see why very early man could not have done the same and followed these by sea along to the Americas in both the north and south as well. 🙂

    Don’t mean to change the subject here, but on another topic you wrote about here I am back on the physical earth pole flip thing again. The other day a coincidence came to light and the light bulb lit up. I find it particularly interesting that the icepack coverage in the north during the glacial ice age just happened to be almost the same size as the current icepack on Antarctica.

    I will try to share more in a proper thread about this coincidence. 🙂

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    • I still find it interesting how some Native American tribes say that once what is now the South Pole was the North Pole and visa versa. They then go on to say that our present world is upside down. Are they talking physically and not only morally? One Native American elder talking about this once told me that the South Pole is supposed to be the top of the world not the North Pole. The Navajo talk about how the planet flipped over 3 times during the last great cataclysm. Other tribal people around the world tell similar stories. A Navajo elder told me that when this happened the people and animals were stuck to the ground and could not move (due to some anomally with gravity during the event?). Once the planet stabilized again then they could get “unstuck” from the ground.

      We know something happened on this planet in the remote past for sure. The Arctic was once a tropical land with fruit trees, tropical vegetation, etc. How do we know that? Because we find the fossil remains of these things under the ice today! Some researchers assert that some of the fossil tropical trees still have fruit on them that is edible and the carcasses of dead animals can still be eaten too. That means everything was flash frozen!! So what happened on this planet so suddenly that changed it so drastically and dramatically??? That’s the million dollar question LOL.


  2. “A Navajo elder told me that when this happened the people and animals were stuck to the ground and could not move (due to some anomally with gravity during the event?). Once the planet stabilized again then they could get “unstuck” from the ground. ”

    This is actually kind of reassuring. Because if we change direction moving at just under 12,000 miles an hour the inertial is definitely going to be an issue. lol

    There very well could be a gravitational anomaly, It is still going to be blasted with solar winds from a direction that is not going to change, so the field would have to adjust to the solar winds accordingly as it rolls.


    • Yes it is reassuring….I think LOL. Another thing they’ve told me is that the sun used to rise in the West and set in the East prior to this event. I suspect this planet was very different…..far different than we know 🙂


      • That is the very oral tradition you shared when I first started coming here, and is what also still bugs me to keep looking at this concept. 🙂

        So many oral traditions turning out to be true lately, I suspect this one is probably true also.


        • We have not given our ancestors due credit. Instead we’ve fanned the flames of our own egotism and plundered the intelligence of ancestors in order to boost our own collective ego. How sad. That says more about us then it does about our ancestors.

          I have found that many oral traditions are right on the point, frankly. Oh yes, they contain some superstition and some fantasy but get past that and you find truth. Here’s something else concerning this particular matter…………….

          The Old Testament says that God extended the day so Joshua and the Israelites could win a battle. Well at that same period in history the Aztecs in Mexico say that the sun rose slightly above the horizon and just sat there and didn’t continue to rise for several hours! Now isn’t that ironic? God extends the day in Palestine by stopping the rotation of the planet or at least slowing it down and in Mexico the sun doesn’t rise normally. The only explanation is that the planetary rotation stopped or slowed down! When Joshua won the battle the day finished and the sun set, meanwhile in Mexico the sun rose and the new day began. Again, how ironic 🙂

          There are oral traditions told be tribal people all over the world about things like a great rift forming in the ocean new New Zealand and spreading around the planet. Lo and behold we recently found what appears to be the “remains” of just such a rip in the ocean floor near New Zealand. There are oral traditions that speak of great volcanic eruptions and great cataclysms caused by asteriods from space. There are stories about ancient high civilizations that rival our own in knowledge and technology (ie: the Hope stories). Yet, instead of paying attention to these oral traditions we have simply and summarily passed them off as “superstitious tales” told by “savage people.” HA! Frankly, I think WE are the SAVAGES not them!!!

          Funny thing about it all……eventually we find little pieces of evidence that prove many of the oral traditions not as fantasy and superstition but as FACT!!


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