11 comments on “School Shootings and the Plague of America

  1. ABSOLUTELY Roberto. I wanted to comment about this when Randolf mentioned it in another thread here the other day but got pulled away again. Finally got a few minutes to come drop in this morning and back you up your assertion about this.

    I have been chasing this for about seven years now and you are absolutely right… The drugs are the root cause of these. And not so much the use of the drug but when one stops using the drug for some reason. These drugs permanently alter the user’s concept of reality and self control.

    I have two members of our clan who were prescribed these “happy pills” and both have been permanently damaged for life from using these, one from only using them for one week. The problems that arise are full well known and documented by the big pharma industry.

    Yet they continue to produce these and the corrupt FDA refuses to address the very real problems with them. Someone is being bribed to continue to allow these and this needs to be exposed and addressed. It is a crime and those responsible need to be exposed and held accountable.

    But every time this happens, and the subject is pointed out, it is ignored and never addressed as the true root of problem and as you say the doctors love it. One patient an hour to discuss the mental issues plaguing them… or 6 patients an hour dealing out drugs instead of healthy discussion.

    I have collected a hard drive full of this information and reality over the years including their own pharmaceutical warnings issued about these permanently mind altering chemicals, but here are a couple that directly address the shootings and support your post here.



    I am very elated to find you addressing this Roberto, It is the biggest most important issue facing this country and society right now and it transcends all other topics and issues. I would love to see it being addressed on every website regardless of the website’s topic targeted audience!

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    • Thanks for stopping by JR 🙂 What gets me about these drugs is that, as many have told me, they stop you from feeling anything. In other words these drugs eliminate your feelings about anything or anyone and in my mind that is dangerous to say the least. I don’t call that therapy, frankly. However, I also agree with you that when people stop taking these drugs their concept of reality and self control appears to be permanently altered and NOT in a good way either IMO.

      Big pharma couldn’t give one damn about our health, future, or anything else. They are solely in business to make an almighty dollar and profit and that is the ONLY thing they care about. Note that for example, as a friend in the business tells me, one pill may cost 5 cents to make but the customer is charged $10 per pill. That’s nothing short of OUTRAGEOUS! So they make $9.95 off from ONE pill? How can they justify that? Oh wait, they “claim” the money goes back into “research.” LOL I bet! What a load of bull!!! I’d say the money goes into the CEO’s pocket!

      The FDA is in league with big pharma and is as corrupt as ever. I’m sure officials at the FDA get some sort of kickback from big pharma. Bribery and payoffs are rampant in DC I suspect and have been for a long while now. That old swamp Trump went to drain is really a stinking swamp to high heaven and I highly doubt one man can drain it now. Good luck with that Donald!

      Thanks for the links. At some point we as adults and as a society MUST address this issue and the REAL cause instead of continuing to pretend that the elephant in the room just isn’t there. And while I’m on this rant….allow me to add an addendum 🙂

      I don’t give a flying shit what the loonie tunes out in Hollywood claim to the contrary BUT the violent, bloody movies and video games they produce and make DO influence our youth, period!! These movies and video games CONDITION our youth (and some adults too) into thinking that killing and violence are an option and, thus, are ok! Hollywood fully well knows this because they employ psychologists to manipulate the public! When you present the idea to someone over and over and over that killing another human being is ok and “normal” they you shouldn’t be surprised when they actually go out and do it. Human psychology is IMPORTANT and when we condition people to kill and act with violence they eventually do it.

      I’m sure MOST of us were bullied in school at some point or another. I was bullied badly by a thug in school at one point. He bullied just about everyone in the school, in fact. He was bigger than the rest of the kids so most kids were afraid of him including myself. One day he went to the next level with me and grabbed ahold of me which I took as an act of violence against me. Before I knew it I let loose on him and beat him right in the hallway of the school with everyone watching! I am not proud of this act of violence (self defense) on my part BUT it put an end to his bullying of me at school. He never bothered me again! I didn’t kill him, shoot him, throw him down the trash shoot, or anything else but I beat the tar out of him with my fists and took several hits from him myself. I just wanted him to know that I wanted him to leave me alone and after our fist fight he did leave me alone. “You have to stand up to bullies or they’ll keep bullying you,” my father once told me and he was absolutely right. Stand up to them BUT you don’t have to gun them down along with numerous innocent people! You don’t have to kill them along with many innocent people! Stand up to them and let your fists do the talking! And that’s what I did and he left me alone. Of course, I wasn’t on medications when I was in school and in my day using your fists was the way you dealt with bullies and the like, not weapons.

      Like I said, I’m not proud of this incident but it was an act of self defense. My choices were to either stand up to him OR allow him to keep bullying me and I chose the former, finally. There is NOTHING wrong about defending yourself especially against some slime ball who goes through the world bullying and hurting others just for the fun of it. Kids need to be taught to defend themselves using their own physical strenghts and talents not weapons.

      Again, JR thanks for your comments and the links 🙂

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    • Just scanned the links you sent JR. WOW! All kinds of EVIDENCE linking the school shootings and acts of violence to these SSRI antidepressants. And everyone is ignoring the evidence! Big pharma and the FDA both need to be held accountable! Great links and thank you 🙂

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      • My privilege sir… Many other websites that target specific topics just don’t allow me to go there with this stuff. They too act as if nothing happened and don’t want to even talk about it. As a society we are ignoring it or distracting from it hoping it will go away. But it will not go away until it is discussed in every corner and every niche regardless of topic base. It needs to go viral as they say. Allowing this discussion here is great Roberto. This is a very serious true conspiracy that needs to be addressed.

        Couple things you brought up need more exploring. 🙂

        We all grew up with violence in the movies and TV and it did not make us killers or make us want to kill. There is a couple differences between then and now. First, we were taught and understood the difference between reality and fantasy. This is not being taught anymore and kids can’t comprehend the difference between the two. Second, There were good guys and bad guys. There was always an honorable reason to defend others from the bad guys like a night in shining armour. Even though there was violence and killing it was always a last resort action in self defense or justifiable homicide to stop the bad guys. White hats… Black hats… White hats were always heroes, now days the gangster rapper black hats are the heroes to these kids and no one is explaining that it is the opposite from what they are thinking. Fantasy and reality.

        As for bullying… As a little guy I was bullied a LOT growing up, but it ended up being good for me because it built up my intestinal fortitude to stand my ground. Kids now days are so brainwashed into thinking and/or being forced into being victims and taught that standing your ground is wrong. We never got in trouble for “sorting things out” and fighting once in awhile, we are all still human and this cannot be changed. Now days fighting will get you expelled from school or can get you criminal charges that ruin your life and future forever. It is mentally unhealthy to have your hands tied and unable to be human and normal when it comes to hashing things out. Holding it all in and letting it build up until you explode is much more DANGEROUS and can have very severe end results.

        Reality is we are human and we are violent against each other and it has always been this way. No amount of sugar coating this or ignoring this or enacting some kind of pipe dream fantasy is ever going to change this. There will always be predators and prey among humans, and the only way to somewhat control the damage is to allow everyone to be equal in strength and ability to defend themselves from the each other. Forcing everyone to be a mentally depressed victim with their hands tied behind their backs is why we are where we are now.

        And this leads to the even more important base root problem that causes us to be a depressed society overall needing SSRI drugs in the first place. The predators who are causing this economic challenge everyone is faced with. A prosperous society is a happy society. 🙂

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  2. Found this short statement on another website this morning and he lays out a lot of the problem here so I wanted to share it…

    posted on 5/20/2018, 11:51:17 AM by ThunderSleeps

    “Kids these days don’t know how to handle rejection, defeat. They’re all told their special, they’re winners. Everybody wins, nobody loses, nobody gets xyz-shamed or given negative feedback. No child left behind – or held back.

    So they “grow-up” (sort-of) with no coping skills. No way to handle a loss, no “tough love” from parents, coaches, teachers. Nope, the little ones are coddled from the get go. So all of a sudden, when they get a hard “no” that isn’t going to change, isn’t going to go their way, they have no frame of reference, no tools, no experience, nada. It is not hard to see how some could spin off into thinking this is the end of their world, or at least a life changing event…

    My generation got told no. We got told we lost. We got told we had to do better. You know what? We learned to deal with it. We learned to move on, or to practice more/harder and improve. We learned it’s not the end of the world. Kids these days don’t hear that, don’t get that. So yeah, a small percentage of them get to a point where they snap – because they haven’t learned all the small lessons along the way.

    When I was a teenager, we had ready access to firearms. There were rifle marksmanship classes in school. There were deer hunting rifles in trucks in the parking lot. We got embarrassed in school. We got rejected at dances, or for dates. We got broken up with. We got dinged for a couple of beers under age. We got disciplined by parents, teachers, coaches, and local police. We coped, we moved on. We didn’t come back and shoot up the school, or a movie theater.

    When we deny our kids the experiences to build on to deal with these kinds of situations, is it any wonder they cannot handle them when they occur? Because disappointment and rejection are going to happen. Sure, not every kid that gets rejected snaps, but some apparently do to one extent or another. We’re not protecting our kids by coddling them, we’re doing grave damage to them. “Safe spaces” are anything but – they are the exact opposite of the real world. The real world isn’t a safe space, kids better know how to handle themselves or it is going to be very bad for them, and occasionally very bad for the rest of us. ”


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  3. You’re absolutely right JR. It’s NOT going to just magically go away but, sadly, that seems to be the mindset in America and the West today. Instead of facing real issues and real causes we kick back and just hope it all goes away. But, have you noticed all of these issues are getting WORSE not better? That’s what happens when issues are not addressed head-on and resolved.

    Yes, when we were growing up we understood the difference between reality and fantasy. One of my favorite shows was Tarzan! He restled lions, alligators, and all sorts of wild animals and he fought other men who were constantly trying to kill him. But, I knew full well your chances of defeating a raging lion or alligator are zero at best LOL! I understood it was TV and fantasy, not real life. The same with the men who were always trying to kill him. Fantasy not reality! Yes we were TAUGHT the difference just as we were taught the difference between right and wrong and that human life is valuable NOT value-less. No I do not think any of these things are being taught very much today. Some parents act like kids are just supposed to know things but they don’t. Kids have to be TAUGHT! Up is now down, wrong is right….our society has been turned upside down.

    “Now days fighting will get you expelled from school or can get you criminal charges that ruin your life and future forever. It is mentally unhealthy to have your hands tied and unable to be human and normal when it comes to hashing things out. Holding it all in and letting it build up until you explode is much more DANGEROUS and can have very severe end results.” Absolutely JR!! Normal is now abnormal and abnormal is now “normal” but it defies our innate human nature!! In fact, almost everything in our society today defies NATURE and that is the cause of many of our social ills IMO.

    Humans have always fought just as you say. I’m sure in some places modern humans encounter Neanderthals and fought with them and one of the other wiped the other out (ie: killed them). I’m sure Homo erectus entered areas with different hominins and slaughtered them too. Our innate human trait for violence has a long, long, long history. However, I don’t think this should prevent us from moving forward in our psychospiritual evolution and becoming more peaceful and forgiving as a species. Of course, that means both the bully and the person being bullied must move forward, not just one or the other. When we teach and promote violence and killing yet do not teach morals or values then we should NOT be surprised when events like the school shootings happen.

    Currently, the rich (the 1%) prey off of we who are the 99%. It’s the same ages old story that riddle our evolutionary history. Predators preying on the innocent masses. Yes it’s always been that way but does it always have to BE that way? I really think our next step in evolution is NOT physical at all. Rather, I thiink our next step in evoluiton is going to be on a psychospiritual level meaning psychological and spiritual.

    Our youth, indeed, do not know how to handle rejection because no one has bothered teaching them how to deal with rejection and MOVE ON instead of wallowing in it. The same goes for defeat. In sports, instead of teaching them these things, they are being taught everyone is a winner and no one is a loser. Sorry but sports is about COMPETITION and competiveness and there ARE winners and losers!! When I played sports in school and our team lost a game it made us try harder in the next game to win! Sure losing was a big downer but it strengthened us in the next game and that’s how we handled defeat. Something good game out of that defeat! We learned to get up off our knees and strive harder to win!! And we did!

    As you say, the real world isn’t safe! In fact, it’s not safe at all!! We live in our fake environmnts of steel and concrete thinking we are safe and sound from the horrors of nature but we are not. Just look at all the people in Hawaii right now that thought the day would never come when the great volcano erupts and destroys homes, property, and their lives. HEY, IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW folks! These people thought they were safe but they were NOT safe at all, come to find out. WOW WHAT A REVELATION!!! :O And don’t think you’re safe where you’re at right now. That same boiling hot lava is flowing under all of our feet every day, every moment at various depths and it could break out any time and prove to us all just how UNSAFE we ALL really are. The world is not safe and life in general is not safe! That’s the REAL WORLD, the REALITY of living. So what do you do? Freeze like a scarred rabbit? Or keep on moving on knowing life is not safe but you’re not going to let it stop you from building and living your life!

    Returning to the Santa Fe, TX school shooter, police say he was “weirdly nonemotional” at times and very emotional at other times after confessing to the massacre. His family says his act of violence was incompatible with the boy they know and love. Not surprising IMO because something snapped in this young man who was walking around for God knows how many years like a ticking time bomb. And then this past week he exploded and we all know what happened after that.

    At this point we don’t know if this young man was on psychiatric meds or not. I’m sure we all know people NOT on such meds that one day explode after simply having enough of a situation. It happens. What is sad is that the lives of his victims are ended and for all practical puproses this young mans life is over too. In tragedies like this there are no winners, only losers because everyone loses including us. Looking at the pics of this young man I see sadness, lonliness, fear, and anger in his eyes. The eyes really are the window to the soul and this young man has been in bad shape for a long time I think. The whole story is sad! And….then again…we are living in sad times and a very sad world…………………….



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  4. Denial is a river in Egypt yet it’s currants are very strong as people wallow in it all around the world. Enablement must be a river too as people wallow in it too. the fda, parents, congress, religion all can take blame. bullies are often bullied at home. there was boy i went to school with that was a bully. a local tough guy. he is in prison now. come to find out he was severely abused by his stepmother while his spineless father stood by and let his son be abused. i knew the boy, he tried to bully me but i just stood and looked at him, that took the wind out of his sails. he was NOT a bad kid, just bullied. i too was bullied in school. i hated fighting, hated it. the few times i stood up to people i felt guilty for hurting them, just like you guys. i hated fighting, and i hated hurting people. back in 2010, it was reported a few months ago on 60 minutes, the congress, bi-partisan, unanimous and stamped with Obama’s approval, legislation passed into law, that took the teeth out of the DEA’s ability to investigate, much less prosecute any red flags in this manufactured opiate epidemic. lawyers have quit the DEA because of this law! insurance companies are as much to blame too. i just had a 12,000 dollar physical. i am as fit as a fiddle and am as healthy as a horse.

    these drug pushing assholes are starting to hate me. every time they ask the same stupid questions about my health history. ‘your mom had a stroke?” i reply now and forever after, “yes she did, and she was on lipitor, (statin), cumaden,(blood thinner), and metoprolol, (beta blocker) for evil BP and she died of a stroke, evidently all those drugs didn’t do any good. (actually she died of old age at 89.) but that’s what her doc said on the death cert. (stroke:onset 4 years.) then the health professionals ask about my idiot bro, he had a massive stroke at 58yoa. yes he did i reply, he was also on a statin (for evil cholesterol) and a water pill for BP as well as a prescription for nicotine gum and he still had a stoke. the nicotine didn’t prevent the stroke? i asked. they say that was to make him stop smoking. well that didn’t work either, what the hell was his doc doing besides pushing useless drugs down his gullet? supplementing his drug addiction. this lazy greedy glutenous shit needs to stop! half of all the “health” care professionals are obese! i get plenty of exercise running the gauntlet, thanks to those fat asses. no i am not bashing, as anybody knows with addictions, it takes one to know one. and the doc that said i was obese at a whopping 205, was also obese at about 300. he would know as he is an expert on food addictions.

    it isn’t just these shooters who are drugged up, many of these suicides are as well. if they aren’t they are bullied at school and/or at home like the boy i knew. they all need bookoo amount of understanding, compassion and empathy. not drugs. any decent psychologist or licensed therapist will tell you that. they will also say that you are right about all of the commissioned sales, share prices and lies. there is one not so pleasant problem with this sort of compassion and empathy, therapy if you will. you need to get down to the meat and potatoes as to why these kids and adults feel they way they do. it is much like peeling an onion, with all these layers of emotions, denial, and enablement. it stinks and the person is going to get at least a little bloody, metaphorically speaking. it is exactly like lancing a huge abscess on their soul and they will have to bleed it out in order to heal, and it will leave a scar!

    J. R. you jokingly(hopefully) mentioned that the marriages you officiated over ended up in divorce. divorce is not the only sign of a failed marriage. beating with closed fists your oldest child, ’til you kick them out at 17yoa is a fail!. having the next child hang himself with the rope used by mother to whip him is a fail. the 3rd child continuation of abuse and being investigated by child protective services twice counts as 3 fails according to my math. 2 sons verbally abusing their wives ending up in 2 divorces each as 4 more fails. i now realize why i am pro choice. after having 3 psychologist and 1 licensed therapist i would have had a much happier childhood had i been aborted, truth be told. because of all these professionals that actually did give shit about me and my well being i have the most successful marriage in my entire family bar none. i have exchanged marriage vows 3 times and it would be an honor and a privilege to have you officiate again with us. i have some vows we can use and all my wife needs to say is “ditto that” as she hates public speaking more than me. maybe we can break that trend of divorces that have plagued your ministering.

    people are so stupid that they think a hoe is a sex slave. it is time to change this. Big Broccoli needs to march on Wash. DC, take up our arms against big pharm, big govt. with our weapons/tools of our trade, garden hoes and chop these bastards into compost or useless shit because that is what they are !!!

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    • What a wonderful subject to discuss and one badly in need of discussion across this nation. Many of these psychiatric drugs are dangerous! Just read the side effects of some of them if you need to know more. I’ve noticed the same little pattern with the school shooters. They are under care of a psychiatrist and on meds.

      Randolf I thank you for your spill about the river “denial.” Sometimes sarcasm is a great way to get a point across and you do a wonderful job at it. I think the current opiate epidemic sends us a message loud and clear! Doctors over prescribe! This needs to be reigned in NOW! Unless today’s doctors are little less than legal drug dealers???? The kicked back attitude of today’s doctors, nurses, CNAs, etc just get to me every time I see one. What’s with the operating room garb? What’s with the uncombed hair? What’s with the “cool laid back dude” attitude? I used to work in the hospitals and we had to dress in our whites and female nurses had to wear their hats. If we didn’t then we got sent hom without pay and written up for being out of uniform. Doctors had to wear dress shirts, pants, and shoes, and wear white coats. We looked PROFESSIONAL and we have a professional attitude! Today health care people look like AMATEURS and that scares the hell out of me! They really are PRACTICING medicine today and we are the mice in the maze they are experimenting on. The health care system is broken, no doubt, and looking/acting unprofessional is ONE of the reasons it’s broken.

      Randolph I too have noticed that many doctors, nurses, specialists, etc are obese. Some to the point of being gross! They are like the pot calling the kettle “black.” If they know so much about obesity and they preach to their patients to lose weight then why don’t they apply same to themselves? Hypocrites!! And, Randolph, you’re absolutely right. These shooters are NOT the only people drugged out. Many commit suicide, as you say, especially among our young people. We have a BAD problem in this nation and we are ignoring it hoping it will all go away and just ain’t so. BUT IT IS SO! And we MUST deal with it and RESOLVE it!!

      I read recently that lonliness is the biggest problem among our young people and depression. Is it any wonder really? We shove them away in the basement using their computers are convenient babysitters as we “live our lives” and don’t want to carry the “burden” of raising kids. Well I got news for many of you. Have a kid and your life is put on hold for AT LEAST the next 18 YEARS! I likely longer than that!!

      If we don’t deal with the problem and resolve it it is only going to get worse and we will see more and more of these shootings and crimes. It’s NOT going to magically go away!!

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  5. Thank you Rob157, so am i a product or a victim of our culture? don’t answer that i may need to take a pill to deal with it. haah. “live our lives” means the parents are sitting in front of the same godless one eyed monster that is babysitting the kids. not to mention the same plethora of pill bottles helping with all of the babysitting chores. in my experience there are no warning signs. if there are they are in plain sight. and people don’t see it.

    J. R. and Roberto were talking about the youth of today don’t know how to handle adversity or failure. they are now given “safe zones” in school. that was on the local news about some school therapist got a grant so she could build a safe zone for students who are having a bad day. crap i wish i had a safe zone to chill out after i crashed my bosses computerized machining center. making a loud noise as the bit tattooed the metal table and put a big divet in the panel, snapping off the carbide bit. nope no safe zone to go chill, take a nap maybe. crap the “safeties” on the machine, digital, electronic and mechanical did nothing to protect me from fat fingering a program!! adversity and failure are a bitch, but at the same time they are character builders, and sometimes a right of passage like puberty. in my profession operating computerized machines of any kind, everybody gets to tattoo a table making noise enough for all to hear. sooner or later like puberty. sometimes all can have a good laugh about it too!

    now we can’t even laugh as that may be politically incorrect! delicate snowflakes will whine about it too. i get a good laugh out of Dr. Phil when he helps with someone’s psychological issues when they are scammed, or catphished on the internet. how can someone using a fake name be catphished by someone else using a fake name on a network of people who are all using fake names? scams are real, people call me all the time, the irs nonsense, my computer has a virus. since i pay attention to the news and Dr. Phil i have learned to be a real asshole towards the scammers and catphishers. they say they are from microsoft and my computer is infected! they need to help me fix it. without turning on my computer i say you are right it is infected and it is all froze up, my screen tells me i need professional help. it doesn’t do anything but say to get help immediately. can they help please it is infected. that stumps the scammers. or i say i don’t have that computer because this has happened in the past. i sold it and got a notebook. they ask a notepad? i say no a note book. they say a laptop. i say NO A NOTEBOOK, A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK WITH PAPER AND PENCIL LIKE IN THE OLDEN DAYS DUMB ASS!! i think they hate me as much as the so called medical professionals.

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    • Some colleges also have “Safe Rooms” where the student can go when they feel “triggered.” They get a nice comfy chair, lollipop, and teddy bear to calm them down. WTF??? Last night I had a conversation with a relative about their child. She’s in a special program in school for students with high intelligence. Tomorrow is a ceremony promoting these students to the next grade. Problem is almost 1/2 of the class FAILED this year! So half the class including this girl are not allowed to go to the ceremony but they get passed onto the next grade anyway. This makes no sense to me. The teachers tell these kids that they cannot fail even if they don’t do their homework so halt the class didn’t do homework and failed. But they all get promoted to the next grade tomorrow? WTH? So basically what this special program for higher than average intelligence kids teaches these kids is that they don’t have to do the work to get the reward. And that’s exactly what 1/2 of the class did. NOTHING! But they get to go to the next grade anyway????

      You would think that this program with teach material that challenges these kids who are brighter than the average bear and you’d think if these kids didn’t do their homework they’d fail and have to repeat the same grade next year. But, instead, they just pass them up to the next grade no matter what. This program should be ended NOW! It’s teaching these kids that the world owes them everything and they need do nothing to get it. What in the hell kind of education is that? Oh wait….if this program failed them and made them repeat the same grade next year that would not be all fuzzy and PC. And, besides, the half that failed would end up in the “safe room” with a lollipop and teddy bear because being failed and retained in the same grade triggered them. WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP!!

      Maybe we should reconsider schools altogether since they can’t do any better than this! Schools want more funding and pay but for what? So they can have more CRAP programs like this? So they can indoctrinate our kids into the finer points of Communism and Egotism? Why is it that these kids graduate from High School and can’t even write a paragraph intelligently and they can’t spell either?

      I saw a story this morning about 2 parents suring their 30 year old son because he won’t leave home LOL. They served him with an eviction notice and the judge told him to get out of the house. The guy is 30 years old, has no job, has a kid somewhere, etc. When he spoke to the reporter he hesitated and said he had a business going on the Internet. I bet!! LMAO!! What a lazy POS!! And, sadly, there are many more like him. The best thing any parent could do is make them get a job and then make them move out on their own!

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  6. We have discussed this new breed of human before, the “basement dweller”. rumor has it they have evolved suction cups on their arsses and permanently attach themselves to the couch, much like a barnacle. they may also have a lollipop and teddy bear too. the parents are as much to blame as their POS basement dweller.

    this is not new either. my aunt is a basement dweller. my grand parents bought that house in 1946, when she was 12. she is still living there. never moved out, making moderate to big decisions is a major undertaking and even traumatic for her. in some ways she never matured into an adult human. never married, no children(not such a bad thing), considering her sister is an evil, megalomaniacal witch.

    If the POSBD is medicated could the parents at least deadbolt the basement door so the rest of us can go to the nightclub, attend a movie at the theater, go to the mall, school or church without getting our brains blown out. maybe the parents can also say no to all the drugs too.

    The “Never again” movement needs to change that name as it happened again, as we all are to aware. when i heard that young girl say ” I wasn’t surprised, I was just scared!” that is a very sad commentary on our culture.

    as politically incorrect as this is, we are all animals. some experts say humans are another member of the family of great apes. i saw a Nova or Nature about some biologists studying a group of baboons. they were ruled by 2 alpha males and they were mean SOBs. mean to everybody including their own offspring. males, females everybody was stresssssed ooouuut big time. One day the alphas came upon some meat and hogged it all, nobody got any. it was very rancid meat and killed both SOB alpha males. 2 beta males assumed the job of the alpha males and they made a strict rule change. no more stress!. compassion and nurturing was the new norm and was strictly enforced, unanimously. anyone who disobeyed faced expulsion from the pack. any newcomers were on probation so to speak. if they disobeyed the rule of compassion and nurturing, they were gone. the pack not only survived but flourished under these new guidelines. in order to attain some form of peace, sometimes you are going to have to fight. or acquire some patience and wait for arrogant, evil, megalomaniac, assholes to die! just an observation.

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