23 comments on “Is Something Amiss in Our History and Evolution?

  1. What a great article. i saw a documentary a while ago that said there have been 2 ice ages that completely froze the entire surface of the Earth, killing or freezing everything. thus life has evolved 3 times. once in the beginning and of course 2 more times after. these ice ages made the last one seem like a bad winter storm. 800 thousand years ago might put that find , not in Russia but possibly in Gondwana, or Pangea. you mentioned garlic and onions, well they have anti microbial properties much like honey. that has been found in tombs a thousand or more years old and is perfectly edible. put it in some boiling water and melt it down, spread it on some toast and you have a tasty snack! as far as water goes i don’t know if that is part of that liquid or not, but i do know it has some incredible properties as well. in nature it has some rather insidious erosive properties. it also has been used through water wheels to run machinery like grain mills historically. where i live right by a modern hydro-electric damn, there are remnants of a foundation and diversion pipes to run o a water wheel. through a pulley mechanism an belts, probably made of hemp, it ran a grain mill up on top out of the river bed. right where there is a modern mill today. also place like Teotihuacan had an elaborate water supply system for people and agriculture, they are not the only one either, Machu Picchu, the hanging gardens of Babylon had a system that would blow away any irrigation ditch today. also in modern computerized machinery we use it as a coolant/lubricant for cutting stone counter tops. oil is used for metal, and air is used for wood in their machining centers. been there done that. also when you wet sand paint on your car to prep it for fresh paint it is used for much the same reasons. it washes away the fine particles so they don’t act as ball bearings and inhibit your work etching the old paint so the new can stick to it.

    my point is even today we use it as a tool. it is clear that AHA had a good understanding of water and it’s properties, so why couldn’t they use it too? and they did, as too how much well…

    you mentioned that the Russians used a ” medical emergency” to scare the crap out of everybody. did they say they would all die of a statin, or beta blocker deficiency? they are doing that today as well;) 😉 😦

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  2. I wonder if the brown liquid was honey? Honey never goes bad and can probably preserve anything submerged in it. The coal thing is great isn’t it? Over the past 6 months I have been watching all the strange ancient find videos and there are some finds that just cannot be explained away. 🙂

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    • What gets me JR is that apparently for thousands of years or more humans had this knowledge and somewhere along the line of history we today have no clue of it. So what happened and when did we lose this knowledge? And this is far from being the only example of lost knowledge. In fact there is a lot of knowledge that has been lost over the ages. A resounding YES…there are some things that cannot be simply explained away and they stand out like soar thumbs. 🙂


  3. The 800 myr old mummy was dated using the coal that surrounded the grave site. So it was the coal that was actually dated at 800 myr. That means the person in the grave was at least 800 myr and that is astounding! And that person was a Homo sapien (modern human). All this according to archaeologist Dr Jonathan Gray. What this means is that if modern humans lived 800 mya then there has been no evolution since then which, frankly, blows my mind. And then the question becomes what are all these other human species we find in the fossil record (ie: H. erectus, H. habilis, Neanderthals, etc). Are we modern humans the only human species left on the planet today? Did we somehow conquer and exterminate these other human species or did we just survive because we had more intelligence or something? Did we interbreed at varied times with these other human species and are we today the resulting hybrids? I have a thousand questions about all this………….


    • Me too Roberto. When I as on my little vacation I was digging into all those “pre-iceage” finds. Like the all the finds in the coal deposits or the Ca Gold mine finds. The more I study it the more I am starting to think you have been right all the time. We have evolved not only on all the continents but at different rates and not at all linear. I hate to say this, but the Sumerian texts and ancient gods who were not of this planet might be true. It is starting to make sense of all this stuff we just can’t explain like what you just mentioned. Why is it now so mixed up in timelines, species and hybids? Ancient genetic manipulation could actually be a very valid concept.

      We are doing the very same thing right now with GMO plants. So is it possible? I am now starting to think it is.

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      • There has been evolution and devolution and hybridization I’m certain and on every continent on the planet I believe. There could be many causes behind all this including the one you mention about the ancient Sumerian texts. I assume you are referring to Zachariah Sitchin and his series of books entitled “The Earth Chronicles.” I’ve read all of his books and, frankly, I’m not sure about his theory or his interpretation of the Sumerian texts. His interpretation is still challenged today even though he is now deceased. However, I can see how the texts could be interpreted as Zitchin interpreted them.

        That said, assuming Zitchin’s interpretation is accurate, then the whole of human prehistory is turned upside down. It means advanced beings came to the earth and manipulated ancient human ancestors via, most likely, genetic modifications (not just once but many times). Zitchin theorized that these Annunaki people were making a primitive worker (slave) to dig gold out of the ground for their use on their home world. His theory was that they chose a certain ape and genetically mixed it with some of their own DNA but apparently there were problems along the way which caused “freaks.” So they tweaked their experiments until they finally got US. Possible? I think so and the “freaks” could explain the many human species we are calling “evolution.” Also, I’m sure once they had a pair of good workers they didn’t stop there and did even more genetic alterations to improve the workers physical strength and mentality. Was this the creation of Homo sapiens? Zitchin certainly thought so. Also, in Zitchin’s mind “Eden” was more of an experimental lab for these genetic alterations. IF Zitichin is correct, then, this changes what we think we know about human evolution AND it turns our religions upside down and sideways!!


  4. No offense J.R. i know you are a minister, but i feel that religion and governments dumbed us down. that might be part of it. and like the sheeple we are today, well draw you own conclusions. like that religious zealot that built this huge ass arc with all the animals and dinosaurs too, in the middle of the good ol’ u s of a. this zealot got into a pissing match, pardon my foul mouth, urination competition with Bill Nye ( the science guy) over this very subject. so in my ” religious belief” system, i find 800 million far more likely than 6,000 years which is stupid. i think that Bill should challenge this zealot, i think his name was hugh jass 😉 😉 and have him put his huge ass arc in the water for FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS. when Bill challenges him, ol’ hugh jass 😉 😉 use a cg voice booming from all around like God (Goddess) is speaking from heaven. every time FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS. since the huge ass arc is built to biblical standards, it should float for FORTY DAY AND FORTY NIGHTS. and film it just like their urination competition, i mean it’s not a science experiment, as it was done not to long ago ya know cosmicly speaking. simple, drop this huge ass arc in the water for FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS just to SEE WHAT HAPPENS. 😉 😉 😦 😦 maybe.

    J. R. that alien thing, well maybe that’s what these mummies are , the aliens or direct descendant . maybe. so were they enslaving us or trying to help us and our primitive barbaric ways? i feel that it is certainly possible because that’s what my own beliefs say. infinite universe/infinite possibilities. but i also feel that in order to achieve this sort of technological prowess, you know interplanetary , or interstellar, or intergalactic travel, a species, race or breed would have to be way more constructive and benevolent as opposed to destructive and malevolent. haah ponder that hugh jass 😉 😉


  5. oh yeah, how many slave owners interbred with their slaves and we all know that “those people” believed Africans were animals, less than livestock, even property crap we are so primitive and barbaric, well not us but those people…


  6. so the authorities decided to remove the liquid inside the coffin. The fluid was drained and the corpse turned black immediately! The liquid was poured back into the coffin and the corpse became lifelike again!

    the liquid may be an extra cellular matrix. please watch the video. scientist are right now building body parts, blood vessels, esophagus, bladders… that is what they use. no blood needed. also how many sci-fi flicks when in deep space travel they crawl into a pod and the pod fills with a liquid?

    anyway we have this matrix right now. if these bodies are from some advanced civilization from another planet, they not only could grow body parts, but why not the whole body. so maybe Sitchin is onto something? and i was wrong thinking him to be some crackpot? how many people thought Darwin a crackpot? i don’t, but many people still do today. so maybe Sitchin is like Darwin, onto something very real, but not enough information. Darwin is right about evolution, just not enough information.

    even if these bodies are not from someplace else, but a 800 million year old modern homo sapien that has figured out how to make this matrix which is not that hard to make, pig bladder lining, has been used, according to what i have learned we all have a form of it in our bodies. this is exciting , and i am looking forward to what you guys think. it doesn’t matter who these people are or where or when they are from, this throws a big, big monkey wrench into not only the magical creation theory but also the modern evolution that we know and believe today. maybe these bodies are NOT mummies, NOT dead at all? maybe they are in a stasis for space travel? maybe they are engineered and all they need to do is wake up/ be born? i have had a minor case of insomnia pondering this liquid the last couple days. then it popped into my head, back in 2010 i googled stem cell research and the spinal disc. Dr. Centeno at the Centeno/Schultse clinic (Regenexx) are using stem cells and this matrix to rebuild spinal discs!!

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    • Thank you Randolph for the great video 🙂 Are we repeating history/technology? Perhaps so. Your suggestion that these bodies may not be dead but may simply be in some sort of stasis is spooky. If they are then what are they waiting for? That is, when do they wake up and why? And, of course, if so then the BIG question becomes for what purpose would they awaken? That could be good news or bad news for planet Earth and humanity.

      The research with stem cells is amazing IMO. They are growing all sorts of organs as you say and from a medical standpoint that is good IMO. It is revolutionizing medical care as we know it.


  7. we all know the metabolic changes that bears go through when they hibernate. there is a frog that takes it further. if i remember correctly it lives up north in the tundra. when summer winds down and it gets cooler this frog burrows into the ground. most of the water in it’s body is removed and replaced with a chemical that acts like antifreeze. the hearts slows then stops completely. a living freeze dried frog. when the snow melts, ground thaws, it absorbs the moisture from the earth, the heart starts beating and the antifreeze chemical is removed from it’s body, it crawls out of it’s burrow and lives once again.
    exactly, what are they waiting for, who are they waiting for, and when, somebody like us, or them, the Annunaki for lack of a better name, climate change, to get the right temp? why did the Russia take all those stasis chambers and the people in them. why are there people that believe nasa and the church are in some sort of cahoots. i feel there is something still to Roswell/area 51, the alien abduction phenomenon . maybe that’s the who and they got caught. maybe when we detonated the first a-bomb their long range sensor picked up and they said NOOOOOO not fission, it’s fusion. i don’t know. i know i got a little Star Trekky, but look at all of the Trekky stuff that we use today that was not in existence when the original show aired the first episode.

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  8. No offense taken at all Randolf. The deeper I dove into history while I was also studying a faith in my early 20’s, the more I realized most of it was plagiarized from earlier cultures like the Sumerians. And the real world physics about things like the arc and the age of the earth based on geological facts made me realize the accounts in the Bible were just metaphorical accounts of history and places as it was understood at the time. I realized they were no different than any other oral tradition from any other ancient culture. They were all true in their own faith to themselves at the time but not necessarily fact. It cannot be taken verbatim and makes more sense if viewed metaphorically.

    Like the arc… The origin of this account accually came from the Sumerians. There is absolutely no way two of everything could have fit on the arc. Just two of each of the different species of insects alone would have over filled it based on the description and size based on the Sumerian writings and the bible. But… Samples to later clone of everything just might have. And based on the Sumerian metaphorical descriptions it could have even been a spacecraft rather than an actual watercraft. There are too many questions pointed out about older cultures in the timeline being more technologically advanced than later cultures by those like Hancock and Tellinger.

    Tellinger is definitely on to something with his theory about sound and harmonics being a basis for many of these ancient structures. And I think Nikola Tesla somehow found the ancient secrets to this concept. In his famous quote “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” we absolutely know he was talking about frequencies and vibrations. These secrets were stolen from him and he was never able to share them with the world, if he had, I really think much of this history that eludes us would have been explained and completely understood with very little difficulty or argument.

    I mean really? How could it be that stone worked by previous cultures is so advanced that we still cannot currently reproduce it today with our technology, yet this higher technology is the base under the later less advanced cultures. It is completely backwards from what it should be and any ten year old would look at you funny if you tried to tell them that this reality is just a mistake in research and interpretation. It is pretty hard to explain away why the older is more advanced than the newer. Like I say, Knowing quite a bit about mechanical engineering and physics I have been picking these finds apart in detail with a skeptical mind trying to devise some ancient method in which these workings could have been done with what would have been available at the time and even now.

    I can’t… I am now pretty sure no one can.

    So much more to dive into here guys. So many great conversations going on here Roberto! But I am still chasing Dad and hospitals. Been a month now and I can’t wait until I can slow down and relax a bit to come and participate more.

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  9. J. R. i didn’t think you would be offended by what i said, but i wasn’t t sure. because i am brutely honest. sometimes i have offended people i know, not meaning to do so. other times i have completely dumbfounded them. since you are no longer a minister as a profession, that does NOT make you and ex-minister. you will always be a minister because you did the work and earned your diploma. just because you continued your education, by whatever means necessary means just that. you are still ministering your belief and faith right here. i definitely get the impression that you have no faith at all in the medical industrial complex that is torturing you ailing father. neither do i… everybody would be better off seeing these real doctors in the video!

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    • I am blunt too Randolf… 🙂 Once ordained you are ordained for life whether you still fully believe or not until a church says not to. Although I no longer believe in a supreme deity who controls our current existence with miracles, I do think there once could have been someone who may have had extraordinary advanced technological knowledge during an ancient era and it was documented with oral and written tradition as it was understood by a primitive culture. But as far as considering him still existing and having physical influence I have to now perceive it as primitive superstition like any other.

      But as a minister, I still practice all the other good things a minister has taken an oath to practice. I console the troubled and give sanctuary if needed because they have no one else they can confide in and trust that it will be in complete confidence and never shared. Then I help them help themselves as much as I can to maybe share some comfort in their troubled lives. But I do not unite folks in marriage anymore, not one has worked out after, So I decided not to be pointed at as the fault. Not even my own kids would let me join them in union because they were afraid I would jinx them. lol

      But I never knock an individual who practices a faith. If they feel they need that mental perception to help them have self confidence and will power against what they already understand are immoral tendencies or a lack of constraint more power to them as long as their faith does not harm others. But here lies the problem… very few are honest about harming others thing, the double standards and hypocrisy concerning the reality of this is another reason I no longer wanted to rub shoulders with a dishonest faith that is in absolute denial and cannot even tell the difference between true right and wrong.

      They all do it… Not one faith can claim true Innocence, righteousness, or self responsibility for these harmful actions and support of those harmful actions. But this is easy to try and justify when you have someone else to blame for it and call it his will…

      So for me it was like getting old enough to realize Santa Clause isn’t real and I had been lied to by everyone.

      And no the healthcare industry is now designed to control population. In the false name of compassion, they are weeding out the weak by practicing neglect and total incompetence. A lot of it is just downright criminal.

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      • Great comment JR 🙂 All faiths are guilty of wrong as you say and some have committed horrendous injustices beyond belief. I’ve studied a lot about the Spanish coming to the New World along with the priests and missionaries and………something I didn’t know until recently……..THE INQUISITION! Yes the Spanish Inquisition was also brought to the New World with all of its means.

        I’ve also been reading lately some of the statements and writings by the early church fathers and what they had to say about women. I can’t beliee they wrote such horrible things! Did they not realize their own mothers who gave birth to them were women? And back in those days some of the clergy were married and I feel sorry for their wives who had to put up with their sexism and outright hatred.


  10. Makes more sense to me that someone collected DNA and put it somewhere until the deluge was over and then cloned all the species to repopulate the Earth. Can you imagine if Noah had collected two of every kind of beast, bird, fish, and insect? A separate ark would have been needed just for the food to feed all these creatures and not to mention the dung problem LOL.


    • Yes Roberto… At some point physical realties have to come into play. But of course it can all be explained because it was a miracle, and they did not need to eat for forty days and forty nights so of course there wasn’t a dung problem either. This is the explanation I have heard so many times…

      Yet in the reality of things… They would have been eating each other when Noah wasn’t looking. lol

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    • maybe that’s who those people are in those marble vaults, suspended in a matrix. they saved the dung for poop soup and the more modern fecal transplants.


  11. they are not weeding out the weak, they are torturing them as people like your dad is vulnerable and they get away with it. if they were compassionate at all they would do what i did to my beloved Kako, my avatar on your blog. i gave her the best life i could for 9 years. she was soooo appreciative as most her pics she has this happy grin, yes i wished it to be longer, but we all know everything has that final day. she was getting thin not eating as much, and a little wobbly, but always wanting to go for a walk with me, because i know she loved being with me as much as i her. even her last day. when she got to wiggly and her ass hit the floor i knew it was time. i didn’t want to be greedy and try to force her to live any longer for fear she might have a stroke. that would devastate me for the rest of my life. i was with her when the vet came, she was on the couch, her throne, and she went so peacefully with me holding her head and telling her much i loved, would miss her and never ever forget her. balling like a fucking baby. everybody will say i did the right thing, but if they are human oh my god that’s murder and life is gods gift blah blah. my idiot mormon brother shot every dog he had on a whim lucky for Kako i begged him to give her to me, as i would have her predecessor Sheba, but i didn’t know idiot had another hair up his ass. another pup he had i asked please don’t kill her/him i will take her/him. again he acted with impunity and blew that puppies brains out. when i found out and asked why didn’t you call me, i wanted it, he said tsss and shrugged as if befuddle by my question. i called him dr. tim kevorkian and said do you bury them or is there a stack of dog bones where he goes. that fat ass got karma big time. he also has been investigated by child protective services 2 times! every dog his kids have given him for b-days or fathers day had the same fate.

    a couple weeks ago i made the mistake of going to a “health care” facility and asking for a anti-arrhythmic drug as i have bouts of tachycardia, fast heartbeat, i did get a few but they checked me in hooked my up to a monitor. spent 3 days there , miles and miles of ekg, 2 sleep apnea tests exactly alike at the exact same time! i asked why they said we need it. then i did a follow up with cardiologist, another 2 weeks of wearing a monitor like a borg implant. then to go over the more miles and miles of ekg, i had to do another 10 second ekg. i said why another one you have 2 weeks worth, the bitch said the doctor needs it. now because of all the stupid testing due to all the financial stress i have insomnia. oh yeah the 2 apnea tests said i don’t have it. that’s because i can’t sleep anymore. i am an insomniac not an apneac. now this Dr. Nazi Frankenstein want to operate on my heart because he can’t read a wiring schematic of the human body. that bozo doesn’t understand that there are 8 nerves that go to the heart and they are compromised by my herniated discs. i thought i could talk to this asshole but he wouldn’t answer my questions, talk to me about the complications of roto-rooting my heart and when he couldn’t scare or herd me into his meat grinder , it was almost as if he was going to start balling like a baby! so i had them send the encyclopedias of ekg to my ND. she referred me to a good chiropractor and he did 1 adjustment and my tachycardia is diminished by 90% and the little bit i do have is stopped by taking a deep breath and bending over stretching my upper back where all those nerves are. dumb asses. if you know anybody that has a-fib racing heartbeats or any irregular beats see a chiropractor!!!! i have been treating my tachycardia by treating my back for 14 years. massage, epidurals, stretching…

    now i got in the U S mail some scammer telling me it is time for my required colonoscopy/endoscopy. whaaat? they want to go down my gullet to see if i am going to die of natural causes as well as up my ass. they can eat shit. i tossed it in my compost. if they send me another i will cyberbully them only analogue style. an anonymous letter telling them that due my religion, eating a natural diet, living a natural life, within the systems of nature and dying a natural death, there is no need. and to please stop this mail fraud and scams or i will have to come to their house and enforce a law of nature, survival of the fittest. i am so sorry Roberto i didn’t mean to crap all over your blog. but i feel better.


  12. I’d like to clarify some things i said in my rant. i saw a documentary last night about some things i ranted about. Dr. John LaPook covered this retired couple’s trek through hell for 18 years. i also want to say that i am not comparing the loss of a best friend to the loss of a wife or dad. back in 1994 we went through a weekend marriage encounter. it is sponsored by the catholic church. my wife’s boss and her husband are presenters and she has been bugging my wife to go but i resisted for obvious reasons. so eventually i caved thinking if i get 1 thing out of it , that will make it worthwhile. everybody brought snacks and the meals were great, but that wasn’t it. these encounters take place at hotels usually, but this time it was at ursuline academy where i went to school as a kid. the 3 presenting couples and priest would pose various topics and we would discuss them. when the priest would yak i just doodled and pondered what the other presenting couples had said. we would then dig deep into our emotions and write down what and why we felt them. then we went to our rooms and swapped note books and read. there was one topic that required us to dig deep and get a little bloody so to speak. it was the topic of death of a spouse. i consider my wife to be my soulmate now. that was profound. that was the 1 thing. there were others like the other couples we met, and the food.

    a few years ago my friend lost his wife to the ravages of smoking. she was fitted with a feeding tube and shortly after she was begging to die. the home care nurse said stop feeding her and she will slip into a coma and pass. that took 2 weeks. Dr. LaPook’s couple was dealing with the wife’s alzheimers. in the beginning she was very forgetful, but her personality was intact. the husband embraced taking care of her and even loved doing so as he loved her. after all she did that for him while he was working, cleaning the house laundry, cooking etc. he would comb her hair and put on her make-up … and vowed never to put her in a home. at 10 years, the trek was visibly taking a toll on him too. some time after he had to hire a nurse to help him. at 15 years she couldn’t even talk. he was having suicidal ideations. his savings were depleting rapidly. at 18 years he had to break his vow, saying that’s not my wife anymore. she didn’t look the same . she really didn’t even look alive as she was brain dead. but her organs continued to chug along.

    I now know what the definition of soulmate is. it is where 2 become one. Roberto, i don’t know what you felt when you lost part of your being, your soulmate, but i am getting a darn good idea. 2 weeks or 18+ years is to long and everybody suffers, not just the person dying. in this day and age i don’t find euthanasia abhorrent at all. it is our right to consider and discuss and do if we so choose. J. R. i don’t envy you, you have a trek through hell ahead of you and your kids. i can’t even empathize with you truth be told, i wish i could. i couldn’t empathize with my wife when her dad passed, i told her i wish i could. and yes my parents are dead, so is my brother Rick. (suicide)

    J. R. you said you uncovered some facts about all those homegrown terrorists that plague our nightclubs, theaters, malls, schools and churches. about how they are all “medicated”. i went to my ND office and thanked her for the referral to the chiro, and i told her about one of the “healthy” drugs i was on. diltiazem it didn’t work at all and turned my crap to concrete. i also looked up on askapatient.com the top 10 adverse reactions reported to the fda. completed suicide was there. a blood pressure drug? healthy? she also said many of these kids who commit suicide are medicated just like our terrorists! how many of these kids are from really dysfunction families and that is swept under the rug? that’s another rant. just sayin’

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    • After being with someone you love for so long and then one day they are not there and you keep expecting them to come through the door but they don’t…..that is the hardest thing. Every sound I heard I thought her passing was some bad dream and she was coming through the door. But she didn’t. It took me a long while to get over this and even now, still, I sometimes think she will come walking through the door any second.

      Losing someone is a hard adjustment to say the least. You get really use to having them around and then one day they aren’t there and you don’t know what to do. And so you try doing things to get your mind off of the loss and you try to do the normal things you’ve always done…..but it doesn’t work because you can’t stop thinking about the loss. So I began to sit….and sit….and sit some more and that didn’t work either. In fact, it made the loss worse because depression had set in!

      My son has been a fantastic help to me and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He made me live again and stopped me from sitting and getting even more depressed. Like he told me, I had to choose LIFE again! I had to keep on! And when I realized he was right I stopped sitting, got up, and moved on. And I’m still moving on! It’s been hard and it’s still hard but I know I’ve got to keep going on and I know that is exactly what she’d want me to do.

      As for euthanasia I believe that is our RIGHT! I tend to agree with many of the tribes I’ve worked with and studied. The aged decide when they are going to die and when that day comes they walk away into the wilderness, lay or sit down, and pass on. And when the village people find them they’re dead and so they take them and bury them or cremate them. I like that idea! I’ll decide when I die NOT some quack MD or some disease. 🙂 I”ve always been a supporter of euthanasia and I haven’t changed my mind one bit about it over the years. It is OUR right to make the choice.

      Finally, I know from firsthand experience that being a caregiver is very difficult. I took care of my father in his last days. Sadly, in most cases the caregiver gives out before the person being cared for. It’s very stressful but you’re taking care of a loved one knowing they will pass soon, so what do you do?


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