6 comments on “A Simple Argument for the Existence of Race

  1. So is the word “race” going to become politically incorrect? breed would be better i think. look at our pet dogs, all descendant of the wolf yet all look very different. the hairless toy zolo is a breed of dog just like the saint bernard. so breed of human is better than race, that is what you do in your car with your buddy in his car.

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    • I’ve used the term “breed” in the past to refer to the different ancient human ancestors (ie: Homo erectus, Homo habilis, etc) so why not use it for race. The PC crowd really hates the word “race” because in their self-delusion they don’t want to believe race exists and if we use the term “breed” their response will be the same I’m sure. Fact is there are some differences in people from different regions and that is a reality. Our denial of reality must come to an end at some point.


      • But we are dealing with an intellect that can’t even understand the biological difference between male and female plants or the difference between stamens and pistils. Reproductive organ facts in humans are also a challenge for the current intellect. It’s become a tough nut to crack considering facts and biological reality.

        Just like your plant post… lol Like you say…when is the line going to be drawn using a factual base rather than a fictional base? It’s completely out of control. 🙂


  2. I believe what has happened to American society is that it now suffers from Collective Schizophrenia as we can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy. Wishful thinking now flies in the face of logic, common sense, and facts. Humanity may well be devolving but one thing I am absolutely certain of is that Western Society is now in a state of full decline.


    • The painful part is that they are dragging the logical folks down with them… I’m not sure how to completely isolate ourselves from this reality. Even if you go full hermit, laws force dependency on society or they come lock you up.


  3. I can’t agree with you more. i feel the net/web has done a whole lot to contribute to this collective schizophrenia. all the stupid believers in the lizard people, evil alien grays, chem trails….
    it’s worse than a b rated sci-fi flick. just look at the fantastic civilizations in the past that eventually collapsed. Ming dynasty, Chaco, the Pharaohs, both Egyptian and African. the Persians, Athenians and the list goes on. what caused the social structures to fall? there are reasons, war, social/political unrest, disparity of wealth, climate change, disease. and we see much of this today, only it is much more global. and all the social bs like facebook, myspace, twitter… have done nothing except contribute with all the cyber bullying and useless rhetoric. just more same ol’ same ol’, conform or be cast out. it doesn’t matter what group or blog, if you aren’t standing squarely in the middle of their square inch of internet real estate, you get the treatment. i have seen it to many times. and a couple of times it has happened to me. that person that attacked me and others, with totally useless rhetoric actually believes in the lizard people. this person also is 50 yoa, divorced, sits up ’til 3 am on fap/cam sites and develops a crush or some unhealthy fixation on the women that are barely legal and then surf the groups and blogs trying to be some sort of crusader or savior for these women, young enough to be his daughter, trying to protect them from an ad campaign. literally. he has offended a lot of people needlessly so and i have seen bloggers ban him. but how can you ban a fake name or anonymous? effectively? you can’t. funny and sad at the same time.

    as far as devolution goes that is as real as the sun rising and setting. while evolution is driven by genetics and environment, with devolution they are being drug along on this unholy ride by the almighty hand of man. we have rather successfully pushed back on the the forces of natural selection, eliminating predation and bad weather. only on the rarest occasions when people swim in shark infested water, or walking in grizz country. not to mention the big bad wolf the big bad wolf. people i know hate them, enough to cause a heart attack, haha.

    the whole of the pharm industry is not based on health or reducing suffering, it is based on sales commissions and the stock earnings. in the last 30 years the amount of drugs that are consumed has grown exponentially and yet the over all health of people has continued to decline because of them. sure we live longer because we have walled off nature and the elements, Dr. Frankenstein people back together, and hook them up to machines that breathe for them or make their heart beat(pacemaker). it is obvious that people who believe in an after life are scared shitless of death and they will torture their bodies with chemo or other drugs to escape death. death from natural causes, like heart failure due to old age or bad genes, cancer, the flu, pneumonia… have been around since forever. death from really bad drug side effects have been around for about 30-50 years. medical mistakes are the 3rd biggest killer in the good ol’ u s of a, and about half of those are drug related. the whole opioid epidemic is just a small part of it. and those numbers for “healthy drugs” are either blatantly covered up(for the stock holders and commissioned sales people) or under reported as the totalitarian regime FDA does NOT require doctors to report all of the life ruining or murders caused by adverse reactions. why should i take a drug, then have to pay for test to see if this drug is poisoning my liver? and when it does what then , do i get a new liver from the drug company, or doc that lied and said this will make me healthy? if you say anything about side effects they lie some more and say it is all in your head and put you on drugs for anxiety. even if your sister in-law is a doctor and said you are having side effect and need to wean off they will still say the drugs are working that it is in your head. why do they pretend to be a psychologist. they are not trained, further i have had 3 psychologists and 1 licensed therapist and none of them ever put me on a drug. they have also never pretended to me a medical doctor and told me i need a statin to be healthy.

    the system is broken and the structure is cracking and will collapse. i told my wife my life story and it is a rather short story. there was this guy who achieved his goals of becoming a cabinetmaker and having property in the mountains. he also had 6 best friends that he loved with all his heart and soul, 3 birds, and 3 dogs. he also had a loving wife to share it all with. he had 3 other highly valued possessions, 2 thumbs, (pointing at himself) one happy ass, and zero shit to give. and he lived happily ever after. the end:)

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