31 comments on “Neanderthals in the Americas?

  1. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know I am still around. Things got heavy for me on this end and I had to isolate myself from my usual friends for awhile to keep them out of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I try to come read when I can but as much as I wanted to I could not participate. Things are finally slowing down so I hope to be able to come participate more. I miss this very much.

    Once again great stuff Robert! I have so much to disscuss in all this hopefully soon! Thank you!


    • Well holy cow!! LOL Welcome back JR. We’ve been wondering what happened to you. Sent out the Search and Rescue Squad and they found nothing. Sent out the sled dogs and they found nothing. You must have been in a cave somewhere LOL.

      Anyway glad to hear from you and that you are ok. Welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I was starting to worry about YOU Sir. Checking in now and then on my phone just before my eyes closed at night I kept thinking that “the Dingo and the Ant” had been hanging there an awful long time… lol

        I’ll explain more later but it has been crazy around here and I had to go off the radar for awhile.


  2. i was worrying about both of you fellas. but lazy? me too and like me that makes you an excellent participant in my de-occupy wall street movement . sorry to hear about all of the heaviness happening in your neck of the woods J.R. if it has anything to do with caring for an ailing parent, i can empathize. if it has anything to do with siblings coming from out of state and bitching that you aren’t doing a good enough job, i can empathize even more. if it is any other scoop of crap on the heap, maybe i can empathize with that too;) i thought about email both of you but my email has been hacked or something. all that was “stolen?” was 3 emails, from you 2 and an mri review from a spine doctor in Spain. that pissed me off, not because i was going there just thinking about it, but because it was the most comprehensive, concise, and complete review i have gotten from all of them, all the rest have been here in town, and across the good ol’ u s of a. one of the “best” spine doctors here in the good ol’ u s of a charged me $300, i got a 3 minute chit chat on the phone and about 2 years later he is busted for eating his own drugs and performing the wrong procedure on a victim, then asking his technicians and assistants to lie on the forms. thank god some body was honest, to bad it was to late.

    sorry for the rant i have this OC love/hate relationship with the internet. i love that i can learn stuff here and AO, anything i wan to really, but i have to spend 40 forevers sifting through all the scams, shams and useless rhetoric. like the comment that pete made right here. i didn’t understand a damn thing he said.

    anyway just the other day on the national news there was this mountain gorilla in a zoo and a whole bunch video of him walking upright on 2 legs and running on 2 legs. this has happened before at other zoos. only a very few, but none the less. they thought this currant ape didn’t like getting dirt on his food when he walked showing and ape walking “normal” on all 4. the banana you could clearly see it was getting a lot of dirt on it. we wouldn’t have ate it, for sure. a new theory in the mix. maybe walking upright is a choice not an evolutionary mutation. we could carry our food better, keeping from getting dirt on it, then we could carry more of anything, far better than on all 4.


    • Randolph I saw the video of the gorilla that walks on 2 legs most of the time too and I had the same thought, that is, maybe bipedalism is a choice and not an evolutionary mutation. And, if so, then that further proves a suspicion that I’ve had for a long time. That is that we’ve got some of our ancient skulls mixed up. Meaning some of those skulls we are calling “ancient human ancestors” because they were bipedal creatures may NOT be such after all ๐Ÿ™‚ I know….I’m forever the rebel LOL.


    • It was a whole lot of different things that happened all at one time including Hacked emails and computers because I got too close to something in my political research. I had to re-write my “Internet interest profile” for a few months until it stopped. It isn’t the first time I have had to do this over the last decade and a half. But I couldn’t let it bleed off onto others who didn’t need any of it. Unfortunately the only way to make this work successfully was to drop all normal contact until I could get it under control.

      As for your upright theory Randolf you may be on to something, sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. maybe they were just smart enough to realize that eating gravel can break teeth. If this is true it would explain the following hardships to survive as upright humans. Because mineral supplements to replace this gravel were not invented for another couple million years. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. So IF some prehistoric gorilla species were bipedal most of the time they would have endured similar hardships that our human ancestors did and perhaps they did not survive as we survived. So they went extinct and now we find them and classify them as “human ancestors” which may or may NOT be true. And if not true then that upends a lot of evolutionary theory and calls for some major revisions.

    One of the so called “proofs” for bipedalism has been than in humans and our ancestors the Foramen magnum is centrally located where in apes it is further back towards the back of the skull. But this theory may be wrong afterall. Perhaps some prehistoric apes had a Foramen magnum centrally located like us because they walked upright much of the time if not most of the time. That, if so, changes everything!


  4. OK Catching up a bit and wanted to come back to this. This is just incredible Roberto! Just like the blood type O map, how could it be? This shows a very obvious dispersal from a primary location. And we know they couldn’t fly right? What I find interesting is that there is any in Australia at all. And it is in the south where it was supposed to be peopled LAST. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Yep… It’s backwards! lol I did some research on the side while I was in hiding. And I am convinced that what you have mentioned, Hancock and others have mentioned about previous advanced civilizations is spot on. There is too much real evidence pointing to this as a reality. The concept that later civilizations built over previous more advanced civilizations makes too much sense with what has now been found. Did you see this yet? It adds more to a post you already have written about here. Seems you were right, it is much larger than they thought. And I think OLDER. ๐Ÿ™‚



        • There is mounting evidence that says prehistory was NOT what we suspect and, in fact, was quite different. IF we were following true science then we would already know this because true science follows the evidence WHEREVER it leads. But, instead we develop our little pet theories and then try to cram the evidence into supporting them. And if some piece of evidence doesn’t fit our little pet theory then we simply ignore it, discard it, whatever.

          Consider the Hopi and their 4 worlds (ages) legend. Each civilization in each era developed and when they forgot the Creator they were destroyed and replaced by a new people starting at the bottom and working their way up to become more and more advanced. They say that some of these civilizations in the 4 eras were very highly advanced with some having buildings of steel, airplanes, and high science. In short, what the Hopi say is that we are NOT the first to be so sophisticated as there wree many before us that were advanced OR even more advanced than we are today. They may, actually, be quite right!


          • And of course a you know they were not the only ones to claim this. Many who did not even know of each other around the world have the same stories. I found some interesting stuff in Turkey I Roberto I will try to get set up so that you can see it. Not far from Gobekli Tepe and more than likely part of the same culture.

            Know what’s strange? And I think you have mentioned this. That we could have an advanced culture like at Gobekli Tepe yet we were primitive cave brutes when we “crossed the bridge”. Yet they were supposedly in the same time line.

            One of the two is wrong.

            Cultures are like a wine, they improve with age. So Gobekli Tepe had to have had a pre-culture for many years before it developed into what it was. So that pushes it back much much further than the dating they have. It had already been refined before 12k as it is dated.


            • There is a book about the Neanderthals (can’t remember the name of it right now) that linked them to a high civilization and postulated that they were not the “cave men” they’ve been made out to be at all other than the occasional hermit. Maybe so or maybe not.

              One thing I do know is that our ancestors were far from being the primitives they’ve been made out to be! Now either we, scientists, are really stupid and just can’t connect the dots OR something BIG is being hidden by design and with intention. Question is “why?” Why does “someone” not want us to know the truth of our past? Why must it remain hidden? So what if we discover we are not the first high civilization on the planet???

              Sadly, we’ve been lied to in many ways and for a long time now. But you get a clue and begin to see beyond the lies when you start looking at the evidence. What better way to hide something but in plain sight LOL. And that is exactly what “they” have done (whoever they are).


              • Absolutely. I wonder if it could be that there is no room for a third concept with either creationism or Darwinism? We are being forced to pick one or the other of two camps when there might actually be a third concept which by tradition they don’t even want to consider or talk about even though they might be in the know?

                I don’t know… but there are a whole lot of questions that are not being answered and because of this there is no rational continuity to it all.


                • J.R. there is room for creation and evolution if you have the imagination. screw what they tell you. i was raised catholic and taught that god made it all just for us and he loves us. if we misbehave there will be hell to pay. much like the American Indian children the church kidnapped and stole their names and their spirituality then imprisoned. we were a little liberated. the girls did have to wear the exact same thing like the kidnapped Indian children. then we switched to public school and i learned Darwinism, as it seems to appear, though, he was on the right path, he really only took the first step. evolution is very different now then i learned it back in 1970. sort of like Columbus. he was on the right path but he bumped into an entire continent and got lost, truth be told.

                  now i also don’t believe in the big bang, or big crunch either, not even dark energy, invisible strings it doesn’t matter to me if the higgs bozon really exists either. i believe the Universe is infinite and the possibilities also infinite. while i don’t believe in a god, i do have to believe in the possibility of a creator. but what i do know creation is the creator. i also have to believe in the possibility of the big bang and big crunch. that might be where you find god, the big bang, i don’t know. but then if you look at the whole of nature, it is the female, or the female aspect of all life, plant and animal, that is responsible for the creation of new life here on earth. be that new life seed, egg, puppy, or baby. even that pesky earthworm that is the only truly bisexual being, biologically speaking, in the known universe, has definitive male and female body parts and they are not confused about where they need to take a crap. and it is the female aspect that make the egg!!. so i have one question that is rhetorical and very politically incorrect. wouldn’t the Creator of all life in the Universe be more female-like in nature?i don’t know but i am leaning that way. now i know i have ruffled some people feathers in some minority somewhere, with all this sexual identity disorder. but that disorder is caused all by semantics i will prove it. if you change the sex term of my wife from female to cheese sandwich. change my sex term from male to frying pan and change the terms sex and procreate to grill. now if i feel like getting frisky later on, this frying pan is going to grill that sexy cheese sandwich cooking dinner barefoot in a robe in curlers out in the kitchen. see? it’s caused by semantics.

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                  • Randolf’s question: “…. so i have one question that is rhetorical and very politically incorrect. wouldnโ€™t the Creator of all life in the Universe be more female-like in nature?”

                    I suspect you may be more right than you know Randolf. Some people call this the “Sacred Feminine.” It was even spoken of in the early days of Christianity from what I understand but the Church Father’s made everything masculine. You should read some of the things these Holy Men had to say about women back then. One said women were “the gates of Hell itself” while another preached that women “belong to the Devil.” So I suspect at one time the Sacred Feminine was a very big part of Christian belief but the Church Father’s changed all of that.

                    Consider this. Today is Easter Sunday and on this day one of the things Christians mark is the women going to the tomb and discovering Jesus was not in the tomb. According to the account in the Gospel of Mark an angel was there and told the women Christ had risen from the dead. They were amazed and afraid. They left the tomb and told no one about it until later on. Now consider this…. had those WOMEN not said anything then the disciples may have never known Christ had risen. Once again it was the FEMININE play a VERY important role yet even today we minimize it.

                    Another thing is this. If you read your holy book from almost any religion it doesn’t take long to figure out that the Creator most often works through NATURE.


                    • This is what I found… A whole LOT of these same manipulations. It tainted the whole barrel of pickles for me before it was over with.


                  • Oh yes I know. An interesting observation from the last 30 years… The Catholic Church has quietly invested billions into Extraterrestrial research. Why would they do this? Do they know something we do not? ๐Ÿ™‚


                    • Now IF the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in UFOs then why are they pumping so much money into researching them LOL? Our world is overflowing with hypocrisy sadly!!


                • I think the mixing of creationism and evolution is what Biologos is doing. They believe in both. You can find their website at:


                  They hold the view that there is harmony between science (evolution) and Biblical fact and have some pretty interesting stuff about this on their website.


                  • Hey Rob! Good to see you! I hope all is well. Be nice to find out how Barb is doing, hope she is well too. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    But I have to share that my own spiritual awareness now sorta joins the two together. The Bible is I think a great account of real places and real events as understood from those who tried to interpret it. As is the Ancient Sumerian texts.

                    As a former Christian minister I realized that the more I learned the more it began to look much bigger than just one entity and one ideology. As a scientifically curious person I realized that there are a lot of proven facts in science also, like the true age of the earth. So I started to filter accounts of history and what was metaphoric to explain logical reality aside from mythology and superstition.

                    So now for myself I have found that that spirituality and science can actually support the theories of each other in harmony when looked at with the proper perspective. I guess I would now call myself a Pantheist with the belief that both are true if you look at the “whole” of everything. Everything is one as a whole in both spirituality and in scientific fact. They work hand in hand as true.

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                    • The Bible doesn’t tell us what Adam and Eve were. Homo sapiens? Neanderthals? Homo erectus? Or some other ancient human species we do not yet know about. And was it just two people OR was it the Adams and the Eves??? I see no conflict between religion and science and, in fact, I see them often verifying one another, frankly.


            • Many of the native people’s oral traditions around the world are the same and that CANNOT be by accident IMO.


  5. i think we are all on the same page, a little different dialects maybe. i am an ex-christian/catholic too. and about oral tradition that are a half world away from each other. well why is a Polynesian word for spirit “mana” and an American Indian word is “manitou” one has to take notice of that. many if not all American Indian tribes family bloodlines follow the mother or female side of the family. in most culture the family bloodline follows the father’s side. in Wicca and other so called pagan religions the woman is not just equal, but a little more, because they make new life. it is a historical fact that in Norse mythology gods and goddesses were worshiped indicating equality in deity, which reflected equality in society. when Norse mythology “converted” to christian mythology, women lost there rights. why right here in the good ol’ u s of a there is the Chaco folks, and last i heard they were a matriarchal society. and this pisses me off even though i am not a christian or catholic, the mother of our lord and savior has NOT achieved or received sainthood like a shitpot of possibly pedophilic men have!!!the mother of GOD, not even a saint. does not make sense. there is hope, Mother Theresa made it, but that almost required divine intervention.

    there is another thing in Christianity that just doesn’t fit in my belief system. if God created everything, He also created Lucifer and Satan. they have been in a protracted war with each other since the beginning, much like our government. why doesn’t God simply un-create that which He created? why all the war? the Bible tells me i am created in God’s image. well if i were Him that is what i would do, un-create Lucifer’s ass to hell and back, and 2 more times on the weekend, but that’s just me. i know i have a strong tendency to be a pessimist and lord knows i am no optimist, but 20 years in the cabinet industry taught me to be a pragmatist. assess the situation, if it still doesn’t work right fix it, don’t fight it…;)

    there is one more thing that puts a bee in my bonnet. when some young whipper snapper open up yet another “fusion cuisine” eatery. Korean tacos, or southwest egg rolls, like it is something new this fusion cuisine. crap the first thanksgiving dinner was fusion cuisine. the spaghetti noodle is fusion cuisine. the Italians did not invent spaghetti, it is a Chinese round noodle and Marco Polo brought it back to Italy from China. in fact way back when the first clan of AHA bumped into and broke bread with the other first clan of AHA, wala fusion cuisine

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    • Great points and info Randolph! I’ve always found it a bist amazing that the word “maya” means “illusion” in the Far East while in the Americas it is a name of a tribal people. Linquistics is very interesting to study in many respects and you can find out a lot in such studies.

      Yes the feminine has suffered especially in the Church and the Early Church Fathers in the RC made no bones about it. I’ve read some of the stuff they wrote about women in the 2nd century AD and they did not hold a very high opinion of women at all and as I read what they wrote I was wondering if they thought the same about Mary the mother of Jesus whom they venerate. Kind of talking out of both sides of their mouths IMO. They won’t let priests marry which I find ridiculous and they won’t let women be priests which is just as ridiculous IMO.


  6. As far as the mother of Jesus, and what i have read and been told they got her backstory wrong. so whatever they say or believe is irrelevant. just as you and every other christian was taught i was taught the same . magic and virginity is what created the universe and the savior of it all too. because of my own google searches and watching of some documentaries, about this subject, i have gotten a whole different story. and it is far more believable too. less exciting though. not as cataclysmic as the big bang or how ever it was created, there is violence and pure evil.

    the first search i did was did Jesus have a biological father? everyone knows who the adoptive father was. i believe he did his name was Tiberious Pantera. back in those days there women were well established as second class citizens, sometimes livestock and material possessions. women were stoned to death by the Jewish faith for getting pregnant out of wedlock. much of the time these women were raped by the roman soldiers and not prostitutes at all. with Mary the mother this was not the case, Tiberious courted her while she was a tapestry weaver at the temple. while the pregnancy was probably not planned they named the child Yeshua Pantera. Before they could wed Pantera was stationed by his commander up in Germany where he died at the ripe old age of about 62. never knowing his son.

    Mary is starting to show and she needs to marry or else and she is scared. While Joseph is a good and decent man, he believe that Mary, the mother is a whore and doesn’t want to marry her. Mary goes into hiding. after a short while of convincing, Joseph comes around.

    that’s where they got it mixed up it was Mary the mother was mistakenly thought to be a whore. Mary of Magdelah who became Jesus wife came from the wealthy province of Magdelah and not a prostitute. they have something in common, Christ is not Jesus last name and Magdelaine is not hers either haah. there is still the double crossing and treachery concerning all of the followers. but nobody actually saw a resurrection. as i read it, Mary, the wife, went to her husband tomb, saw it was disturbed and Jesus’ body gone. bereft with anguish and grief, she collapsed to the ground and looked to the sky. through a cascade of grief stricken tears, she saw what looked like angels going towards the sun. while the double crossing, treacherous followers were skulking and hiding during the crucifixion, Jesus family, his mother wife and son, Michael were there and Mary the wife was showing her current pregnancy with Jesus daughter Sarah. eventually the romans captured and killed all of Jesus closest followers. but that’s the story i choose to believe. i know my story ruffles some feathers, but there are worse. the Gnostics, which was an early form of Christianity, didn’t even believe the man existed. they believed Jesus was more of a phenomenon or concept or something, but no man.

    i believe in the man and that’s not good enough?! St. Thomas was called the doubting Thomas and there is very little about the man in the Bible. while most mainstream Christianity consider the St. Thomas gospels heresy or sacrilege, some Bible scholars believe they are the truest sayings of Jesus. the Thomas gospels are nothing more than quotes of Jesus. these are a few of my favs: Jesus said ” those who seek the truth should not stop seeking until they find. when they find, they will be disturbed. when they are disturbed, they will marvel, and they will reign over all. (and after they have reigned they will rest.)”

    Jesus said: “if your leaders say to you, ‘look the kingdom (of God) is in the sky’ then the birds precede you. if they say to you ‘it is in the sea’ then the fish precede you. rather, the kingdom (of God) is within you and outside of you.”

    His disciple said: ” when will the kingdom come?” Jesus said: “it will not come by watching for it. It will not be said ‘look here’ or ‘look there!’ Rather, the kingdom (of God) is spread upon the Earth and people do not see it.”

    thanks for allowing me to rant , and thanks for all of your ancient stories, for some strange reason, there seems to be a ring of truth in them.


    • And not only that but they also got the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus wrong as well. I stand among those who believe she was the wife of the man Jesus and I believe the wedding at Canan was their wedding. Also, Joseph was much older than Mary. Christ was a title not a name used by the Essenes and also “angel” and “archangel” were Essene titles or holy offices. Myself I love the Gnostic Gospels and believe they are much more truer to Jesus’ teachings.


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