4 comments on “Humanzee a Human-Chimp Hybrid, Part 2

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  2. well, considering those tigons, and lygers, mules, zedonks, and zorses, why not the humanzee? if it can be done, i’m positive it has been done. look at all the eugenics done here in the good ol” US of A from the 1930s to the 1960s. real nazi shit here! in my home state and yours too. 10s of thousands of “undesirables” sterilized all across our country. and that is probably a low number. maybe they had some condition that is referred to as a challenge today, some were Mexican migrant farm workers that were under educated and just sterilized by doctors while delivering a baby. you have proven that our government doesn’t need an underground base (Dulce), they do it in plain sight. also they don’t need evil alien grays, nor the reptoid/terrans to be complete total assholes that don’t give a shit about anybody but the 1% affluant, totalitarian, assholes. pardon my bad attitude.

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    • Great to hear from you again Randolf 🙂 Most likely you are right and it’s already been done as it looks like they’ve been trying to produce a human-ape hybrid since the days of WW2 and not only that but reliable sources in the know tell me we’ve actually been messing around with DNA since the late 20s and early 30s. Why am I not surprised?

      Remember Operation Paperclip? It was a “program” at the end of WW2 designed to bring all of Hitler’s Nazi scientists to the USA we possibly could be they war criminals or not. Example: Werner von Braun who designed rockets for Hitler. He was brought to the US at the end of the war and placed with NASA and was eventually made the head of NASA. Some of these Nazis were put in science jobs while others were placed in high level positions in industry and banking. Some were even placed in government positions. Most didn’t have to change their names but once brought to the US were given money, jobs, homes, cars and they simply carried on with their lives as if WW2 and Nazi atrocities were nothing more than mere bumps in the road! And, meanwhile, those “loyal and patriotic” Americans like the Bush clan got a ticket to the Oval Office not once but TWICE as their reward for helping to finance Hitler and the SS killing machine during the war!! My, my are we a nation of absolute HYPOCRISY or what?

      And turning to Dulce? Nothing more than a flat topped rock in the middle of Navajoland I’m sure just as Area 51 doesn’t exist either. See something there? You are hallucinating! Now move along!! No our government doesn’t need alien greys and secret bases because, as you say, business is carried out right out in the open for all to see who WISH to see. And those who see too much and start spouting their mouths are ruthlessly maginalized and discredited so no one will believe anything they say. It’s all a very well working and well oiled machine to control the masses in America and to shut up the loud mouths who like to talk too much. And it works amazingly well because I’m sure it’s a “program” designed by some of those war criminal Nazis we brought over here as part of Operation Paperclip!! And if marginalizing them doesn’t shut them up then more “serious” measures are employed such as a “bad auto accident” which the Nazis used to eliminate dissidents such as General Erwin Rommel who dared to challenge the Nazi powers that be during the war. The “method” still works amazingly well right here in the USA! Hell they even used the “method” to eliminate (as in permanently) a sitting President of the United States in Dallas, Texas! JFK threatened to expose the whole mess and they shut him up before he could start spouting off at that speech he was supposed to deliver that day in Dallas.

      Now here we sit in 2018 and I like to think everything is wonderful and all about American apple pie and granny but it is far, far from that. The House Intelligence Committee has approved the release of the so called “FISA Memo” and President Trump has 5 days to ok the release which threatens to expose CONSPIRACY at the highest levels of our government including the involvement of President Barack Obama and former Senator, presidential candidate, and Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton. And some very loud voices in the halls of government are saying the memo could but both of them in a federal prison! And all that in a futile effort to keep Trump from being POTUS. It just gets worse and worse!!

      I don’t know what is going to be the end result of the USA but I know it’s NOT going to end well for any of us n the 99%. We’ve done some pretty horrible things in this nation to our own people and people abroad. We’ve thrown off our moral compass and broken it into so many pieces it can never be glued back together. We’ve created MONSTERS in our labs and God only knows what we are doing with them but one thing I am certain of is that we are NOT letting them sit and rot in their cages. There is one of those labs near where I live and I know damned well that’s what it is as do others living in the neighborhood. In the late night hours and early morning hours I can sit out on my porch and CLEARLY hear the sounds of CHIMPS coming from the place!! And don’t make the mistake of walking around on the property just because you see no people and no cars at night because if you wonder around suddenly armed guards appear out of nowhere wanting to know just what in the hell you are doing on the property. God only knows what kind of HORRORS they are creating in that lab and all those unmarked labs in Central America staffed by “foreign workers” who all have no names. We are not talking an abyss here but an absolute CESSPOOL!!

      And in the field of paleoanthropology the story is the SAME! Those who question or challenge the politically correct are discredited, defunded, and put out to pasture rather quickly. But the FACTS and the EVIDENCE remain!! Something in the story of human history and human evolution DOES NOT ADD UP!! In fact, the evidence and facts shout loudly that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO BOLDLY!!! Some “ancient human fossils” they “find” are the prehistoric remains of PREHISTORIC APES now extinct and NOT HUMAN ancestors at all. Yet, they are pawned off as AHA even though the skeletal remains are CLEARLY APE in their morphology. One of the BIGGEST LIES they tell is that only humans walk upright and bipedal most of the time. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CROCK OF CRAP!! NOT TRUE!!!

      And now that I’ve ranted about all this thank you Randolf for launching me on this little rant 🙂

      [steps down off of soap box, wipes his browridge, and leaves the main square back to his cave…..]


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