10 comments on “Humanzee a Human-Chimp Hybrid, Part 1

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  2. Chimps have 48 chromosomes and humans 46, so it is a kind of difficult to produce a living offspring. Are you an anthropologists or a person interested in anthropology?


    • Dr. Roberto Peron is a paleoanthropologist, me i am a former cabinet maker and this is a very interesting hobby. i believe in mule, hinnies, zedonks zorses, tigons and ligers because i have seen them all. i also believe in bigfoot and the out and out probability the humanzee, even though i have never seen either in the flesh.


  3. Horses have 64 chromosomes, donkeys have 62, mules have 63. Is mostly sterile offspring, but still totally viable.


      • Yes they do. that guy that looks eerily similar to Oliver up above, well i didn’t actually work with him. he worked for the city water utility. he was at my house installing the new electronic meter thingy. all he had to do was go into my crawl space and drill a hole for the wire from the actual meter to the electronic reader thingy. the hole was through the rim joist and siding. simple. however there was a drier vent that confused him, and somehow the wire ended up in the vent tube! funny thing he had a snaggle tooth like Oliver, only it was a partial denture that flip/flopped when he talked. i think a full blooded chimp could have done a more accurate job of drilling the hole, straight. proving that when you cross a chimp with a human you get a dumb ass. your right they do walk among us yet they have not mastered tools! my point, get references before you hire a humanzee, you might be better off hiring a humato! don’t they refer to mules as asses? you said they are smarter than horses, making them a smart ass. well i guess hybrid vigor is a roll of the dice 😉

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  4. I just wanted to point out that those with what is known as Down’s Syndrome are the exception to the rule that humans only have 46 chromosomes http://www.downsyndrome.org.za/main.aspx?artid=18 . They are considered to be people , even though their chromosome count is intermediate between the average humans and chimpanzees . The reason I bring this up is because when I raised the possibility , in an online discussion , of crossbreeding humans and apes , in order to prove evolution from a common ancestor , the response I received back was that to cause the birth of a humanzee would be unethically comparable to deliberately birthing a baby with Down’s Syndrome . I do know however that there are some whom think that chimpanzees should be considered to be persons too . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_ape_personhood


    • Thank you for your comment and insight. It may be unethical but somewhere, sometime, someone will try to do it I’m sure if it hasn’t been done already. Three are some “mad scientists” out there that would surely do it….or already have………….


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