2 comments on “It’s being called the “largest eruption in recorded history”……and we didn’t even known it!

  1. a while back i commented on the Mt Somalis eruption back in 1257, and you responded with something about the Mt. Toba eruption even further back in history. so i googled it and did a little reading. yesterday i was talking to my wife about some of this stuff and some really big floods. like the one, maybe more than one in the “scablands’ in Washington state. that was caused by the lake Missoula that was some 2,000 feet deep located where the town of Missoula is now. i also told her about what i read about the Mt. Toba eruption and when i was doing my googling i told her learned just how volcanic our Earth really is. to say the least it is at least a little alarming for me.

    unlike nuclear war there is no early warning system for a catastophic volcanic eruption. (and this is not a drill)


    • Thank you for your comments and great to hear from you again Randolph 🙂 JR is MIA and I’m not sure what happened but hopefully he’l be back sometime soon.

      I’ve heard it said we know more about space than we do about our oceans and I tend to agree. The massive eruption off the coast of New Zealand was a real shocker to many scientists as we had no idea the area was volcanic. And I’m sure there are many more we don’t know about. The Mt Toba eruption was a mass extinction event and it doesn’t stand alone either. A few well placed volcanoes going off near the same time would put this planet in a nuclear winter. We humans don’t realize how close to the brink we really l

      Fact is nature is no so nice. It came be pretty cruel, in fact, and heartless. It is humbling when I hear of things like this unknown volcanic field under the ocean erupting. It reminds me of just how small I, we, are.


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