3 comments on “Cold Kills!! Climate change is REAL…..

  1. I have been recently enjoying some of your posts regarding paleontological finds which seem to take into question widely accepted theories, eg. how long have humans REALLY been in North America…??? However, I feel compelled to respond to this post. For someone so enthusiastic about anthropology and scientific truths, as you clearly are, I’m a little surprised at your poor reasoning here.

    North America is mostly very cold in the winter. Even in the high deserts of the Great Basin, exposure in winter will kill any human in a matter of minutes. And so we wear long johns and parkas. However, there are also some significant swaths of desert in North America where mere exposure in the summer will kill any human. Such as hikers, or construction workers. And so we have air-conditioners and we stay out of the sun in the middle of the day in Death Valley or in Phoenix.

    Now it is your turn to do the math. Far more people in “America” (assuming you mean USA only and excluding Canada and Mexico), live in those places where cold would kill (Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, Detroit, etc), than do live in those places where heat would kill (Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, etc). So even on a warming planet, warming this very century to a temperature not felt on Earth in 15 million years according to arctic ice core samples, we can still assume far more deaths due to cold exposure in the USA, than to heat exposure.

    Furthermore, you have posted only a graphic from “Green Tyranny” which claims to have obtained a bar graph–void of context (per year? per month? Any particular year or month?)–from the CDC. The CDC tracks deaths due to disease, so it seems unlikely they are publishing statistics regarding deaths due to simple exposure to the elements. But in any case, shouldn’t you yourself be more interested in the CDC’s actual report, than a second-hand version of something they have supposedly put forward?
    What about your quest for scientific accuracy and veracity?

    People around the world are dying to both heat and cold. People around the world are drowning, and also people are also dying of dehydration. Global warming is predicted to continue apace, if not accelerate, and yes some of the results will be waves of extreme cold in North America, in the WINTER, as the Arctic is destabilized since 2007’s record melt-back. While Siberia is 30-40 F too warm this winter, and the Arctic is 40-70 F too warm at some points over the last few years! So your reasoning that this rudimentary bar graph somehow disproves all of global warming, actually just sounds ignorant of common predictions related to global warming.

    It would not be contradictory to say that Global warming could kill a lot of people with unprecedented cold waves: IN WINTER. While the rest of the year brings unprecedented hurricanes, unprecedented flooding from stalled-out rainstorms, unprecedented catastrophic wildfires, and crippling droughts. As the USA has already seen. None of these things are mutually exclusive from each other. Global warming does not mean it stops getting cold in the northern lands in winter, where the majority of the US population lives, works, pays rent, drinks too much, and falls in a snowbank on the way home.

    That said, great blog. Don’t let your own ego (ie, prejudice against people who are concerned about global warming) blind you to what anyone else can see happening before our very eyes. And thanks for bringing so much education and information about ancient humans and human relatives and cousins and ancestors as their remains are discovered and uncovered in North America and around the world.
    In fuzz,
    R. Watson.


  2. Clearly Mr. Watson hasn’t read very much of your blog. i know you have said more than once that you aren’t positive about whether it is warming or cooling, but that there is change and i agree, there is change. it could be global, hemispherical, or just regional.

    as you know i live in Montana and we had record shattering catastrphic wild fires here too. the Alice creek fire was one of the biggest, if not the biggest and it was just shy of 10 miles from our bug out property nestled in the bosom of the rockies. the biggest culprit in the massive wildfires is the feds don’t let it burn policy that has been going on for decades. also their refusal to aggressively harvest this perfectly good beetle killed lumber. now there is a shitpot full of fuel for these wildfires. further fires are a natural way to clean up the forest returning nutrients to the soil right quick. those pesky pine beetles as well as pine sawyers, elder borers, and flat headed borers are another way too. as well as various molds and fungi. but they take longer and are not as efficient, timewise as fire.

    also, i want to thank you and J. R. for putting me straight on the co2 myth. methane, sulfur and all the rest of the crap we spew and spray in to the air and dump into the ground contrbutes far more to change for the worse in our enviroment than something as natural as co2 AND that evil tiny pine beetle. not to mention the myth behind “bad” cholesterol coursing through everybodies veins as we speak!!

    the fact is the very soul of Nature cringes every time the hand of man touches any part of it in an arrogant, egotistical effort to “manage” something!!! just sayin’


  3. The only thing I’m certain of is that the climate is changing. As I once again see snow in the Sahara and record low temps in Siberia I tend to think that at least some of the change is global. But there are also regional and hemispherical changes happening too. I keep an eye on the weather because I want to know and understand what is happening for my own self. I don’t subscribe to any of the agendas which, frankly, I consider mostly political.

    I heard about your wildfires up there in Montana and I completely agree with you. There is plenty of forest and wildland fuel everywhere and that is why we are seeing such horrendous fires. We’ve had 3 pop up where I live out in the brush and along the dry river beds. Two on the eastern edge of town and one big one in the middle of town. Luckily the FD got them under control and they didn’t spread and thankfully the winds were calm or it would have been a far different ending I suspect.

    Fire is natures way of cleansing the forest. Through our politics and policies we’ve prevented her from cleansing herself for several decades now by putting out all fires. Now WE are paying the price in terms of human life and economics! And that’s the way it always is every time we screw with nature! Ah yes, we love to say and think we are “Managing” but we are destroying and meddling. One thing that should be obvious is that the Earth ALWAYS manages to take care of herself. I think she’s doing that just now and hopefully she has not identified humans as a disease that she must now eradicate. BUT I’m not so sure about that :0

    Great to hear from you Randolf and thank you for your comments 🙂


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