4 comments on “Ice Age: the REAL climate Catastrophe!

  1. i agree totally. as we can see in the news we are not prepared for climate change, nor really bad weather. not to mention the total rip off and corruption that goes with the rebuilding after the storm. Puerto Rico’s etlectrical debacle with Whitefish Electric. a 2 man, 2 year old company operating out of a house on a back country road, up in Whitefish MT, is an example.

    after watching Secrets of the Dead, about the Mayans and Teotihuacan and how a volcano wiped them out. Nova with “Killer Volcanoes” and how volcanoes can change the climate half a world away, if the volcano is big enough, well it was one helluva education. also Nova’s Killer Hurricanes showed me we ain’t seen nuthin yet. in 1780 a hurricane killed over 20g people in the Carribean. in England while doing some construction they found a mass grave. at first they thought maybe the black plague, but there were no records for that at that time. soil testing showed high levels of sulfur. core samples of polar ice also showed high levels of sulfur indicative of some volcanic activity. so they went to one of the most volcanic areas in the world. Indonesia and they found written records of a volcanic eruption that made St. Helen’s look like a mild hiccup. Somalis of the Rinjani/Somalis volcano system popped it’s top in 1257. it was massive and we ain’t seen nuthin… yet.

    taking this historical information into consideration, those public service messages telling to “prepare” an emergency kit with a 3 day supply of food and water crack me up. after the 3 days are up, what then? is a C-5 Galaxy going to drop some MREs and bottled water in my yard? how many days worth? it may take years, so maybe some seeds for crops. furthemore 3 days of food will only last 1 day for 40% of the American population, load and start them C-5’s engines now! in the blink of an eye “tech savvy” and “multitasking” on the internet will useless in the face of the next moderate sized hurricane or volcanic eruption.

    the fact that our government is corrupt, inept, incompetent, inaffective pisses me off. that is no conspiracy either, it is plain as the day is long that they just don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. ignorant lazy people gravel my craw even more. every time there is some bad weather and people are told to evacuate, they do leaving behind Fluffy the cat, Spot the dog and Blaze the horse. their flawed logic is the same; “they are animals and they know what to do.” then when the lazy stupid people return and find that nature has wiped their house and posessions off the planet they cry out; my horse, my dog, or my beloved cat, they’re all gone. luckily a first responder finds them on sombody’s roof down stream, or not.

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    • Nature can be vicious and I agree with you that we haven’t seen nothing yet. The Toba eruption almost brought the extinction of the human species and next time around we may not be so lucky. Further, 3 days of rations isn’t even going to be drop in the bucket when it comes to survival in such a cataclysm.

      The super volcano we call Yellowstone Park may erupt at some point and finish us off or at least knock our collective asses back to the Stone Age, literally. Last time it blew it devastated the American west and much of North America. And Yellowstone is not alone as there are seveal other super volcanoes around the planet and under our oceans. The clock is ticking and has been ticking for a long while now.

      Ice core samples gathered by the University of Indiana and others a few years back show beyond doubt that every so often something happens on this planet with is both instant and devastating. But we don’t know what it is. I strongly suspect it will be connected to volcanic eruptions and quakes on a scale we would never imagine. There are also ancient stories about how this planet was once a paradise until one day a rip occured in the Earth in the region of what is now Indonesia and that rip brought the abrupt end to paradise. Ironically, this past years scientists discovered what appears to be a small rip in that very region! A scar from the past or a prelude to our future?

      As for government don’t even get me started. They care for no one other than their own collective asses and should something massive happen on a planetary scale we will all be left to die by our amateur “leaders.” They’ve already got their underground survival chambers built and ready to be occupied by them, not us. People need to learn basic survival, hunting, and farming skills. Those without such skills will die quickly. One thing I notice ALL OF THE TIME is that in the ancient stories of such events it is ALWAYS the TRIBAL people who survive. That’s because they have these skills and sadly in our modern culture if our meat doesn’t come out of a plastic wrapped container then we don’t know what to do. What a sad lot man has become…………………


  2. A sad lot indeed, it is almost laughable, and very depressing at the same time. a true story here about “the stone age”. a friend and i were riding our mountain bikes along the mighty missouri down by ryan damn. we were a good stiff hike from any farm house and further from home. my bike was stock, and i had a small tool kit for fixing flats and making minor adjustment/repairs. a few nut drivers and screw drivers and pry bars to remove a tire and patch kit. he had nothing, but he did have some fancy-dancy aftermarket springs and brackets on his derailer. however his low gear adjustment screw was NOT adjusted properly. as we were climbing a steep grade he shifted down to the lowest gear and ran the derailer into the spokes of his rear wheel and that stopped him almost instantly and bent the crap out of the fancy-dancy derailer mount and rendered his bike useless. he couldn’t shift nor did the chain track on the sprockets. so i took out my tools and removed the derailer and bent fancy bracket. not having an anvil or hammer to try and staighten the bracket, i had to improvise. i found a large rock (anvil), and a smaller rock (hammer), and did manage to straighten the fancy bracket a little using caveman techniques. although he couldn’t shift all 7 gears he could do 4 of them, and with the 3 front sprockets we made it home well enough. evidently being able to read basic instructions on proper bike maintenance is not required to be a multitasker or tech savvy, and his smart phone was useless as it was back home.

    after relating this story to you, it made me think. i do know that nature has made almost perfectly round stones, i’m not sure how. some things i have read at AO say that water may be involved. i also found a peice of sand stone that was about the size of a softball, however it could not be used as a tool as my nephew broke it to bits reather easily, smacking it on a railroad tie retaining wall. that small almost spherical stone i sent you didn’t appear to be sandstone and i dion’t think it was sandstone at all, but something harder maybe granite. i don’t know exactly what it was made of, but i do know that they had morter and pestles way back then and they used them much the same way i use mine. grinding herbs. the one i sent you might have been one used by a shaman/herbal healer. although it was small it could have been easily carried in a small pouch and used when needed. just pondering some possibilities.

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    • Caveman techniques still work amazingly well LOL. I use them often. Yes I too have found round stones while out hiking around so nature does make such things but I’m unsure of the specifics. Nature is pretty amazing IMO. Below is a link to an article exposing the global warming MYTH and that old charlatan named Al Gore who’s making a mint (literally). Science like everything else has been politicized and instead of following the evidence wherever it might lead today many force the evidence to fit their hypothesis (read….FUNDING). Junk Science! And when they just can’t force the evidence to support the hypothesis then the evidence is lied about, covered up, and/or ignored. And so we continue to grope in the darkness…..of our own creation and ignorance.



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