3 comments on “The Chavez Trail in Arizona

  1. I have been trying like heck to come share more on here guys. I keep getting hit with one responsibility after another. This is one of my passions, I have been using Google Earth to follow ancient roads for years now. I have probably added up a thousand hours or more doing this and have some interesting stuff I would like to share if I can ever get caught up. I followed one Road/Trail from Lima Peru through the andies to a town deep in the amazon, a road that is touted as a myth and legend. It took me a month of zooming in and picking my way along to connect it. 🙂

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      • First I need to correct myself here Roberto. I was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking, It was not Lima at all, it was from Tiwanaku and the La Paz area to Las Piedras on the north side of the Rio Beni across from Riberalta. My using the term mythical is because they have yet to make a true connection with this culture and the Inca aside from some imperial Inca pottery shards found at Las Piedras. So in modern terms it is still a mythical connection, But… I was able to follow a road that turned into no more than a Llama trail through the mountains and along the Rio Beni on the north side that can still be picked out even through the rain forrest going directly to Las Piedras. 🙂

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