4 comments on “Your Pets Cause Global Warming!!

  1. Lol,,, I saw this too. Noticed they give the “Pet” carnivores pass but every other article about this they spout that all humans should be Vegan. This article has sparked a huge debate about hypocrisy. 🙂

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  2. I agree, it is total crap science. 5.1 million tons of feces? really? they haven’t seen my backyard. i have 2 dogs myself and they produce that much just in my yard! where are those under worked, overpaid officials looking? not my yard. i have experience with this matter, in my own back yard. dogs employ some Quantum Physics in their digestive system. they can take 1 pint of perfectly good dog food and process it into 10 gallons of useless dog shit. dogs also have psycho-kinetic abilities and a sense of humor as well. i put my dogs in the house, go around and clean up the piles and piles of crap. weed eat and mow the entire yard. go over every square inch, empty the last bag of grass and when i return there are 3 steaming piles. we have a 6 foot tall fence and gates, no way in or out and the dogs are still in the house. they must teleport this crap from somebody else’s yard or another dimension as some kind of joke to amuse themselves, but i don’t think it is funny at all. well some days it just seems that way.

    if they want to do a study of birds and bird crap, i have experience in this matter as well. birds have a very fast metabolism, and they crap about every ten minutes. when the female is brooding over eggs, she holds it until she can leave the eggs. then she lets go. in order to not get all this on your furniture you catch it in your hands. how much bird crap can a small bird hold? ’bout a medium sized dog crap. the government owes me several thousand dollars for conducting that study.

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    • Excellent points! And your study is amazing and the govt should pay you for your research. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they produce that much per day as well lol. And don’t even get me started on the birds. They are nothing but crap machines! When I go out and TRY to get in my car I have to dodge their feces that they let go as they are sitting on my cable wire. I hate the things! I don’t even bother to wash my car anymore. Why should I? I get it washed and stays clean until I get home and park it and literally within 5-10 minutes those birds have crapped everywhere and it looks like it did before I washed it. So washing my car is a total waste of $$$.

      Great to hear from you again and your point of view 🙂


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