9 comments on “Neanderthal mtDNA Reveals Something New

  1. So true, I thought about it myself that way too, probably science has already get to that simple and obvios conclusion, but you know, it takes eons before that kind of information even reaches the point of being a theory, common sense is going faster than science these days.

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    • Welcome Jenny and as far as science goes today, sadly, it like everything else is now politicized. Instead of following the evidence wherever it might lead the theory is contrived first and the “evidence” is then forced to fit the theory. Ass backwards IMO. But it’s all about politics and funding today with no common sense.


  2. Except for ours, that fortunately is neither politicized nor funded, hahaha. It seems to me more and more, like human family tree is far more complicated than anyone probably expected it to be. And by human family I mean at least from homo erectus, I think we all iterbreeded with each other over and over again and that was how we came to be what we are now, after all like I’ve said before, ancient humans were not so different from each other as some pictures make them seem, and certainly for anyone with eyes no see, not much more different than our breeds of cats and dogs, or even closer, ourselves, differences between populations are HUGE, genetics and DNA both nuclear and mitocondrial, are tricky and easlily missunderstood, and what we state today as a fact is not that certain tomorrow, soooo, we realy need to be open minded about our origins.

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  3. You’re absolutely right Jenny. Ours is not funded nor politicized as all we want is truth and not to further a political agenda. So we remain poor and do the best we can with what we have LOL. I think our human family tree is far more complicated than we imagine as you say. Just look at Homo naledi. They coexisted with modern humans and no one would have ever thought it so not so long ago. And I think this is just ONE example of species coexistence in regard to humans. “Facts” change with new information and new discoveries and that’s why NOTHING is set in concrete in Anthropology. But, sadly, some seem to forget this and act as if present facts are set in concrete and unchangeable. And so they miss the boat IMO.

    We used to think that evolution was like a ladder. One species evolved into a higher species and the lower species went extinct. But now we know that is not so. And we also know that the NORM has been coexistence of several species/breeds of ancient human ancestors for various periods of time. I’m sure there was a lot of inbreeding and even today you can see it in modern people. Like I’ve said before on this blog I can see modern people with clera traits of Neanderthals and some even have the charactreistic bun at the back of their skulls. I can see some with triats of H. erectus and others with traits of H. habilis. What we modern humans really are, I think, are the “mutt people.” No one is a pure bred. We are all mutts LOL.



  4. Yes we are, I see those traits too, even my own soon has those big visible superorbital bows, and I actually have the bun, not too big but sometimes people tell me my head looks like and ant’s head, so it is certainly visible too. And I see the same and other ancient traits in a lot of peple, I pay attention as I walk in the streets or get in a crowded bus, some people have big heads, from which we could infer a big brain and some other perfectly normal and smart have really small heads, so here braing size nearly comes to nothing, populations are soo different even in an island like Cuba where I am from that one can only imagine how much bigger that difference is all over the world. We certainly coexisted with more than 2 or even 3 other human breeds, and lets be realistic, humans of any breed never stayed still in one place, no living thing does, we all moved al over the world, we crossed desserts, mountains, oceans, in every possible direction, we have done that ever since we started to walk or even to look further in the distance; it is simply unthinkable that we din’t interbreed, a lot. And again it is hard to tell the real differences, between individuals, sharing officially, more than 99.7% of their DNA, (neanderthals), I m pretty sure that there is a lot of subjectivity in that remaingin “3 %”. Members of canidae family most of the times easly interbreed with each other, and produce fertile offspring and many of them have DNA differences much bigger than that.

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  5. I meant 0.3%, wich by the way according with some parts is not even enough not to consider neanderthals a different species, but, I find that rather irrelevant anyway, time and interbreeding turned all of us into one in the end…


    • Excellent comments and insights Jenny 🙂 I agree. I hardly think that our ancestors simply sit still in one place. Humans seem to have an almost obsession for exploring, moving about, migrating, etc. And we do just that via various means be it by walking, boating, driving, flying, etc. I’m 100% certain that H. erectus wondered what was over the next hill and went a looked. And then they wondered what was beyond that hill and on and on. And I’m sure our ancient ancestors saw a bug floating on a leaf or a twig and a light bulb went off in their minds and they built the first boats. And once they built those boats they got on board and went sailing to lands unseen. Innovation is a hallmark of the human species and it is strong within us. We are a curious species and we want to know what is beyond, what is “out there.” And so we go exploring. No doubt in my mind our ancestors had the same feelings and curiosity.

      I watch people too. I can see various traits of various ancient human ancestors in many and those traits are not just by chance IMO. They came from interbreeding with other human species and the result was the birth of viable offspring. Regarding Neanderthals, you could dress one up in modern clothing, give them a brief case to carry, and send them down the street and no one would even notice! They wouldn’t stand out nor would people pay attention to them because they were so similar to us moderns.

      Today we are all hybrids. No doubt in my mind about that one. I think Anthropologist Dr. Susan Martinez who is a lecturer and author hit it squarely on the head in her book “The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man.” If you haven’t read it yet, you should. EVERYONE SHOULD. I don’t agree with all of her ideas or assertions but I fully agree with her theories regarding human species interbreeding and the production of HYBRID man/woman that we call Homo sapiens sapiens.

      Again, good comments and insights 🙂


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