4 comments on “Fossil Dating and Something to Think About

  1. We have a geological spot near where I am that has completely flipped over with the oldest layers on top and the newest layers underneath. It is approximately 1 mile by 1 mile square. What if a fossil was found in this mess?

    Absolutely, We need to date the bones themselves and this is great knowledge you shared here Roberto. Thank you! I learned from it!


    • As I recall this was also some of the problem with the Valsequillo site in Mexico too. There are and have also been several other sites with the same problem so it is not uncommon.

      Regarding the article you provided the link to, “….but somehow we get earlier dates in Australia than in places like Europe.” Very interesting this throws the entire timeline of human migration out the door. And this, “…did modern humans intermingle with their hominin cousins earlier and more often that scientists thought?” You can count on it LOL!!

      This site also dispells the myth that aboriginal Australians are less evolved than everyone else on the planet which I have never believed, frankly. Obviously, they were/are not or they wouldn’t have had the full spectrum of modern human behaviors and some rather sophisticated tools for the time (ie: most humans were flaking tools and these people were grinding tools).

      Artifacts do get mixed up sometimes in sediment layers and that does make them appear to be older than they really are. Also a founding population of 60 people is the minimum to have for a breeding population otherewise all sorts of inbreeding complications arise in the population. The ideal number would be between 500-1000.


      • The content of earlier migration is what attracted me to the article and I found that part super interesting and tend to believe it. Then I read the rebuttal about the layer aging issue and found that applied here on this thread as well. I suppose the layer argument could be used either way, Both to support the science of the true dating or be used as a debunking tool to discredit the true dates of legitimate finds. A geologist could be either friend or foe at this point I guess.

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