17 comments on “How Bigfoot Kills and its Scientific Name

  1. Great information and quite a bit to think about here Rob. I have to be honest and say that when it comes to Bigfoot I am just along for the ride to learn more. Unfortunately I was one of those who have dismissed the thought due to lack of any bones to support the theory and haven’t done much research on it.

    I have always wondered why no burials or death remains have been found or dug up even by animals yet. I’m sure they do not live forever and expire at some point to leave remains. But you know what? All the unusual and incredible finds the last 10 years puts me in the objective frame of mind that anything might be possible and I can no longer discredit any theory going forward!

    But what you posted here about their size leads me to believe that they could indeed take down an elk with their bare hands and practiced technique. Look at the amplified strength even an Orangutan or Chimp has over a human even though they are smaller. Some 3-4 times stronger from what I have read?



    Ok so you’re using the name “Gigantopithecus canadensis” which identifies BF as a surviving North American species of Gigantopithecus, a giant ape. That’s also what Dr Meldrum and some others are also identifying them as but I do not agree!

    Take a closer look at the face. This is NOT an ape face. This is a HUMAN face! In fact, the face very closely resembles that of a Neanderthal. For instance, the big nose, brow ridges, large mouth. Neither then face, mouth, or nose are ape but they are human-like.

    Now what about the top of the cranium? We see here a very distinct and large sagittal crest. Or do we? I believe it is M.K. Davis who as part of his analysis of the film pointed out that this hominid has a ponytail in back! It also has breasts which positively ID it as a female. Are we seeing a sagittal crest OR are we seeing lengthy hair pulled up in a bun on top of the head and an end ponytail in back? That’s a matter of speculation as this film is grainy and unclear. Some other pics of BF show the same thing while others show a rather flat slopping forehead with a higher vault in back.

    Returning to the face to me this is clearly a more human-like face than an ape-face. The mouth and lips look very human to me and not like apes. Regarding Gigantopithecus the best “evidence” that we have for it even existing is some large teeth! No skeleton, no skull, no fossils. So the fact is Giganto may be something else other than a giant ape! We’ve assumed it was a giant ape but we don’t really know if it was or not. Almost everything we think we know about Giganto is SPECULATION based on some teeth!! We might be right or we might be totally wrong about it.

    When I compare these BF pics to what we KNOW Neanderthals looked like based on fossil skull remains I see a lot of similar features between them. Of course, Neanderthals didn’t have the large sagittal crest that we THINK we see in BF. But in BF it might be piled hair atop the head. M.K. Davis has done some great analysis on the morphology of BF on his website and he continues his research as well revising his analysis as he finds new features or information. So, Rob I do not agree wth you or Dr Meldrum that BF is some North American variant of Giganto. “Gigantopithecus canadensis” doesn’t work for me BUT “Paranthropus canadensis” might if it can be shown BF is a North American variant of Paranthropus. But, based on the face what even works better for me is the name
    “Homo gardarensis” and I’ll go further than that and suggest:

    “Homo gardarensis canadensis”

    Also regarding BF I ask just why does the United States Army and the armed forces of Canada instruct their soldiers what to do if they encounter BF if this creature doesn’t exist? Why would you instruct your soldiers in a fable or myth? I myself have observed these creatures and have some very definite theories about what this is and what this is not. As far as the “no bones found” argument goes that’s pretty mute IMO. Consider the Billie Ape that was spoken of and rumored about for centuries by the natives in central Africa. Science long denied it even existed until researchers finally got film of one in the jungle in the 1990s! A lo and behold it was just as all the so called discredited eye witnessed claimed….a GIANT CHIMP. It took us a long time to get proof of this giant chimp and that proof was finally caught on film. No bones, no fossils, just a living one on film. Well we have plenty of film of BF but the problem is the hoaxers who like to dress up in gilly suits and get their 5 seconds of fame. These people have HARMED ligit research of BF!!

    Finally, let’s not forget the NORM! That norm has been that MOST of the time in human evolution more than one human species have coexisted for varying amounts of time. So why should it be any different today? We are NOT as special as we like to think we are and we are NOT alone! I that at least a few types of BF are some form of human hybrid and the others may well be unknown apes of some kind.

    Ok that’s all I have to say right now. But I think the face tells the story.


  3. Like J.R. i’m along for the ride. i find this stuff fascinating, even though i will never see one, or any other living fossil. like the nautilus or coelacanthe. sharks and crocs are also living fossils. other than pics and vids i have never seen any of those either up close and personal. you are 100% correct about the hoaxters and yuksters muddying the water with there bs, that is the reason people believe in the chupacabra which is nothing more than a feral or stray xolo or more formal Xoloitzcuintli. then again Roberto you knew that too.


  4. I’ve personally never seen a Bigfoot and, honestly, I’m still undecided as to whether such a large creature exists or not. I do think that many of the reports are misidentification and I know that many of the “tracks” are human-made using wood or styrofoam or other materials. And then there are the attention getters who dress us in costumes and go out into the wilds and get their jollies. All of this has served to muddy the waters when it comes to authentic research and sightings of this rare primate if it exists at all. Along with this has come stigma and ridicule and, honestly, if you want someone to not report something one of the best ways to ensure that is by ridicule and stigmatization.

    From a biological point of few if this creature is real then it would be classified as a primate as it has all of the traits of a typical primate. Gorillas knuckle walk but they also stand erect (almost) and walk. So do chimpanzees. So walking erect is really not that unusual for a primate. People claim that adult Bigfoot stand anywhere from 8 to 10 feet tall and that they weigh somewhere in the area of 800-1000 lbs. That’s a huge primate and such a primate would require a very large food source. Reports by Bigfoot researchers indicate that this possible primate is an omnivore meaning it eats both plants and animals just like modern humans do. From what I’ve seen as one piece of the “evidence” for Bigfoot is in the form of teeth and those teeth are large molars similar to those found in gorillas. If this primate does have a large sagittal crest then this means powerful jaw muscles are attached to that crest and that this primate is capable of chewing and eating some very tough vegetation.

    Something else to consider is population size. A “minimum viable population” (MVP) is the minimum number of adult individuals of a species necessary to ensure breeding and for producing viable offspring in the wilderness. It is the smallest possible population size at which a population can exist without going extinct. Normally, the MVP is estimated as the population size necessary to ensure a 90-95% probability of survival of a species between 100-1000 years into the future. The population must be big enough to also avoid extinction caused by climate changes, inbreeding, and natural disasters.

    Theoritically it could be possible that as few as 60 adult breeding individuals could sustain a the population without going into extinction but the larger the adult breeding population is the better the survival rate is. An MVP of 500-1000 breeding adult individuals is much more realistic, however, in terms of survival and avoiding extinction. This range is more realistic and the median MVP estimated by some researchers is higher (4,169 individuals). Honestly, I would say that at minimum 500-1000 adult breeding individuals would be needed to sustain a population in the wilds. When it comes to Bigfoot, then, there must be a large food source due to their physical size and there must be a viable population size for the species to continue and avoid extinction.

    So in essence what I’m saying is that if Bigfoot is real then t must have a viable population size to avoid extinction including the issue involved in inbreeding. From what I’ve read thus far this possible primate fits very closely with what we theorize Gigantopithecus to have looked like. I wouldn’t find it surprising if it was some species of Gigantopithecus native to North America. It might be a North American version of Paranthropus too but either way I’d have to see some real evidence that Bigfoot even exists before I could speculate further.

    The DNA studies that have come out so far are pretty flimsy to say the least. They all come out claiming Bigfoot has human DNA but I think this is the result of sample contamination by the “evidence” collectors, honestly. It’s very easy to contaminate DNA when collecting it even for professionals. Also, the alleged hair, scat, and other “evidence” has mostly turned out to be from known mammals such as bears, elk, etc.

    Whether real or unreal the research conducted on the Bigfoot phenomena MUST be undertaken scientifically and void of all the hype and wishful thinking. Returning to the alleged tracks we must keep in mind that soils and mud often distort tracks making them appear bigger than the animals foot really is. Snow does the same thing. What you get is a distorted print nowhere near the real size of the mammal’s hoof or paw or foot. Honestly, I know a lot of people that run around barefooted in the wilds while camping including myself. So finding an oversized human footprint in the wild would not be unusual to me.

    What we need is some real bones, fossils, or other material that scientists can really work with in identifying this possible unknown primate. I’m not ruling out it doesn’t exist but I’d like to see some concrete physical evidence before I say it does exist. We like to live with the misconception that we’ve explored every area and know all about it but we don’t. In fact, there are many places in the wilds where humans have never been or haven’t stepped foot in in hundreds of years or longer. Most animals in the wild are pretty good at avoiding humans too so if this primate exists I would expect it to be highly skilled in avoiding humans.

    Referring to the face of the alleged Bigfoot in the Patterson film, honestly, to me it does look more human than ape-like. But is this a real picture of a real Bigfoot? I pose this question becuase there are some issues surrounding the Patterson film. For one thing Patterson was in the area producing a film about Bigfoot when he “stumbled” across the Bigfoot being called “Patty.” If that was the case then he got really lucky, honestly. I’ve looked at some of the work done by M.K. Davis and, honestly, he’s done some pretty good and professional work in analyzing the Patterson film frame by frame. One thing that strikes me with his research is that you can see muscle movemnt in the buttocks and legs of “Patty” which you would not see if “Patty” is simply a person in a costume.

    Sorry to be so long winded but when it comes to the Bigfoot phenomena there are many things to consider when attempting to determine if it exists or not. As I said prior if it does exist then in the various areas of the world where it is reported to exist each of those populations must be large enough to sustain themselves and avoid extinction. And each of those populations must have a sustainable food source as these creatures are very large and would require large amounts of food or face starvation.


  5. You’ve made some excellent points here Barb 🙂 I just keep going back to that face which looks to me very human rather than ape-like. Yes there is controversy around the Patterson film and the guy must have had some good luck to be out there in the wilds making a BF movie and actually running into one but from the analysis M.K. Davis and others have done it appears the primate in the film is NOT a man in a costume but is the real deal. I agree that most of the prints, pics, etc are fake or questionable but a few do not seem to be such. And, yes, BF would have to have a MVP to avoid extinction and/or the problems associated with inbreeding which would eventually result in infertility followed by extinction.

    As far as DNA collection is very easy to contaminate one’s sample with one’s own DNA and as much as I’d like to have faith in the Ketchum study I think that is what happened. In most cases the “evidence” was not collected by professionals in DNA collection. So it comes as no surprise that the results showed human DNA. Further, any human DNA in BF I think would indicate that the human part of this primate is NOT homo sapien. However, it might be Neanderthal DNA which we should be able to clearly identify in its DNA since we have successfully sequenced Neanderthal DNA now.

    If Bigfoot is a species of Gigantopithecus then I’d say it is likely to be indigenous to North America and that is IF our speculations and theorizing about Gigantopithecus are accurate. We don’t have a skull or dead body of that creature either keep in mind.

    Again good points Barb and nice to see you around again 🙂

    BTW I did post about Gigantopithecus back in Feb 2017. You’ll find that post at:



  6. Yes it’s great to see Barb drop in with her detailed analysis of the Bigfoot theory. There is another factor in this I was thinking about last night. The Human curiosity factor…

    First I do believe Rob and Roberto may have seen this creature hence their strong conviction to research Bigfoot more. Being an eye witness would make me do exactly the same.

    The Military training instructions about Bigfoot Roberto wrote about is very intriguing! Why indeed would they mention this?

    But the Human curiosity factor has me perplexed as to why we have not found much much more on this creature after all these years. Human curiosity causes people to flock to curious situations like the desert termite invades whatever light source they can find at night after a rain.

    Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953 and since then there have continuously been so many humans climb Everest out of curiosity that they have now turned it into a garbage dump. There was once 218 climbers to reach the summit of everest in the same day.

    So using this as an example of human behavior, the Bigfoot situation becomes even harder to support. Since the first siting and mention of Bigfoot the human curiosity and interest has turned into a cult in the search for evidence to prove it’s existence. And a paid cult at that.

    There have been thousands of bounties and rewards offered over the years for scientific evidence to prove this, and most of these are still standing. There have been thousands of Funds and Grants paid out for proof of this creature.

    There have been thousands of researchers both of paid and unpaid curiosity who have dedicated their lives to the search for Bigfoot using every new technology available as it is invented. Game Cameras, DNA, FORENSIC technology, physical stakeouts, Etc all scouring the wilderness areas for over half a century with the mass fever and extremism of natural human curiosity.

    As elusive as Bigfoot is, It is incredible that it could still remain unproven with this mass barrage of human interest and curiosity for over half a century. Take these Game kills for example, Why is there not any DNA being pulled from these kills? We have had this technology for many years now to positively rule out any other species that may have been associated with these kills. “Unknown Primate DNA” would go a long ways towards proving the possible existence of Bigfoot. Yet they do not and there is none.

    So while I remain objective I can’t help but to also wonder about this overwhelming 50 year old massive cult of curiosity not being able to produce even minimal positive evidence that makes the theory more solid and possible. The remaining wilderness is big for sure, but so was Mount Everest until human curiosity defeated it in mass.. Bigfoot truly is a very very elusive creature indeed. 🙂


  7. Regarding the US Army Manual and Bigfoot the manual is from 1974. It was published by the US Army Corp of Engineers. The manual included Sasquatch as a real species present in the State of Washington. The had a full page on Bigfoot in their “1974 Washington Environmental Atlas” It described Bigfoot as standing 8 to 12 feet tall and weighing up to 1000 pounds. It also noted that the primate had a foot length measuring up to 24 inches long. This atlas was published in 1975. It showed a map of Washington that identified where tracks and sightings had been reported along with statistics. You can view part of the page at the following link:


    You can view the entire page (actually 2 pages) at the below link and this is interesting because at the top of the page of the USACE atlas it says “NOTICE — This chart is intended for survival situations. Refer to current editions of appropriate aeronautical charts for flight planning or operations. Not to be used for targeting.”


    In my mind if the US government didn’t have some kind of evidence that BF existed then why would they include a “myth” in an official publication of the US Army? Every other animal in the atlas is known to be real beyond any doubt yet they also include Sasquatch as one of them being real? It wouldn’t make sense for them to include this primate along with real and known wildlife if they didn’t have some sort of evidence that it is real unless the USACE is nothing more than a big joke. Which they are not.

    Regarding the Ketchum study I’m going to post about that in some detail soon and tell you what I think of it and also about Dr Ketchum’s newest endeavor to prove BF exists and is at least partially human.

    As for the “Bigfoot gang” I understand human curiosity but unlike Mt Everestt which we can see with our eyes you can’t when it comes to BF and the majority of people do not believe the primate is even real. I am 100% convinced that BF is RARE and that it lives in remote areas where there is not a lot of human activity. Sadly, there are a lot of lunatics engaging in what they themselves call “Bigfoot Research” and from what I’ve seen research it is not!! Then you have the macho-man type who goes out into the wilds armed as if they are going to war and all hyped up about killing on of these primates. All I can say to those people is that they might want to think twice about killing one because if solid evidence shows up showing they are human to any percentage the hunter could actually be charged with capital murder. You also have the pranksters filming and using photo shop wanting their 5 minutes of fame and doing anything they can to get those “rewards” being offered for evidence of BF. These are the people who film the grainy far away alleged Bigfoot that you never can quite make out clearly and, I can’t help but notice, seems to move like a modern human and/or move way to carefully for something that supposedly lives in the wilds.

    And then you have the REAL researchers who really are trying to find evidence that the primate exists and determine what it is and is not. People like Dr Jeff Meldrum and the late Mitch Waite in Arizona and others. I think Dr Meldrum, an anthropologist in Idaho, is really trying his best to provide bonafide scientific evidence of the primates existence and I highly respect his work and efforts. Arizona researcher Mitch Waite passed away a couple of years ago and I had several conversations with him before his passing via the Internet. I sincerely think he was trying to find scientific proof of what Bigfoot is and is not. He was into all of the hype and hysteria surrounding the subject and he was very level headed. He studied Bigfoot in Arizona which he called the “Mogollon Monster.” His website had a database of “possible” pics of BF along with other good information. He had also authored several books on various subjects other than BF. I cannot find his website any longer so I believe after his death his family removed it. He was interviewed by a Phoenix news station in 2014 and you can find that interview at:

    Mitch also had a YouTube channel which is still available at:



    • And what he believed here actually makes sense. 🙂

      I have been trying to get back and catch up on comments here since yesterday Roberto.

      Great information you shared about the military manuals! I haven’t had a chance yet to catch up on those yet but thank you for digging them up… Things like that interest the hell out of me!


  8. The military believes in the possibility of bigfoot? that doesn’t surprise me. the military needs a 300 million dollar F-22 raptor to drop a 100 thousand dollar bomb on 3 suspected terrorists carrying 3 ak-47s and a half dozen ammo belts, half a world away, oops just being myself, bitter, cynical and sarcastic, sorry. Barb mentioned the muscle movement in the Patterson vid, and that made me think of the gate of the bigfoot as well as the fact that she/he never looked at the ground. just looked at the camera and kept walking, with a purposeful gate. who can walk in the forest with all the different terrain, rocks, gravel, roots, sticks, dead-fall without looking at the ground, in a halloween costume. nobody i know, you would have to live or spend a lot of time in that environment to do that. many people i know can barely walk on smooth concrete with out looking down. as far as different races or breeds, look at the different breeds of dogs, bears, tigers, lions, Asian bison and American bison, finches, macaws… it all makes sense to me. as far as anybody actually going out looking for sasquatch and seeing one, well i spend a lot of time in the mountains and seeing a freaking deer is rare for how much time i spend, much less a bear, or something as rare as that.

    further loading up your fire breathing, carbon monoxide belching quad cab turbo diesel to look for anything is more futile than fruitful. stinking the way we “civilized” humans do will scare everything off. FACT: my dogs don’t seem to mind my dank ass morning breath or garlic/onion laden venison breath at all. but they turn away from my minty fresh tooth paste breath all of the time. to any wild animal we smell foul. febreeze, airwick, renuzit, laundry detergent, drier sheets, antiperspirant/deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, even the herbal hair gel and axe body spray stanks bad to the whole of nature.

    what makes women think that bigfoot wanted to mate with them? nonsense, get over yourself i say, they were curious about you. they can barely smell your pheromones if at all and the women would have to be ovulating. did they grope them like president clinton or trump? if you want to see anything at all, go a week without a bath, and walk your lazy ass in. do not take hot dogs and doritos in, take venison, onions and garlic. your chances of seeing bigfoot will increase exponentially. i’m positive. just sayin’.

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    • Very good points Randolf! I told my wife something similar years ago. I asked her why women always ask other women if a certain toilet water smells good or not. They apply it to smell good and attract men so why don’t they ask a man how it smells? I told her that if they truly wanted to smell good and attractive for men they need to smell like Fried Bacon or Meatloaf or Barbecued Chicken. It would be love at first smell every time! lol


    • Some very good observations Randolph. At one point the BF turns away from the camera but only shortly and then it turns its head back to the camera. I too have wondered why the creature didn’t at least stumble on the terrain. If it were a person in a costume surely they would be glancing down at the ground to avoid stumbling or falling. Also the muscle movement in the hip that Barb pointed out…this would be impossible if it were a costume.

      I have spent a lot of time in the wilds like you and I can count the number of times I have seen a bear (1) and the number of times I’ve seen a mountain lion (1) and the number of times I’ve seen a bighorn (0) in a 40 year period. Also, I’ve found plenty of bones of coyotes, deer, elk but never any from bear or cougars and I have spent some time looking because I’d like to have a skull.

      The fragrances we wear are how most animals ID us lol. I did some experimenting with this a few years ago. I went out after showering with soap, hair oil on, deodorant, etc, spotted some deer and could not get anywhere close to them. A week later I went out “smellin’ like a cave man”, spotted some deer, and was able to get really close to them with no problem. A few months later I repeated this experiment and got the same results. A few months after that I had my nephew do the same thing and he got the same results. The “civilized” smell they can smell a mile away but they seem not so fearful of the natural smell.

      Great post!!


      • I have noticed that hunting also, seems you can get closer after you have been out in the field without a shower for a few days and soaked with smoke from the campfire instead.

        Man, I gave away a Mountain Lion Skull I found on the property a couple of years ago, had I known… But from what the local rancher there “down the street” from me was telling me, he had to quit running stock up there because there were too many big cats crossing into each others territory up there taking down calves. So I will run across another one up there at some point. It’s yours if I do. I might even have to do a little trapping on the property if they become a nuisance and a bit too brave in my stuff. But ONLY if it is a serious self-defense or livestock issue. 🙂


  9. The unidentified hominid in the Patterson film is one that I don’t think is an actor in the costume. As Randolph point out it seems very comfortable walking in the forest as if it knows its way around well and doesn’t have to look down at the ground as we would have to do. In close ups of the film (many good ones done by MK Davis) you can see internal muscle movement which would be an impossible feat if it were an actor in a costume.


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