6 comments on “The Reality of Climate Change

  1. In the times of the dinosaurs the planet certainly was much warmer today as tropical vegetation was the primary plant life of the time. Tropical vegetation requires warm and wet environments. Since most of that is now gone along with the dinosaurs I think we can safely say the planet has cooled since then.


  2. Thank you for writing about this Roberto. The realities need to brought to the front. There is only one problem and it creates a pickle situation, The Term “Climate Change” has been hijacked by the Global Warming Cult and is now being improperly used in definition.

    It is now assumed that if one agrees with the Term “Climate Change” they are also accepting the terms of the man made Global Warming theory, they have made them synonymous. This is a tough nut to crack and they know it. Somehow this terminology needs to taken back and properly defined as the true scientific concept it actually represents.

    They have now limited the “Cause of” option to only one possibility in their favor and any optional theories or science are landing on deaf ears. They have created a situation where you have to agree with the whole package or disagree completely.

    There is indeed “Climate Change” but not by their definition. How do we get this back from them?


    • Keep using the term like I do and refuse to give it up! AND connect it in the same paragraph or sentence with the REALITY of REAL Climate Change which is GLOBAL COOLING.

      The societal mental illness in the United States and Europe is absolutely blinding!! Thus is the end result of parental past drug abuse (legal or illegal) and of having NO morals or values. American society especially has fallen.

      THe AGW advocates have been caught more than once red-handed outright lying about global temps. They’ve been caught red-handed changing historical average temps. They place their instruments in the midst of concrete and pavement in the inner cities and airports. They consider the normal yearly melt of Greenland and Antarctica to be “signs” of global warming when they are nothing such! When all else fails they turn to bullying or eco-terrorism. IF there data was true then they wouldn’t have to do any of these things BUT their data is NOT true. In sum, their agenda is NOT a climate agenda but a POLITICAL agenda which is Communism. They seek to redistribute wealth from 1st world nations to poverty ridden 3rd world nations via Carbon Taxes et al. Former supporters of AGW have come right out and admitted this is the agenda. Thankfully, we now have an administration who doesn’t believe the AGW hype and fraud….FINALLY! Further, the not-so-illustrious Al Gore needs to be charged with fraud and anything else and become the first former Vice President to be put in a federal prison!


      • I have been trying that. What happens is just as I hint I agree with the Term Climate Change in any sense the firewall goes up and “SEE you agree then!” comes out. All dialog after is completely ignored and disregarded.

        Somehow it needs to be relabeled and redefined as a new and competitive concept in terminology. 🙂


        • The lunatics have completely overtake the term “climate change” as yet one more of their deceptions (which they use often). I like the straight forward term “Coming Glaciation.”


          • I think you hit the nail on the head Rob! Unfortunately even though this is a continuation of the same… “Global Cooling” was used in the 70’s and now regarded as a dead label. Because once again they are using a very short timescale, It is indeed Global Cooling and it never stopped in the longer scale… 🙂


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