4 comments on “The Strange Mummy Found in Peru

  1. Lol, “Show me the goods!”. The toes are most striking to me Roberto. They appear to be more practical for tree dwelling than surface terrain use like a human foot. Those three toes are way to long to be very functional on flat land. It would be stepping on it’s own toes and tripping over it’s self for sure. It would have to walk like a Chicken or waddle like a Duck. One difference though… The only reason birds like this can even walk with extra long toes like this is because their knees bend the opposite direction! 🙂


  2. I’m still wondering where the archaeologists and anthropologists are in this investigation. So far I see a highly questionable news reporter in Mexico, a New Age physicist, and a radiologist. Sorry but NONE of these people are qualified to evaluate something such as this IF it were true IMO. That’s why I’ve offered to do my own investigation on the “find.” 🙂

    You are correct JR when it comes to the toes and also the fingers. These are NOT features of a bipedal organism but of a tree dwelling organism. But, even then the toes and fingers are too long. And yes, birds with extra long toes are only able to walk because their knees bend backwards. Otherwise walking for them would be impossible.

    I know what this is from the CAT scan images 🙂 Someone took a human corpse and laid it in some sort of plaster material after motifying the corpse so it appears to be the CLASSICAL Alien Gray! This is a FUTILE effort to prove the existence of Aliens and to prove the ancient astronaut theory that man didn’t build the pyramids or anything else because Aliens were here helping them or doing it for them. So if this is true why do advocates have to resort to a FRAUD such as this? Answer: their theory is NOT TRUE! It wasn’t ancient aliens who built all the great monuments and civilizations around the world in ancient times. It was MAN! And we have GREATLY UNDERESTIMATED past civilizations and historic man either by intention or sheer ignorance!

    IF this find were anywhere near real there would already be a horde of well known anthropologists and archaeologists conducting MAJOR studies and examinations of it. Instead we have a bunch of non-experts pretending to be experts! I’m not saying that if this thing were real these people MIGHT be part of the research team but they sure as hell wouldn’t be leading the investigation.

    By chance should they accept my offer (which I’m sure they won’t) I will indeed investigate the “creature” and expose it for what it is. One big HOAX! 🙂


  3. Considering the people involved in the “reseaerch” of this oddity and what they’ve been involved in in the past I think this most likely a hoax :O


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