34 comments on “Coldest Millennium in 8000 Years!!

  1. Thank you… See this is what we need to do. The argument needs to be expanded over a much longer timeline to see the facts! This graph even as short in timeline as it is shows worlds of difference from the official narrative “Average” they are claiming based on an even much shorter time line of a normal temporary warming cycle. A much longer term average like your example here exposes the truth!

    In the short term one could argue either cooling or warming if you take a very small slice of the real cycle. It is always fluctuating up and down as a normal cycle. The true facts cannot be determined using such small short term examples, it has to be viewed in a much longer timeline and average temps to actually see what is really happening.

    I have been gathering all the different data factors contributing to and influencing this coming reality. I even ran across some facts I was not aware of that fully support the cooling argument. If all these personal Crisis events would stop for a bit I might find time to put all that together. πŸ™‚

    What I am finding is pretty hard to argue against when open objectivity and rational logic are actually exercised…

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      • Most of it is what you have already covered in bits here Roberto. But when you put all the factors together in once place the real picture becomes concrete in what we are looking forward to. Solar Insolation, Orbit eccentricity, Axial tilt, Ice pack reflection, Ocean absorption, Jet Stream variations, Equinoxes, And most importantly that it has happened before as a very regular cycle…

        We are going into an ice age…

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  2. It is true that the temperature chart showing the rapid temperature rise since the industrial revolution is limited. But you are right, this one is also limited.

    Since we already know the peaks and trough cycles from the previous 4 or 5 ice age events since 400,000 years ago and we have pretty solid info from the Vostok core samples that show the last ice age and shows that the continental ice mass matches sea level, and is a spot on match to global temperature, it might be easier to interpret the complex temperature changes on the large scale, like JR says, by looking at a larger time scale but also looking at the easier-to-read sea level changes, which doesn’t oscillate so radically as it moves.

    It does appear, because of the sudden migrations caused by changes in our coastline, likely climate impact on our agriculture practices, such as weather extremes impacting crop production, and the diseases spawned by poverty, the biomass of human flesh will quite suddenly (over the course of 20 to 50 or so generations) be snapped back to the good ‘ole bottle neck days. Good Times. Nothing to panic about, it is just that some might prefer to choose differently if we had the choice.

    Maybe there will be other hominid species to compete with and put us back on track to distinguishing ourselves as a resource sharing species capable of using abstract strategy and uniting in times of difficulty, if that Denisovan clan that harvested those mastodon bones in San Diego 150,000 years ago are just avoiding us like the plague and hiding in the Pacific North West.

    Given the rapid expansion outward of hominids through Asia, it seems there is an important phenotype behavior in the Neanderthal group to avoid other hominid species and migrate outward. That would certainly translate to reproductive fitness and explain why they did so well and made it so far out before we did. We would have been a dangerous encounter but Homo Erectus and their more direct decedents like Homo antecessor, ate other hominids including each other.

    We probably have a phenotype behavior for racism it seems which the other species would have evolved a response to. Maybe we stereotyped the lot of ’em, in an authentically racist behavior. We may have thought of them as just those creepy others always trying to eat your lunch. If your not a study on skull features then what is really the difference between Homo Antesessor, Rudolfensis, Naladi, Erectus and Heidelberg other than they lived along side of us but din’t belong in our loose knit clan of separate species that were more Ergaster like and finally coalesced into a distinct species that no longer cross-bred with the more robust migrators just after our common ancestor with Neanderthal 350 to 600 kya.

    We, instead of migrating to deal with the competition and low resource cycles so much, found our complimenting reproductive fitness through the securing and defending of larger territories under the protection of united but separate clans. We only migrated when we had to because of climate change. As less nomadic territory defenders, we would have used our abstract skills to develop cultivation techniques which is why we were so quick to pull some very advanced methods out of our hats when the real squeeze was on in the levant after the Upper Dryas and 8,200 year event.

    New Neanderthal News: They just pushed the Neanderthal Sex date back past 219,000 years ago using mitochondrial DNA. Instead of admitting that the DNA is left over from our common ancestor, the author of this paper is suggesting that all fossil evidence be tossed away because we must have come out of Africa at that time, mated and then returned. Wow. It is going to be while before people begin to loosen up on their certainties and notice that the date of our supposed cross-breeding is getting pushed back further and further at an increasing rate. It seemed the perfect time and a perfect fit scenario to shock the world by declaring a scandalous sex-hyple, love child news by tweaking the mysterious statistical data to support the notion that we wondered out of Africa 45,000 years ago and mating with Neanderthal that were still here to provide a revolutionary attention-getting headline that explains off why Europeans have more neanderthal DNA than some subsaharan people. Dr. Cosimo even says “Everyone knows Neanderthals gave us genes.” which is using collective confirmation instead of actual science to explain the foundation of his new migration date of 219,000 years ago.

    It is coming down to a contest of either fossil science, physical evidence vs. secret expert genetic science that only the researchers are qualified to look at and form opinions about to dispense to the peasants below.

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    • I have only one question Doug… Where did you get this graph? Source please… Because what I see here are “Projections” contrary to the factual cycle timeline over the last 350,000 years taken from actual cores by NOAA. It looks like biased guess work…

      Notice “Flatline” from the Holocene until today? Mother nature is never going to make a future change that fast… Man or not…

      It’s the typical “Hockey stick” projection that Mann just got busted for contriving and can’t produce the data to support as of just a few days ago in his court case…


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      • Neanderthals were widespread and replacement of them by H. sapiens would have been problematic. Not impossible but it would have been very difficult for a replacement to take place in the whole Neanderthal population. So the next option was to interbreed with them to whatever extent. Dr. Cosimo’s paper appears at the following link:


        The split between Neanderthals and H. sapiens differs when you look at mtDNA and nuclear DNA. Nuclear DNA indicates humans and Neanderthals split 765-550 kya while mtDNA says the split was between 365-400 kya. That’s quite a difference. Cosimo sets the date for the split at about 270 kya so obviously he’s using mtDNA dates.

        There is another explanation. I personally think modern humans were already outside of Africa and they mixed and interbred with Neanderthals to varying degrees. Martin Kuhlwilm published a paper in Nature in February of 2016 noting ancient gene flow from archaic modern humans in Eastern Neanderthals. I think this more likely than what Cosimo is suggesting, frankly.

        I agree with you Doug in that what things are coming down to is “a contest of either fossil science/physical evidence vs. secret expert genetic science that only the researchers are qualified to look at….”. No science is a perfect science and I apply that principle to genetics as well. We cannot simply throw out all the physical evidence in favor or purely genetic evidence. Either the fossil dating is wrong or the genetic dating is wrong. The gap between mtDNA and nuclear DNA is huge and cannot be ignored. And here’s something else. Either the dating is all wrong and needs to be corrected OR the origins and migration of early modern humans is incorrect. There is evidence that humans may have evolved out of Europe (see below link). Further, there is now plenty of evidence to suggest that the migration out of Africa was not a one time event and that there were actually migrations into and out of Africa as there were in Europe, the Levant, and Asia.



    • Doug, I apologize if I came off as rude with my question. πŸ™‚ I did not mean to, I am just so ahead of the propaganda over the last 10 years that I am sick of seeing graphics of Greenland being Green. Ice land is Green, Greenland is Ice, and it is just going to get more.

      There have been a whole lot of deceptive data models being brought forth when even NASA and NOAA have revealed the real raw “Long term” data themselves to debunk the long term “Global Warming” theory.

      I am just a novice and see this. If you happen to be a real honest and objective scientist you would also see the smoke screen. It’s all rhetoric and rumor. Solar insolation, Orbit and Procession all did indeed start about 8 to 12k ago.

      And all the rumor in the world is not going to stop where it is truly headed… πŸ™‚


  3. Since we are indeed now leaving the Holocene interglacial Epoch and in reality we left it in approximately 2002. Has the new coming glacial Epoch we are now in been named yet? This needs to be pushed… The Holocene is OVER…


    • Honestly haven’t checked this out for awhile but apparently a new Epoch has been named but the jury is still out on whether it actually applies yet on not. I would say it should now…

      The Anthropocene epoch.


      • Nope! Not yet! The jury is still out and we are still in the Holocene. The debate over naming a new epoch the Anthropocene is controversial because what it asserts is that man now heavily influences climate (read Global Warming Theory). The name is running into a lot of objection because of that.


        • I suppose this is a good thing because we really are not sure if man HAS even had an influence yet. lol

          I read an article yesterday about how they earlier considered using the “Nuclear Age” as a milestone marker to support the new Anthropocene Epoch because there has now been a “Detectable” global geological layer deposited. Hey? why not… Since they seem to like associating Geology with Climatic changes when one has nothing to do with the other. It should be marked about now if you consider climate change because we are indeed at the end an interglacial and headed into a new glacial period. πŸ™‚


          • LOL you’re right. Geology and climate changes have nothing to do with each other. One thing, however, is geologist can now detect trances of radiation in the soil so some have suggested that be used as a marker for the beginning of the Anthropocene.


  4. Regarding the Anthropocene there is a debate between Geologists and Environmentalists over what to call the new epoch (if there is one). The International Union of Geological Sciences is the professional organization in charge of defining the Earth’s geological time scale. Officially, we are still in the Holocene as the IUGS has not designated our currrent time as any other than the Holocene which began about 11.7 kya.

    Environmentalists and supporters for changing the epoch to the Anthropocene (“new man”) point out that humans have caused mass extinctions of flora and fauna in modern times, polluted the oceans and waterways, and altered the atmosphere along with other lasting impacts on the ecosystem of the planet.

    Geologists say that the geologic evidence for this proposed new epoch just simply isn’t there. They say that each epoch is defined in the strata layers and there is no evidence for a new epoch. Further, geologists allege that the proposed Anthropocene is more about pop culture hype than science. Another problem with this proposal is one must determine just when the Anthropocene began. Did it begin with the Space Age? The industrial revolution? The atomic age? Or did it begin with the dawn of agriculture? We do find traces of radiation in soils around the planet but deeper down in the strata we find traces of man’s agricultural signature in Europe dated as far back as A.D. 900.

    The IUGS was supposed to have decided on this issue by last year (2016) but they didn’t. However, the working group on the Anthropocene did vote to formally designate the epoch Anthropocene and presented their recommendations to the IUGS Congress in August of 2016. Since then it’s all been in limbo.

    For more information:






    • OK so when are they going to make their minds up? is it coinciding with major weather events like long term ice ages or Geological indicators? They are NOT THE SAME yet they are trying to apply both factors in science. I would go with the advent of agriculture then if is weather and Geology, Because this is also when the solar insolation started to decline and when we actually started into this next coming ice age. πŸ™‚


        • Hey… I just realized something… Now that I have a slightly better Internet speed and connection the home page here is ENDLESS, I can just keep scrolling and Scrolling and Scrolling… lol


            • I need to share some experience with you here My Friend. If you ever decide to get a domain name for the SPI please let me know and secure it for you. Claiming and securing “Real estate” like this is a horse race. You only get one shot and it better be quick because the search engines send out a message that someone, anyone, was curious about that particular “Wording” . com. That particular “wording” .Edu Etc. Now they will buy it and own it within minutes and force you to buy it back at a profit.

              For $13 a year, I would suggest getting it if you don’t have it. If you have it through wordpress I would find out what you have to do to personally OWN that domain name without their control. It is real estate and private property Roberto. And the taxes are only $13 dollars a year… just something to latch down if you have not yet man…

              It didn’t used to be this way… If you didn’t find it on Google you were good to go. Now Google has sold and installed the ability to detect keyword domain searches and sets their customers up to buy it before you can. It must be done “After hours” and very very quickly because the purchase requires HUMAN input to complete. πŸ™‚


  5. Been keeping track at “ice age now” ? Now we are now in winter at both the Southern and Northern hemispheres at the same time!!! I’m not sure this has happened before? Winter is already freezing crops in North America and we may not have a northern harvest season at all this year…


    • Yes I have and I don’t think this has ever happened either. To top it off the sea ice near the Arctic is growing and some parts of northern Minnesota already have temps in the 20-30s even though it’s suppose to be in sthe 50s! Here at home I notice a distinct coolness in the early mornings much like winter air and coming out of the north. Too early for that!! When we were up in the White Mountains last month we had to make a run to Walmart to buy winter cloths! Yes the mornings and nights were cold and long time residence there all told us it is going to be an early winter.


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