18 comments on “US Forest Service has MIS-managed public lands!

  1. Every Criminal has a motive… I wonder what this guys motive would be? People tend to forget because they are covered up, but in the past there have been many arson related fires started that turned out to be “Inside jobs” to accrue federal firefighters some hours in the field to help bolster their paychecks.

    I personally witnessed and followed up on one of these events here locally which they attempted to cover up. Myself and some others exposed it and the Crew was slapped on the hand and transfered. That’s all… Just transfered to another location to do it again if they like… Then there are all the “Controlled burns” that get away from them, on purpose or by accident?

    A lot of this over growth problem starts with the anti-tree cutting environmental policies. Two factors in this, First the “Tree hugger” sentiment and political influence. second the City demographics and anti- fireplace woodstove movement based on greenhouse gas emissions. So my question would be isn’t it better to have a few hundred thousand tons of selective wood cutting and dispersed use to thin the growth than to have this type of volatile explosive uncontrollable environment influencing millions of tons just waiting to produce greenhouse gases when they catch fire?

    So even if it is assumed the greenhouse gas argument is just the way they are handling it is still very counter productive. It still burns and still produces the gases whether it be in woodstoves and fireplaces or in huge amounts as forest fires. But to have 10% burned over a very large dispersed area for personal heating might actually be better than to have these much more prevalent huge forest fires that dump so much smoke into the atmosphere at one time that it can even affect weather patterns.

    They are backwards in their thinking and policy on this… Their own environmental policies are creating a much worse situation even if the greenhouse emissions argument were indeed true…


  2. I think most likely this guy is a firefighter looking to “create” work for himself but after shooting at the Forest Service employee who was attempting to question him this guy has now brought things to a new level and could be charged with attempted murder. So he won’t be putting out any forest fires but he will be protecting his ass end from Baba LOL. Remember the Rodeo-Chediski Fire in 2002 that almost wiped out Show Low and other White Mountain communities in Arizona? It was started by a Native American firefighter and this guy is doing the same thing. He’s an Eco-Terrorist! And YES several fires have been started all over the West by the same types I think.

    Yes the anti-tree cutting crap mixed with the “extinguish all wildfires” over the past decades has now created a very dangerous situation in our national forests and wildlands. Incompetence! And like everything else in US society this too has been politicized. You’d think that some matters just come down to COMMON SENSE. But these so called USFS “experts” seem to have none of that.


    • Good point I failed to recognize Roberto! Let them burn more to be more environmentally healthy in the long run if there are no personal properties involved.

      Yep, The Rodeo-Chediski Fire was just one example of many events like this Roberto. Been following these for years now. But they tend to not be publicized very much and coved up.

      Here’s one for you… Environmental extremism caused a HUGE fire in Ca awhile back. A tree hugging hiker started the fire by being “Environmentally correct”. He was disposing of excrement the “proper way” by burning it.

      About burnt half of California with his environmental extremism. So much for tree hugging in that one. lol

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  3. I fully agree that the USFS should be held accountable for this atrocity of THEIR own creation and so should the BLM for the same. As for their “needed study” to detrermine the impact of tree thinning how about some COMMON SENSE?

    Here’s a thought for them……… YOU created an UNNATURAL environment by not allowing natures cleaning machine (ie: wildfires) to clean the forest floor and keep it free of shed needles, leaves, trees growing too close together, etc. You DON’T need a frickin study before you allow it to return to its NATURAL STATE and get the HELL out of the way and let NATURE do her thing! The present DEPLORABLE condition of our public lands is most definitely a MAN-MADE CREATION! Instead of dragging your collective asses on this forget the study and get the hell out of Nature’s way! Further, administrators and others in both agencies need to be FIRED as in TODAY for their ignorance and incompetence! It’s time to DRAIN THE SWAMP at the USFS and BLM.


    • Good to see you Rob! You have no idea how many times I have shared this very same Rant! It all started for me as a teenager on our families ranch in the 70’s when they started the mismanagement.

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  4. I agree the forest service has screwed the forests up with the “don’t let it burn” policies over the decades. now we have beetle kill pine everywhere. i read an article in furniture design, manufacturing and cabinetmaker magazine, (FDM and C) and it said that some shops are using this wood calling it “blue pine” so i called the forest service office to see if anyone is logging this. they told me you can’t harvest the wood as it will infect the rest of the forests hauling it away. that is a bold faced lie. if you harvest trees that have had the needles turn brown, the tree is dead and of no value to the bugs, nutritionally speaking and the bugs have moved on. also they are very small and can only fly about 15-20 feet. http://www.sustainablelumberco.com/products/beetle-kill-blue-stain-pine/

    as you can see in the article here, it is beautiful wood and no other forests were infected as a result of using this natural resource. now there are thousands of acres of this wood rotting and falling down, becoming a forest fire nightmare. we have lots of it on our property, and we have cleaned up a fraction using it to heat our house in the winter. we got a letter from the natural resource council and they want us to sign on to a plan to get it all cleaned up, i told them i can’t afford it and that i will do what i can when i can, and refused to sign on to a certain time frame as far as getting it all cleaned up. needless to say they are panicking about it.


    • Good for you Sir… I read a funny letter once where the BLM and Fish & wildlife wanted permission to come onto private property and do a frog study in their stream with water rights.. Well you know as soon as they let the BLM and F&W onto their property to do a study they would probably lose their property and water rights so what they did was great!

      They sent the BLM and F&W a long letter listing all the Permits, Frog Tags, Licenses, Parking fees, Collecting Rules, Time of day and the week days (all before or after Gov hours and weekends) it will be allowed to catch study the Frogs, Etc. Etc.

      They never heard back, GREAT, Apply their own bureaucratic policy crap right back onto them. lol


      • JR if more people would do what your friends did it would stop these people in their tracks LOL. They sure want us to follow their rules but when the tables are turned they don’t like it. In line with this one time I went to a doctor and waited in the waiting room for over 2 hours. By the time the guy seen me I was mad as hell. He handed me some lame excuse for the delay and I let him know I had seen him and his staff in the back office having a birthday party! I told him there was no need to check my eyes and ears as I was not deaf or blind. After thinking about it when I got home I just got more pissed off so I decided to teach him a lesson. The next day I fixed him out a bill and mailed it to him for $60 payable in 10 days! About a week and a half later I got his bill for $100. I wrote him out a check for $40 and included a statement showing that I deducted the $60 he owed me for wasting my time.

        A few weeks later his office called me threatening to turn me into collections and sue me. I told them go right ahead because I’d file a counter suit and would win the case as there is legal precedence for people billing their doctors and etc. for OUR time. To make a long story short, they never contacted me again, didn’t sue me, and never turned me into collections or billed me again. In my thnking my time is just as valuable as their time and charges can work BOTH ways!

        Those were the days when people stood up to the Corporatists in this country and we need to do it again by giving them some of their own medicine!!


        • Absolutely! I did the same thing! I got tried of the ONLY doctor in town doing this very same thing. So I actually filed the small claims court papers for $12 and personally served him for the past two years of my time wasted. (Two years is statute of limitations for debts owed). My time was worth $85 an hour at the time and the judge was pissed for this very same thing from this same doctor himself so I was awarded the judgement. We broke about even after he paid me and he didn’t make a dime from all my visits.

          He was then forced to start scheduling his appointments better and couldn’t keep up with the demand. This in turn created a market for another doctor to open shop and compete with him. The whole town’s healthcare became absolutely righteous! Wish more could understand this with the current healthcare problems we have now… Real Competition works! 🙂

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    • “… they told me you can’t harvest the wood as it will infect the rest of the forests hauling it away.” What an absolutely lame excuse! Somebody better tell all those cabinet makers in Mexico about this because they use this sort of wood frequently. And yes it is beautiful wood IMO We even have those pine beetles in my part of the country. In fact, they are in process of destroying a large pine just down the street.


          • We just need to start ignoring California altogether. It’s a loony bin… I told you the milk story right? How Ca decided milk causes cancer? All the other states need to charge California for every single container that says “Known by the State of California to cause…” that has never happened yet. They can’t document even one case of these products actually causing harm even tobacco. One Thesis…

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            • I understand it is now a known sin to use Tobacco especially smoke it. I did several years of research on this particular topic and it turns out they really are not sure what causes cancer at all. Almost as many nonsmokers get lung cancer as smokers. Turns out it might just be DNA related and smoking just exacerbates it but doesn’t actually cause it. Not that smoking is good for you for many ither reasons, just not what they claim and have yet TO PROVE. 🙂


  5. it is another myth that RADON causes cancer, and my father in law’s house had it yet he died at the age of 86 of old age, period. on his death certificate they listed cigarettes yet he hadn’t smoked in at least 30 years and there was no cancer, period. my father smoked until he went on oxygen and he died of emphysema not cancer. i have never ever heard of anybody dying of radon. people have been so dumbed down and are so gullible it is not funny it is pathetic.

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