7 comments on “Harsh Winter Took Heavy Toll on Wildlife!

  1. Yep, that’s the question “If” Normal conditions return. I think you may have hit it in the head when you mentioned 2019 awhile back Roberto. Two more winters like this last one and we are in serious trouble world wide for sustenance. It is time to start freeze drying and vacuum packing while the prices are still low.

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    • What really gets me is that they have so much snow in the Sierras that the ski resorts are still operating and plan to be in operation all summer. Snow atop snow….that’s how ice ages begin as the old snow is compacted by the new snow into ice. And with the storms, outrageous heat, droughts, and a couple of more bad winters starvation will be just around the corner for many.


    • I’m sure he is not alone 🙂 If the data is factual and he has nothing to hie then WHY does he not wish the court to review his data? Because he lied about it. Global warming is an agenda IMO. A communist one!! They wish to enslave the masses via finances, taxes, etc. so only the elites will be free. More people need to sue the shit out of these charlatans and SOMEONE needs to REALLY sue that clown named AL GORE! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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