3 comments on “Pleistocene Park

  1. Barb posed this question awhile back and I honestly think it could be a mistake. It would be neat but the possibility that more than just the species it’s self, a bacteria or virus for example, could also be cloned at the same time and could be risky.

    Speaking of Barb, Rob and Barb mad at us? lol


  2. No we’re still hear lurkying somewhere in the background 🙂 As JR said I’ve posted about this before asking the same question and honestly I’m not so sure this is a good idea. What if they clone a virus or bacteria that humans or other species have no resistance to? That would spell disaster on many levels. The idea is intriguing and I’d love to see some of the extinct species alive but I’m not so sure it is worth the risk.


    • Good to see you again Barb! I guess with summer here we are all pretty busy. I just can’t get caught up at all… 🙂


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