4 comments on “The Mammoth Hunters: Survivors of the Last Ice Age!

  1. Know what? I have a theory… In looking at the very precise carving of the figurine and then looking at the Lithics, I think they were actually ivory carving tools rather than points.


  2. I was thinking about the domestication of wolves last night. During this particular time period there may have been very little left small enough for Wolves to catch and bring down. They may have been pretty much completely dependent on humans to eat and survive. Humans could hunt and bring down the mega fauna as to where the Wolves could not. Humans could crack open the bones to get at the marrow and Wolves could not. Humans may very well have been the only reason the Wolves continued on as a species.


    • Again what you say is quite possible. The wolves couldn’t bring down mammoths and other large prey but humans could and so the wolves linked up with humans LOL for survival. Interesting idea 🙂


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