7 comments on “From Ape to Adam and Beyond

  1. Myself, I now realize that humans tend to conjure up explanations for things past that they do not know or understand. I think Adam and Eve were simply attempts to fill a void of origin they just did not know. So considering timelines in this, for the Bible to be referencing to Homo erectus, wouldn’t there have had to be a chain of previous record or oral tradition for the writers of the Bible to refer back to?

    What would the gap in timeline be from the end of homo erectus to the first written scrolls and beginning of the good book? We know in the timeline that some of what is written in the Bible was plagiarized from pieces of previous Sumerian works. And as we know the Sumerian origin stories are pretty “Extraterrestrial”. 🙂


  2. The earliest Sumerian texts come from Uruk and Jemdet Nasr (both ancient cities in Sumer) and date back to 3300 B.C. Most historians now believe Sumer was first permanently settled somewhere between 5500–4000 B.C. by people from western Asia who spoke the Sumerian language. If you take Zacharia Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian texts then yes you get the ET version but most researchers believe his interpretation is erroneous and misleading. He was criticized heavily for his interpretation during his lifetime. When I read the texts I do not get the same interpretation Zitchin does, frankly.

    I think the biblical writers were attempting to explain how man cam to be so it likely is a mixture of fact and fiction. Some researchers are convinced that H. erectus existed as recent as around 5000 kya and they may be correct. Looking at H. erectus from a hybrid point of view I think it likely this species interbred with some modern humans as did the Neanderthals, some more than others.

    The first 5 books of the Bible are the Torah which is believed to have been written around 3500 years ago. Prior to this we can pretty much say that these stories were passed down via oral tradition. For how long? Who knows but likely a long, long time before they were finally written down.

    The modern human mind is one that needs order and tries to make sense out of things. When there are missing pieces we tend to fill in the blanks with fantasy or speculation. I’m pretty sure the ancients did not use the term “Homo erectus” lol. Likely they used Adamu, Adamah, et al. to describe a species that coexisted with their own.

    The Torah was written about 3500 years ago as I stated above and the mainstream believes H. erectus went extinct somewhere around 143 kya. That’s a pretty long gap. Yes the biblical writers “borrowed” from other traditions, writings, etc. The flood story is a great example of such plagiarism 🙂


  3. The connections could be interesting if they could be connected for sure! 🙂 A little off topic but as I was making my drive yesterday I started thinking about the Flood, Or maybe even more than one flood in the truth of things and realized something. Geology proves there was indeed a flood or more and have you ever noticed that when they dig through this layer of “flood silt” they are finding more and much earlier evidence of man?

    This is the problem here in the hew world, We stop digging when we hit this layer of flood silt. I know we have talked about this before but the recent finds in Africa dictate that it is now time to dig through this layer in all future finds here too! What’s it going to hurt? worst case would be we find nothing and prove once and for all that there is nothing. 🙂

    I really think this particular layer is the key timeline identifier for all aspects of both science and religion. The problem is this layer of silt just does not fit the timeline in the Bible. But it does fit the timeline of the early man to modern man transition…


  4. Yes I have indeed noticed that as they dig deeper beyond the silt levels more evidence of man is found. Very interesting 🙂 And yes we do stop digging when he hit the silt in the New World why? Might we find another Calico Hills? Might we find Homo habilis remains? I absolutely agree that we need to dig deeper in the so called “New World” which just might turn out to be the “Very Old World.”

    I think the unspoken concern is that should we find something here older than in Africa or the same age as in Africa then all of the PC crap will have to be tossed out the window, God forbid. Further, there will also be all that work by previous researchers that will come to nothing. Why their reputations would be forever stained.


  5. Honestly I think the bible is a collection of oral traditions passed down at different times from different cultures. The biblical flood story, for instance, is very close to the Sumerian flood story and way before the Hebrews. Also, I don’t think the bible was meant to be taken literally in most instances as I think a lot of it is metaphorical and symbolic. That’s not to say that some parts of it are not historical because they are but I think the majority is not historical but allegorical.

    If ancient human ancestors were created by some unseen force or being then it is certainly possible for “Adam and Eve” to have been created as anything other than modern humans. For all we know they could have been Australopithecines, Homo erectus, or some species we don’t even know of yet. Honestly in my mind there is a progression that one can see from Homo erectus to archaic Homo sapiens to modern humans. That doesn’t spell “creation” in my mind but evolution.

    This debate has raged for a long time now and will continue to rage. But, it is intersting to speculate on how things might or may have been and even how ancient writers wrote about them and described them. They had their own frame of reference and I doubt the ancient biblical writers even knew what an ape was and likely never saw one. So they had to use what they knew to describe what they saw. Does that make any sense?


    • I agree whole heartedly. Just like the Native oral traditions were not meant to be taken literally but more as an analogy. But I think there was also some “Medicinal” help with the dream accounts in the Bible. Ask Roberto about that one, I shared some references about this with him awhile back. lol

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  6. It makes perfect sense, and considering what Roberto said, the Bible, the word of God, which is copyrighted, is a plagiarism. go figure…

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