9 comments on “The Werewolf Syndrome: Atavism’s and Hypertrichosis

  1. Not much of a comment coming from me here. This is extraordinary and I had heard a little about this but not much. Have you had anymore contact? Truly incredible!


    • Yes I have. In the past many people with this condition have been used in circus sideshows and put on display as public oddities. There are two boys with this condition in Mexico today who are used as such oddities and they’ve also been on various television programs too. Sorry I can’t remember their names. It really isn’t an oddity at all. It is a matter of certain genes turning off and on.

      “Miguel’s” relationship with his father, from what I gather, was always one of contempt by his father. Rejection began at the very moment his father laid eyes on him with his father actually shouting in the hospital (from what I understand), “That’s not my son!”. He then left the hospital never to return and when his mother brought him home the father would have nothing to do with him. He would not hold nor touch the infant “Miguel.” That is really sad IMO. He apparently had a normal relationship with his mother.

      I believe after a year of so the “fur” began to fall off. Likely whatever gene was turned on, turned off for whatever reason. As time went on he became more “mod” looking. To correct his protruding jaw and teeth orthodontics had to be used.

      One of the things Miguel has told me and I share this here with his permission is this. Some people in the family saw Miguel’s birth as an “evil omen” and referred to him as the “devil baby” and/or “monkey boy.” They weren’t sure what to make of him ever and even as he grew up and became more modern looking. They kept their distance from him and never wanted to be close to him and apparently that behavior on their part continues even today. Again….sad.

      MIguel tells me that as a boy and even as a teen his nickname was “monkey boy” and it didn’t bother him. He says he could climb trees faster and higher than any of his peers as long as he was in his bare feet so his feet could grip the branches of the tree. He had problems climbing trees with shoes on, apparently. As he continued to grow up, apparently, he got quite a reputation as a hunter because he was very good at it and could get very close to the prey. He tells me no one taught him how to hunt as he just “instinctually knew how to hunt.”

      He says he always felt more at home out in the wilderness as many of us do. He hunts in the nude and lives off of whatever he finds on the land until he is finished hunting. I believe he uses a bow not firearms. Today he looks like a modern human although I note from a pic he sent that he has a very Cro-magnon look to him overall but he has the slopping head of what one sees typically in Homo erectus features. Miguel is not alone. There are others like him. Sad that some of those around him rejected him and missed knowing a great person.


      • PS — I have discussed with him writing a bio of sorts for posting here and he may do so in the near future. It would be interesting to read about what his life has been over the years.


  2. This guys story is very interesting and I’d like to know how old he was when the “fur” fell off and he started looking more like a modern human. I don’t mean to be offensive or anything but this condition can be debilitating in many ways especially in terms of sociability. People, especially other children, can be very cruel as we all know. I’m sure that he must have encountered some mocking, teasing, and name-calling unfortunately.

    I can understand his father’s reaction when he first saw him in some respects but honestly I’m a bit shocked by the father’s lack of love for his son. I think we’d all be a bit shocked to see one of our children born this way but after the shock wouldn’t we begin to feel a parent’s love no matter how he looked? I would.

    I gather this individual is grown and perhaps now an older man and I’m wondering as he ages at some point will those genes turn back “on.” Then what happens? Not to be rude but does he exit this life the same way he entered? I would be very interested in talking to him and get a few more details. His condition is extremely rare actually and, yes, in biology we would call this condition an “evolutionary throwback.” I know there are two young men in Mexico that have thsi condition. They’ve been on several different televison programs over the years but they still are covered in black hair from head to toe and they have to shave their faces because it is so thick. There’s apparently never fell off and the gene(s) that caused their condition are still turned “on.” I also know these two young men have encountered a great deal of curiosity and mocking/teasing. I think they are in a circus or something which I find sad because basically someone is making money off of them by putting them on public display which honestly I do not agree with.

    Very good article and I hope we hear more from him.


  3. I have seen those two young men now, on 20/20 or something, they are really good trapeze performers. there are those bearded women of the Barnum and Bailey circus fame, several of them. one of them had 2 sets of teeth. Granted the condition that is pictured above is rare, and it doesn’t really matter if it is genetic or hormonal, there is an epidemic and pandemic phobia for any body hair whatsoever. this phobia is global, and no offense Barb, but you women started it all. now we have the “full body wax”. I’m starting my own internet rumor and conspiracy theory and you heard it here first. the CIA was key in inventing the full body wax job, using it in hairy Arab men, because as we all found out, water boarding is ineffective. PCOS is a nasty thing but i feel the socially induced phobia is crippling and painful.

    Even though tattoos, piercings, and hair removal have been around for thousands of years, considered to be more beautiful and the look of the affluent, and in some cases body/face modification to scare the enemy. now we can completely alter the way we look right down to what sex even. on a whim. or OC phobia.

    Barb, if you quit shaving your pits and legs, you would be treated the same by society as Miguel’s family treated him, or nearly the same. no offense.

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  4. Anything that is natural is deemed unnatural in our modern Western society Randolph. Up is now down and down is now up. Oh yeah, we are living in the underbelly 🙂


  5. My thoughts go out to his mother, who must have done a wonderful connecting job! Both to the earth as well as in the social sphere. Here is a life worth living to the full!

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