11 comments on “Is Neoteny the Problem in the West?

  1. Absolutely outstanding Roberto. Man…this is chocked full of questions and answers about past and present!. I’m going to be thinking about this perspective for awhile now. But I just hate to think there might be a legitimate biological or evolutionary excuse for little Kim though. lol

    I am hoping this is not true in a way, because in the end, this increased unproductivity might endanger man over all as a species. Hate to think that unproductivity might be a trait of advantage. These being catered to will not survive if they had need to forage for themselves and these genetics (if passed down) might be a disadvantage in the end.

    Outstanding article Sir! Thank You!

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  2. Outstanding article. You gave me a lot to think about here. You have a great thesis, I’d like to see it fleshed out more with some more theory and citations but this is an outstanding start.

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  3. JR and RaceRealist thank you for your comments. JR there may well be a bio-evolutionary excuse for little Kim LOL. Hate to tell you 🙂

    So here’s what I was thinking last night and this morning while fishing (yes we went again LOL). We have these young guys physically mature but mentally still immature and dependent on their parents, grandparents, whomever basically being unproductive as men. But, on the other hand we see other males who are becoming “nature-wise.” That is, they are learning everything they can about ancient ways of making shelters, weapons, farming, herbal medicine, etc. I would call them “survivalists” but I don’t like that term thanks to the media attempts to make them out to be wack-jobs which they are not IMO.

    So we have two things going on. The basement boys and the nature MEN. While fishing this morning I was thinking about this and we were discussing it and Barb brought up a good point. She said, “Could we be seeing a sort of separating the wheat from the chaff?” Are the basement boys doomed to extinction and the nature MEN the survivors? Has nature made a decision to rid the human population of the unproductive basement boys by means of them NOT passing on their genes? I think Barb has a point frankly!

    The Nature MEN are passing on their genes some earlier than others but the basement boys are not as they are having “bromances.” It would not really be another stage in human evolution as much as it would be a “refining” of human evolution and, in this matter, nature is specifically targeting unproductive males.

    What do you think?


    • What I am observing is that every ideal has now become exercised with extremism. Every idea deserves merit. But extremism is taking everything and pushing it beyond the rationality of the original intent and ideal. I think Barb may be right. And the source of this extremism is as you know the U.N. and the one world order. They are indeed working towards population control and separating the wheat from the chaff.

      There are those who are wise to this extremist agenda and see it coming. The rest will be acceptable losses and expendable. It’s called Geo-engineering/ Bioengineering. Since man has now become “civil” the old ways of just genocide would not be accepted as a general rule. So they do it by manipulating man into advantageous directions.

      And he may not even know, but RaceRealists avatar is absolutely loaded with malicious ware. Locked up my IE and my Computer. I had to shut down and come back with a safer browser to block it.

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      • And it looks like the Browser I am using didn’t even update the Recent Comment Box. Well that’s just a little “Too safe”. lol I like this new browser guys and will share with you as soon as the developer and myself figure out a few bugs. 🙂 It’s called BRAVE Software. Phone, PC, Tablets. So far it is VERY secure and a winner… 🙂

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          • I agree. Everything is moved to the extreme until it become insane! And yes the UN is behind a lot of it as they have made it clear they desire population control. IMO they are the legislative body (or current useful idiots) of the New Order. “Every idea deserves merit” I agree but not when taken to the extreme.

            Keep us advised on the new software please and thanks for the heads up 🙂


  4. as far as population control, it seems the un is failing. instead of chem trails scaring the paranoid, they should cull the stupid people and poison bottled water. if they want to cull the sick, then poison the pharmaceutical industry, oops sorry they are already doing that. as far as the basement dwellers, i have an aunt who never left the nest, still in the same house my grandparents bought back in 1946! You can see this neoteny in the domestic dog. The fault of who is to blame if the parents, they did not teach him that in order to eat you have to get up off your dead lazy ass and work. waaay to much sponge-love and no tuff-love what so ever. As you said Roberto, Mother Nature can be very cruel. a simple flood, rising oceans and forest fire will get these lazy asses out of the damn basement. (and into some fresh air) I am also getting goddam sick and tired of genetics getting blame for learned behaviors and phobias. genetics define what we are, a plant or animal, if we are weak or strong, nature does the rest. genetics DOES NOT define how loud we can whine or how little we do about what we are whining about. yes, obesity can be blamed on genetics, the human body is genetically engineered to eat real fruits and vegetables, and some of the various colored meats. rare, medium rare etc. it is ALSO genetically engineered to hunt, herd, forage, or farm these same foods. the human body IS NOT genetically engineered to consume enough bio-hacked, franken-crap food, enough for 2 or 3+ people, lay around the basement, texting, tweeting and trying to twerk to the latest bieber hit, and not be obese. further this is common knowledge, common sense about the big diet/health debate. Facts, logic, biology, and genetics and a hundred million years of mammalian evolution also say so. basement dwelling is a choice, chosen by BOTH the parents and the offspring.

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  5. I have a 28 year old nephew who lives with his grandparents who raised him from the time he was 10 years old. Since graduating from high school at age 18 he has had 3 jobs each lasting no more than 6 months! He has fathered one child whom he must pay child support to every month. With no income??? The grandparents pay it for him every month to keep him out of jail.

    Everything is given to him including a pickup to drive, clothing, cell phone, TV, etc. He is very lazy to say the least! He is a big guy and perfectly capable of working. Every now and then he hunts and, surprisingly, he is an excellent hunter. He spends his days on the computer and cell phone, goes out at night and has a “few” drinks with friends, and gets home around 2-3 AM. Sleeps until 11 AM or noon! He’s living the high life!

    A few days ago on his Facebook he posted a never -ending list of things he wants (gifts). I was a bit mean and suggested he be a MAN and get a JOB and buy all those things for himelf 🙂 No response thus far and likely he will not respond. In fact he will likely ban me now LOL. THANK GOD!

    He has no motivation, no enthusiasm, and I’ve talked to him several times and it is like talking to a dull colored wall. I even offered to pay his college tuition if he’d go to college! NO INTEREST! Last year I had a discussion with him about what he’s going to do when the grandparents die as they are elderly and it could happen any time. He had not thought about that. Want to know what he asked me? “Can I come stay with you if that happens?” WTH??? No way!

    Mine is just one example among thousands if not millions around the country. Sad times we live in.

    As for the UN Randoff………………….

    IMO they are the most corrupt and criminal org on the planet. They have been caught engaging in all sorts of criminal activity in various countries including rape, money laundering, and drug running! They like to fudge the books when it comes to their finances and would love nothing better than to place UN troops on the streets of America whom they detest btw. They try to present themselsves as humanitarian but in fact they are not. A lot of the money involved connected with them just “magically” disappears into thin air. I’m sure they have a plan in place to get rid of us as they’ve expressed several times their “concern” about global “over-population.”

    Additionally, as you state Randoff not everything is caused by genetics. Many behaviors are LEARNED in fact. I like the basic premise of Cognitive Psychology which states:

    “Change the thinking, Change the behavior.”

    I seriously think it is time we change the thinking in Western society! Long overdue!!!


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