3 comments on “The Irhoud Skulls in Morocco…REVISITED

  1. Holy cow… I never made the connection with water bodies Roberto! You took the words out of my mouth here from when I first read the link about this find.

    I’m still around my friend. Just been crazy in my life here and this morning tracking the news about a snowflake trying to assassinate Senators in mass. Just incredible…

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    • It’s looking to me like H. erectus MAY have been a “sailor.” If not then he certainly was a fisherman and likely also a strong swimmer.

      Regarding yesterday’s shootings in Alexandria it astounded me that the man was 66 years old. I expected him to be a young radical leftist but instead he was an old radical leftist 🙂 Doesn’t fit the profile. And then there was the disgruntled UPS employee in SF also yesterday who shot some of his former co-workers at a UPS facility there. Are guns now the “answer”? Any problem, just break out the gun? NOT the marks of a civilized society! I think we have a lot of mental illness in American society right now and very little logic and common sense. Also little to no self control. It is as if the USA has devolved to a nation of children in adult bodies. I thought again yesterday about the data showing the human brain is shrinking and how I like to agree with some researchers who say brain size doesn’t matter as we are better “wired” now. I thought, “Really? I’m no longer so sure about that.”


      • Well said. Bunch of irrational school children standing around chanting “Hit em again!” while those who actually started the fight stand lurking in the shadows waiting to pick up the change that falls out of their pockets when it is over. As you know it is all by design.

        For that ideology Guns are the answer… They get a “two for one” on talking points. This morning it is now self defense from the Senators and the shooter was the victim of a gun. How can they even rationalize an idea like this?

        And I am thinking you are right…We use a “percentage” of our brains, so when the size decreases so does this percentage of mass used.

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