3 comments on “Two Events Helped Shape Human Evolution

  1. I’m telling ya… Go spend an hour driving around downtown L.A., Las Vegas or Phoenix and your gallant compassion for the bulk of man is going to change. I’m getting my immediate clan prepared and going to let the rest go ahead and argue and stall until the bitter end. 🙂

    Great history here though Roberto… Thanks!

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  2. i’ve wondered the same thing as you stated about Mt. Toba. several years ago some volcano erupted in Iceland, although it didn’t cause a major climate change, it did put enough ash and debris in the atmosphere to cripple the airline industry over northern Europe for about a week.


    • I remember that because my aunt was visiting the UK at the time and she was delayed in getting back home becuase of the eruption. Mt Toba was a huge eruption that had major impact on climate in the Northern Hemisphere. Should such a thing happen today it would also have a massive effect on climate and us especially if a series of big volcanoes erupted about the same time.


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