7 comments on “Barents Sea Grows Ice in May

  1. And in the mean time as we go into summer here in the northern hemisphere it is going into winter in the southern hemisphere. It will be interesting to see how this changes the official narrative concerning the Antarctica ice packs. There is something dishonest about how they report melting ice in Antarctica, They always claim “it’s winter and Antarctica is melting”. Yeah… Winter here but summer there. But as the south now heads into winter Australia is already seeing record setting cold temperatures.


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    • They always forget to mention that little fact or they are so ignorant they don’t know that when it’s winter in the north, it’s summer in the south. Frankly, I don’t think they are that ignorant. When it comes to the Arctic I can’t help but notice every summer they say the ice is melting. Well HELLO! It’s normal for the sea ice to melt in the summer. Sad thing is this…………. MOST people will believe something just because other people believe it rather it is true or not. They just go along with the flow even when that flow is going off into the abyss!!


      • No the experts are not that ignorant, they just manipulate those who are indeed ignorant. And these are ignorant by design, They have not been educated about the “whole picture” concerning the scientific facts.

        It is an outright Crime…

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  2. it is certainly PC to be PC even though it is a lie, that is how this country works. targeted drone strike spread democracy, even though we are a republic not a democracy. a republic that represents the 1%ers and not the general population, which is a totalitarian regime, but that’s how i feel. as far as snow in Moscow, that doesn’t surprise me to much. back in June 10-12 about of 2009 we had 21/2 feet of wet heavy snow here in central Montana, up in the town of Wolf Creek they had 5 feet and 9 foot drifts. i went up there 2 weeks after all that snow and there was still crotch deep snow. i couldn’t even get to our property. back in the winter of 1997/98 i saw a definite change. it didn’t get quite as cold and the snow fall was reduced to about half of what we were accustomed to. i have lived here all my life. i asked the ins. adjuster that was doing and assessment of our roof as it was hail damaged, if he has noticed a change in the climate and he has seen the exact same thing as me. he grew up 60 miles north in Conrad.

    it was as if someone flipped a switch and we quit getting as much snow. even if it gets cold, we don’t have snow as much if at all. there has been maybe 3 winters where we got close to as much snow as prior to 97/98. last winter we got 2 major fronts that involved any snow and those only accumulated about 4 inches before it melted away. the last one for the season was weird, 90 miles north in the town of Browning, they got about 3 feet of wet heavy snow, that melted and caused some flooding there, we got about 4 inches. it is almost as if we live in some kind of banana belt.

    the thunder storms seem to be more intense and damaging as well. the ins. adjuster said the same thing. he said he doesn’t earn more money, but he does do more roof and property damage assessments.


    • Thunder storms here are definetly more violent than they were pre-1997 and so is the intensity of the lightening along with the winds. Something is definetly amiss with the weather but as we all know climate is constantly changing.


  3. Definetly something to watch. I’ve never heard of the sea ice expanding in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year. Yes I just love how the “establishment” tells us the Antarctic ice is melting in OUR winter and “accidently” fails to mention that it is SUMMER in the Southern Hemisphere. Not exactly a lie BUT not exactly telling the FULL story either. They spin anything and everything they possibly can to promote their PC bullshit agenda.


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