9 comments on “Valsequillo Revisited

  1. Absolutely! The Calico trenches were thirty ft deep and they were still making finds. The trenches got dangerous so they stopped them, So time to widen them not stop! 🙂

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  2. I agree. They should widen the excavations at Calico Hills and NOT stop. They need to keep going until no more artifacts are found. Deeper and wider! And this needs to happen at other sites in the Americas too so we can uncover our REAL origins!


    • Did you get to check out that Calico Artifact Photography Project link I shared quite awhile back Rob?

      I’ll share it again… http://www.calico.earthmeasure.com/

      I agree… There are a whole lot of sites that need to be revisited. But one hint of it and the funding is gone. Someone is going to have to be personally funded.

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  3. That’s about the only way it’s going to happen sadly. The “PC police” aren’t about to fund something that conflicts with their pet theories period. They need to widen the 30 ft tunnels at Calico now and have a full excavation with NO SECRETS kept.


  4. Sad that this fantastic site is now basically “off limits” to any further research as someone has built a house on top of it. What better way to cover up the evidence. If I had the money I’d buy that house, fot to Puebla, and start ripping it down and start excavating the site again. It is amazing what lenghts the “establishment” will go to to cover something up!

    As for the Calico site, I agree. Now that they are down 30 ft they need to widen it sort of like an open mine pit. Frankly, there’s just too many “geofacts” at this site to simply explain it all away. The preponderance of evidence alone shouts at us that this site is something VERY IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT.

    I was watching a new episode of “Ancient Aliens” last night 🙂 and one thing that struck me is they were saying with all of our new technology, cell phones, and computers along with Google Earth it is becoming impossible for the “establishment” to hide things as easily as they used to be able to. GOOD!! We need to back these people in a corner and let it rip IMO. They’ve been lying to us for decades now if not centuries!


    • Absolutely Rob. d I am really into the Google Earth thing. I have found some amazing stuff. Funny how plants never like to grow back on “Disturbed Ground” no matter how old it is. 🙂

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