4 comments on “The Minnesota Ice Man!! Sideshow or Real?

  1. This is a great write up about this Rob, thanks for posting Roberto. Been watching this for years now. I am tossed about authenticity though because of an observation I made a while back and I’ll bet Roberto has too. While the Body frame, hips and lower limbs are designed for full upright movement the hands appear to be those of an arboreal primate and for vertical climbing.

    The Thumb seems to be almost parallel with the index finger and the fingers much too curved for a terrestrial primate. I could be mistaken but those hands look like they should belong to a primate with a prehensile tail. I would think that if it had evolved to walk fully upright these hands would have also evolved to more human shaped hands? 🙂


  2. Their young climb trees and it is not uncommon to see their young and adults running on all fours like gorillas and chimps do. The thumb is, in fact, an enigma and seems to belong more to a tree dweller than a ground dweller. Apparently, the don’t live in trees but on the ground in dug out pits covered with brush. I notice too that they don’t fully walk upright as modern humans do but walk stooped (some more than others) life apes. However, when it come to the feet we have something very different from apes with BF. When apes walk they tend to point their feet inward. BF does not do this but instead the feet appear to be positioned much like humans when we walk.

    Something else is BF is attracted to human females as many reports attest and apparently they wish to breed with human females! So what do we have here? I would tend to agree with Anthropologist Dr Susan Martinez who says BF is 1/4 human and 3/4 other primate (she calls them YAKS).

    I am still pondering if BF might not be some hybrid between some unknown ape and H. erectus because its height, behavior (such as living in earth pits), etc do resemble that of H. erectus. One thing I do not think it is is some variant of giganopithecus. This is some kind of human mixed with some kind of other primate and it is very strong and more intelligent than apes.

    Finally, I think BF lives or at least spends time in both trees and on the ground so its not an either or situation with this creature. That said let me ask this question, “might BF be some kind of transitional species in our modern times?” BTW Native Americans refer to these creatures as people, men, woodland tribes. They believe BF is indeed a human.


    • Thank you for posting this 🙂 I think you are right. It is some sort of transitional species and/or hybrid. Regarding H. erectus some were very large and we don’t really know if they were covered with hair or not. As you pointed out Native Americans consider them to be men or people as do most indigenous people around the world. I think there is some element of human in these things but how much I’m unsure.


  3. Being more in tune with their natural surroundings, I would have to go with the assessment of the indigenous. 🙂

    I have been trying to participate sooner here Guys, keep getting pulled away. Lots of projects going on right now all at once here. Grand kid visiting, Getting the Jeep ready for bugout trip, And now today this if you want to come follow along. Tell you what, this has got to be the roughest course I have ever seen for bicycles. The roads through this park are horrendous.



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