10 comments on “Out of Europe? Ignored finds are reanalyzed with surprising results!

  1. This is very significant! It confirms a second find to support the Petralona Man find Rob. This has been an issue for awhile now.


  2. Finding the Neanderthal ancestor in a cave in Spain not long ago basically blew the OOA theory out of the water and now with this it really blows it out of the water. Honestly, I can’t help but now wonder about all of those finds with dates “to early.” Apparently, they are not to early at all. It’s time to revise our theories and base them on the EVIDENCE instead of political correctness or wishful thinking.


  3. Out of Asia….Out of Europe……Out of Africa……Out of the Americas…..Out of Europe ???????

    Insteresting time line over the past century pertaining to the origins of humanity.

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      • I think the truth is to be found everywhere. That is, early human ancestors existed everywhere and didn’t come from anywhere.


            • I was just going to email my NPS friend about that. He finally got the documentation for that dig to me Roberto. But I noticed they only went about three feet deep and were not to the floor yet. Even the gentleman in the Lab that identified the bone fragments told him to GO DEEPER. He wants Mega fauna. 🙂


              • The evidence is being found at Calico Hills et al IMO which is exactly where Leakey went to find it. Our time for denial is over. Either we face the truth and evidence or we continue our idiotic fantasies and reject truth and evidence.


                • There was another discovery that came out a few days ago. They found a site in Australia that is now being dated to over 70,000 years ago. Almost twice what they thought was the migration date.

                  Times are a changing… 🙂

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