11 comments on “Coping With Death

  1. One day at a time…

    Thank you for sharing the situation Rob, I very much appreciate knowing the reality of it, and my thoughts have been for your whole family and Dr Peron.

    It was an extremely hard fall and will be a tough horse to climb back on. It takes time to sort this out within even the strongest of men.

    All we can do is take it one day at a time and hope that at some point he might decide to get back in the saddle.

    Not for us… but for himself…

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  2. My wife and i went through a “marriage encounter” back in 1994. we had been married 5 years. we did so at the urging of the wife’s boss and close friend as her and her husband did some of the presentations. one of the presentations was specifically about the death of your spouse. there were 2 other couples also doing presentations as well. that particular presentation was the most profound one as far as i was concerned and i have never forgotten it and often think about it. i’m sure we have all lost loved ones but losing your wife or soulmate is the most difficult thing one could survive. Like you say J.R. “one day at a time”, and many of those days he will be white knuckling it to get through the day.

    On a side note, i did not write “The Wave”. i have tweaked it though a little. i read it in a funeral program when a long time, very close friend passed back in 1998. it was a Lutheran funeral, but he hadn’t been Lutheran for a long time. he was Rastafarian/Buddhist and always wanted to swim with the whales, he loved swimming. i don’t recall who the author was, but never forgot it, and always shared it with anyone that has suffered the loss of a loved one ;/

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    • My Wife and I have discussed this possible scenario several times. We are going on 32 years now and there are very few things that we do not do together as best friends. But even though we think we are mentally prepared, we really don’t know for sure to what degree it would actually affect us. We do have an idea how seriously tough this would be for each other.


  3. Thank you Randolph. The way things are today I think for the majority of us alive today we are all living one day at a time just trying to make it through each day. Losing someone you love only makes it harder. He is a survivor so that is a plus.


  4. Losing a loved one is hard enough but losing a spouse is extra difficult I suspect. My prayers continue to be with him in this difficult time.


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