11 comments on “Glad to be back…..

  1. Just needed to give you heads up Rob. It is sad to see, but the Unicef ads are making pages hang here whenever they pop up. I don’t know if you have the controls to block specific problem ads in the adchoice block or not? But in the very least these should be reported to WordPress as problem ads because I know they do for sure. 🙂


      • Thank you Sir. I hate to see that, a supposedly humanitarian cause like UNICEF and someone throws malicious coding into their ad and messed them up. 🙂


  2. I am back for now after a long ordeal. I would like to thank everyone for keeping things going. I am not 100% and likely will not be for a while so I will do what I can and leave the rest to others. Rob and Barb will play increasing roles in SPI and on this blog. They are very competent and knowledgeable and I have full faith in them both.

    I myself am here for the time being but I am considering plans that may take me elsewhere. Something I thought about recently centers around how many foreign anthropologists accuse their American counterparts of doing to much writing and not enough work in the field. I think that is TRUE and I have been guilty of it too So I will be spending more time in the field finding evidence to support my theories OR to reject them. Evidence is not found on a computer but only when one gets out and looks.

    I think I may be rambling here so let me get to my point…..

    My wife and I were very close and had been for many decades. She was truly my other half and now that other half is gone from this world and I am left with only one-half. There is nothing on this world that can replace that void. This emptiness shall now haunt me until my own death I assure you.

    I am here for now and will carry on the best I can and the most I desire. I am far from being alone in my theories and, in fact, there are many more with the same theories and there is now a growing body of evidence supporting these theories. So I am not alone and my work is not alone. It is a part of something bigger than myself. That work will continue with or without me, carried on by others known and unknown.

    My life has not been an easy one. In fact it has most often been one of struggle, strife, and frequently disappointment. I have seen the ugly part of life and do not wish to see it again. None of us come into this rotten world by choice! In some ways I would say the lucky ones among us are the ones who die. This life is often one of kiddie games and unnecessary bullshit. NONE of us understand it or its purpose EVEN though some of the know-it-all gurus out there claim to. I beg to differ with you. You don’t. This life is a mystery both in being a purpose and most often we are left wondering “Why?”. Why? Who knows? I have NO answers.

    I will say this much. In all my life of looking at evidence or the lack thereof, in all my years of study focused on humans and our existence and our evoltuion there IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT about US! We humans have something MORE to us than the rest of the animals! We are indeed DIFFERENT and so we cannot be and SHOULD not be classed as mere APES! We are much, much more than that! Something inside of us exists in this world and when we die that something inside of us leaves and returns to where it came from wherever that is. To say humans have a spirit would be somewhat of an understatement. It’s much MORE than just that!

    Again I am rambling………….so I will end this.

    I again thank everyone for keeping things going and I’m sure all of you will continue the work with or without me because our work is greater than just me. For now I will continue my part of the work and I hope you will continue your parts.


    PS– if none of this makes any sense please know my mind is very clouded at this time and my thoughts are not clear. Perhaps in a few days the fog will be gone and I will begin to think more clearly. So if none of this makes sense to you just simply ignore it. Consider it the rants of an old man 🙂


    • It makes a lot of sense my friend, Time for a working vacation to sort it all out. Honestly… I think I would need to do the same Roberto. I am happy to read here you still have a bit a rant in you Sir, it is a good sign. 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you are back and would like to express my sincere condolences. i don’t consider any of what you said the rants of an old man, and it makes a lot of sense. grief and emotions are very convoluted, and should not be ignored. Nobody will ever take the place of your wife, ever, but please don’t believe you will spend the rest of your life all alone.

    My father in law was a good decent man, but he had to divorce his first wife, the mother of all of his children as she took up drinking and cheating. so he divorced her, but always had feelings for her up ’til the day he passed. he did remarry and believed they would grow old together, but fate had something else in mind. I did not know her well as she passed about a year or so after my wife and i started dating. He was about 57 yoa. he did marry again, and if the cliche “3rd time is a charm” can apply here , then it will and is. when i first met my father in law he took me to his back yard and showed me his rose garden, it was to him as my veg garden is to me, “hallowed ground.” He loved roses and it was big and quite beautiful, all in bloom. He named his first born daughter Rosalie. his 3rd wife, “the charm” her name is Rosella… go figure. he outlived her but did not die alone, he was with his daughter, Rosalie, his youngest son, Rod and some of his grandchildren, he died a very contented, thankful man.

    as far as being old, well i’m almost 60 and i don’t feel all that old, even though it takes me longer to do stuff, but when my back flares up and i need an epidural. that just sucks, but i feel way more broke than old because the co-payment and deductible for an epidural really suuucks, leaving me more broke than before. just sayin’

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    • Thank you Randolph 🙂 I have a big family so I will never be alone as at least one of them is always around lol. We plan for our lives and then fate deals us an unexpected card and we move on. At least that’s what I’m told. So I now move on.


  4. I think what is most important in this Roberto is what Mrs. Peron would have wanted you to do. From what Barb told me she was a strong woman. Strong women keep moving forward and expect others to do the same.

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