3 comments on “Mt. Stuart from Mexico?

  1. This is interesting Barb. I can’t watch the video right now to see what he has going on here but it may be possible since the San Andreas is slowly slipping north on the coastal side I think.

    Did everyone make it back safe Barb?


    • Rob is due back today.

      Yes I think the fault is slowing slipping northward. At least that is my understanding but I’m not a geologist. I do know that the fflora in California and along the Pacific Coast doesn’t match the rest of North America (so I’ve heard) which is also strange. Honestly, I think when the super continent of Pangea broke up we have land masses large and small moving around in all directions and maybe even very quickly.


      • They are all going to be beat for awhile. I just wanted to make sure they all make the trip safe is all. 🙂

        ” maybe even very quickly.” Yep… I think you are onto something Roberto and I talked about a couple times in the past. The inertia of Mass has trouble changing direction if the direction of travel changes to quickly. 🙂


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