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  1. Absolutely! you did great here Barb! This is one of the most straight forward and comprehensive writings I have seen on this yet Barb. This theory by Austin was what I was chasing when I ran into Roberto on AO. Then Roberto backed me up and showed me even more. If I understand it right the confusing thing about this particular science is that when thinking about the “dilution” of a purer bloodline one would think it should be less when it is actually reversed and it is more heterozygosity.

    To better put it into perspective there is a model that correlates what this model is trying to show but it shows it as it should to make sense. It uses Blood type O and shows that the most likely origin was South America and then it was diluted from there as it spread out to Asia and beyond. It makes too much sense that the further from the origin the more it would be diluted with other blood types. So this map backs up what you present here. And I absolutely do think that one species of early man did indeed originate from South America and spread Northwest from there.

    I presented this possibility a while back on my site and one of my current projects is trying to show that there were three different main species, one having type A, one having type B, and the third from South America having type O. I just pulled the type A and type B maps to compare with this type O map just this morning and plan to expand on this article to prove this possibility. But here is a possible connection and support with what you have shared here Barb. 🙂


    Great Article Barb! Thank you! Well worth another Pizza! lol


    • Thank you JR. I think my problem is with the word “heterozygosity.” It causes me a mental block of something lol. Yes I think what is most confusing is that you’d expect to see the dilution of a purer bloodline as less but it is actually the reverse and is MORE heterozygosity (admixture). So if humans came out of Africa we should see more of this but the study found less of it and this evidence says Africa was not the cradle of humankind. But when we reverse it we find that there is more admixture in Afria and less in the Americas suggesting that the America’s were the cradle of humankind.

      Ok so where is the evidence? We don’t find fossil remains from H. erectus in the Americas or any other archaic human. Are we missing it because we are blinded by the OOA theory? Is it staring us in the face but we’re not seeing it?

      Regarding the O blood type I think from the diagram on your site that it is safe to say this blood type may have well originated in the Americas. Assuming this is so and humans spread out of the Americas over the landbridge into Asia this blood type became diluted until eventually coming to central and western Asia were its frequency is very low, in fact.

      What gets me is look at South America (90-100%) and compare it to Africa (60-80%). If the type O bloodtype was diluted down to 50% in Asia there’s no way it could be that high in Africa but it is. So was there also a migration out of South America directly into Africa? That’s the only thing that makes sense to me, honestly. I think you’re on to something JR.


      • Yes the Africa concentration is there, But so is it in Northern Australia and a very hot spot in New Zealand. Possible Sea travel to the east from South America to Australia and then Africa ? Roberto and I discussed these possibilities in the comments on that piece trying to solve that issue. lol

        As for not finding anything here in the Americas? We are not digging deep enough! I mean literally… We are chastised by the establishment and discredited for even thinking about digging below the 14k level at all site digs.

        Funds are immediately cut off and all the work you just did goes out the door and 50 “Experts” start writing against it for even mentioning doing this. Look at what happened at Calico, they dared to dig past the acceptable level and were shut down then discredited.


        • You know if you look at that map it shows something interesting about North America. I think it was once all type O all the way up to Alaska and all the way across the continent to eastern Canada and the whole eastern sea board. Then it looks like a Solutrean migration could be very possible landing on the east coast spreading west through the center of North America diluting type O. Next it looks like a second migration from Russia across the land bridge into and across northern Canada to dilute that region of type O headed east. The remnants of O in Florida and the band pocket across Canada is quite interesting isn’t it? 🙂


  2. I put this up so people can see what we are talking about. So, honestly your map of the O blood type connects with the graphs from Whittall which is very interesting.


    • Thank you for putting it up Barb. 🙂 So in this I see three different main migrations. But first I have to point out that it looks more challenging than it truly may have been because we are looking at a Mercator Projection with this map. The Mercator makes everything in the far north and far South look much father apart than they really are. South America is not at all that far from New Zealand and Australia. It is warping our perception of distance. It is shaped like this: ) ( When it should be shaped like this: ( ) . lol

      What I see may be possible is a Migration of one people from South America west to New Zealand, Australia, and into Africa. A migration of the Solutrean from Spain west to the far eastern tip of Canada. And a Migration from Russia east into Canada. If this were true there is an anomaly to explain because it seems out of place with this theory.

      The pocket of 70-80% in the middle of Russia is out of place for this. I think this could have been another migration from Canada with a population of 90-100% type O from Alaska. Hence the Native American DNA Haplogroup “Y” that they just happened to find right in that area. 🙂 I really need to put all three maps together, find the possible original source of each blood type, and then draw some migration routes showing how they may have mixed from each.

      In this I think to make the assumption that peoples moved only one direction and then stayed there could be a mistake. I think it could have been just like a modern freeway now. There are people going both directions for different reasons. And occasionally they meet up in Motels and share DNA and blood types with each other along the way. lol

      But you are right, it does correlate his charts and could support his theory very well. 🙂


  3. Well I am off for the night Barb, Please have a great evening and thank you for holding down the fort! 🙂


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