18 comments on “Amazing Dino Fossil !!

  1. Oh wow! this is super cool! So many examples from this can be used to help model skin and armor of other species! Being so well preserved is indeed very rare and incredible!


  2. The preservation is astounding! You can still see almost every deal in the armor and the fossilized eyes REALLY gets me. A few more finds such as this and we won’t have to imagine what these things looked like. Now if we can just find some fossilized prehistoric hominids in the same state of preservation that would really be amazing. And I would not be surprised if they looked more like US that we might wish to believe lol. Great article Barb!


  3. that would have been way cooler if it was in my back yard next to that part of a bone. oh well, great article. i clicked on the link to look at more pics and a vid. i read a comment that said God put these fossils there to test our faith. i know, it doesn’t make sense to me either. i was taught that the devil was here to test my faith. are dinos devils? some say aliens are. still liked the article and my faith has been tested once again, got a failing grade, a F+ for failing exceptionally well.:)


    • That would have been very cool Randolph 🙂 But it would have been cooler had I found it in my backyard as I filled in a hole dug by my dog LOL. I’ve heard it all before. Dino fossils are here to “test our faith” and human fossils are of the “people before the flood.” Sorry but honestly I don’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says something like, “And on the sixth day God created Homo sapiens, male and female….”. So until I do I’ll just assume God created something else. Not meant to offend anyone but come on. I’m not knocking the Bible because there is actually some good science basics in it. Just some of the assumptions that some people have about it.


  4. Well Barb… If you are a Biologist then you are also indirectly a Paleontologist, Your study specimens just haven’t fossilized yet. lol

    I shared this thought with Professor Donnan when I wrote him. The study of Anthropology is not just about the past but about the present and the future also. For example we now have a generation that has no clue what a phone booth is, even though it might seem unimportant now, if we don’t document this technology change and capture an image or two future anthropologists will never know it even happened because all evidence of these artifacts have been melted down and converted into other artifacts.

    So what you document in the present as a Biologist will in the future be the “Cave Paintings” Paleontologists will be associating with the fossils they just found. 🙂

    Makes me want to go paint a phone booth on a cave wall… lol

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    • I agree with you. The study of anthropology is about the present and future and simply not the past. I’ll join you in painting a phone booth on a cave wall JR lol. It will take future researchers decades to figure out what it is. However, they will narrow it down to some sort of box used for religious purposes I’m sure 🙂


  5. it is very funny, are you talking about the more modern phone booth here in the states, or those funky red ones in England? it could be just an alien coffin. and if you take a pic of it, the more blurry and blobby it is, the more believable it will be for those people. i think we definitely have a conspiracy here, maybe a book to sell. we could even expand the conspiracy to include the 8 track, cassette, rotary phone, am/fm radio, and LP. (if you play those backwards there is a secret message!) we could pretend to believe this nonsense and hook up with Gil and his blue planet project and Trey and his God in a nut shell project, not to mention all of the burry, blobby youtubers. we would make a lot of money and fund the San Pedro Institute and the TRUUUTH. just to think all those people have the same right to keep and bear arms the same as us. it ain’t so funny any more, now is it?

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  6. Thank you 🙂 It does look like some sleepy dragon or something. I’m amazed at the detail that was preserved in this specimen. Now we have a realistic idea of what these creatures looked like. Hope we find more.


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