28 comments on “Archaeoacoustics: The 3000 year old conch trumpets and more

  1. Excellent stuff Rob! I see you caught the discussion Roberto and I had awhile back about Acoustics. I did not know they have actually labeled the study of ancient acoustics. You found links I was unable to find back during that discussion and this is an excellent topic I have been curious about for many years now.

    Met a young man last night who ran out of juice in his all electric car and needed a boost charge to get across the desert here. We were talking about this very possibility at the very time you were posting it here concerning the building of South American sites and others Including Coral Castle as being built using sound.

    How’s that for a timely coincidence? 🙂

    He’s an intelligent kid interested in what we talk about here and I invited him to come drop in and visit here after he gets to where he is going and caught up a bit.

    But back to acoustics… I think it is absolutely physically possible to manipulate an aggregate such as quartz sand with frequencies to cut stone. And I have witnessed certain frequencies move very large heavy objects by making them actually “float” across concrete floors from vibration. I have seen them over time literally end up spinning around in place a full 360 degrees just from sound vibrations.

    When thinking about these Conch Shells one would assume that they would be monotone and only able to produce one note. But when looking at the bugle as an example, a whole scale can be produced with only the lips. And experimenting with different octave and frequency combinations from numerous different vessels at one time would be a very worthy effort in proving possible physical capabilities.

    By nature humans mentally reject “sour notes” and hate to hear these, we immediately defend our ears and try to stop and eliminate them as soon as possible. But what if we have at the same time also been rejecting combinations of sour notes that could move mountains and build cities! If Tesla could move Buildings and Bridges using frequencies, why not early man?

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla

    Could Tesla be talking about sound frequencies in the riddle he left us with? Could he have discovered ancient knowledge and applied it accordingly? Nikola Tesla Said Wireless Waves Are Not Electromagnetic, But Sound In Nature … Could Tesla have been referring to the very real 432 Hz frequency of the universe it’s self?

    I am absolutely convinced that sound was one of the very first sciences man experimented with, beginning with the sounds produced from hitting two stones together while making the first tools… 🙂

    You brought me out of the Blah mood I was in and excited thought with this one Rob. Thank you. 🙂


  2. I have several conch shells at home and, honestly, I’ve tried to blow on them to make a sound and nothing happens. I don’t know the first thing about playign a trumpet. Thanks for inviting people to the site JR. I think Peron will be pleased. I too think that there is something to this, that is, using sound to move objects. There’s got to be. If nothing else it would be the fibrations that certain sounds create I think. This is a fascinating topic and I’d like to do some experimenting around to see what I can come up with but first I’ve got to learn to blow the conch.

    JR I completely forgot Tesla also experimented with sound vibrations. Thanks for reminding me. Tesla was a fascinating scientists and I absolutely love many of the ideas and inventions he came up with. He was far ahead of his time. “…3,6, and 9…” what do you think Tesla meant by this statement?

    He may have been referring to sound vibrations or frequencies but I’m not sure. You may be right as sound may have been the first thing humans experimented with and if so then that makes sound the oldest experiments of humankind.

    Rob your mention of the pyramids, ball courts, and other structures at Mesoamerican and Inca sites is amazing. I did not know you could stand at one end of the ball court, whisper, and it would be heard at the other end. I wonder if this same phenomena can be found in the ball courts in Arizona made by the Hohokam?

    Amazing subject Rob!!


    • Barb, I have to share that lip flapping instruments are not one size fits all, 🙂 So it may have nothing to do with your abilities to play the Conch or not. Mouth pieces for lip flapping instruments come in different sizes to fit the varied lip configuration of the player. In modern examples of this the mouth piece can be switched out to make the same instrument adaptable to different players.

      But in ancient instruments like this the “pocket” for the lips had to be custom fitted to the individual players lip, mouth size and shape. This is the same with the ancient Didgeridoo of Australia. Not everyone could play an instrument custom made to fit another player. So it might not be anything at all you are doing wrong with trying to play the Conch. 🙂

      As for Tesla’s Riddle? There have been a lot of theories thrown out there but I now realize we may never know for sure. His papers and notes were confiscated by the government when he was thought to have been murdered for his knowledge of the universe. He was hiding knowledge and power capabilities that every evil in the world would die or kill to get ahold of.

      Do a search on 432 Hz and a whole world of conspiracy opens up, so there must be something to it. Many good musicians are well aware of this ancient frequency tuning before it was manipulated and changed with intent and purpose. And many like myself can “feel” this when out in the sticks away from the constant bombardment of artificial man made frequencies. It actually has a physical effect on our biological function of the Pineal gland. It is built into us through evolution.

      A short story about an old friend and 432 Hz…

      As A teen I had a guy chase me down at school looking for a drummer to back him up and start a jazz band. His name is John and no one knew, but even at this age John was well on his way to becoming one of the world’s best concert pianists. But he wanted to also have a little fun away from the very tedious and long hours he put in practicing the serious and complicated classical pieces he was working on to become a concert pianist.

      So we got together and became very serious about putting in the time and effort to make this work. We were a four piece band, Keyboards, Drums, Bass guitar and a wonderful vocalist who was John’s girlfriend. We became popular and performed all over the region and surrounding towns. John was just amazing at his craft and had become “one” with the ivories, any Ivories.

      But back to the 432 Hz, We were talking about this frequency after a practice session one time and John decided that he was going to tune one of his stand up pianos to 432 Hz. John had four altogether. A grand concert piano, two stand up pianos and a very nice electronic keyboard. One of the stand ups he had already “Converted” to sound like a harpsichord.

      We had played together using the third standup many times and were familiar with the sound and volume of this particular piano. It took him a few weeks to retune this and get it right but when he was done he called me in total excitement said “Hey…you have to come over and hear this J.R. you are not going to believe it!”. Knowing John was a serious individual who never got very excited about much I was now super curious myself.

      So I got there and he said sit back in that chair and listen to this! He did his little joke and habit of lifting his imaginary Tuxedo coat tails, sat down on the bench, placed his hands on the keys an started to play the most complicated classical piece he had in his list of mastered pieces. I could not open my eyes once he started to play, I was entranced by the fullness, volume and color of the sound this piano was now producing.

      It was now louder and had more resonance than his very expensive Grand! It was making the very wood floor and furniture in the room have life and resonance of their own! The whole room it’s self was complimenting and producing it’s own frequencies in unison with the piano! When he got done with the piece nether one of us could open our eyes or say a word for a good two minutes because we were in a trance from it.

      Then at one time we looked at each other and all we could do was say “Wow”. For me this lead to many more experiments with different frequency tunings over the years and opened up a whole new world for me in the study of frequencies. It was a life changing event in my studies of music. 🙂

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      • Teslas notes, papers, inventions, and just about everything else were in fact whisked away by the feds after his death. He had some amazing inventions not to mention the ones he never talked about and we don’t know about. A very amazing man and a Genius with a capital “G”.

        Frequencies are interesting and they do certainly have an effect on us and everything else. You are right, when we are out in nature its frequency has an affect on us. I notice a very calming effect and a feeling of oneness and contentment. When I return to the city all that goes away and is replaced by disconnection and discontentment not to mention I am acutely attuned to all of the noise our modern society makes. Outrageous! No wonder people are nuts-so today. I think the noise drives them insane, literally.

        Experiments with sound may have been among the first experimentation conducted by early humans. Perhaps they noticed something by chance and after that they began to experiment. Man/woman is a curious creature and always has been I think. This curiosity of ours is where our creativity comes from which gives birth to our innovations.

        I have always found it hard to believe that the massive stone blocks used to erect the Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids in Mesoamerica were put into to position by nothing but human labor. Had that been the case they’d still be building the things today! I very well think it possible that they used sound to help them in their mega-engineering feats.

        In Mesoamerica some of the temples have phenomenal echoes. Ecohoes almost musical in their own rite. Instruments such as flutes played in these structures create the most amazing sounds. Was this construction on purpose or by accident? And what of the echoes in the ball courts and pyramid complexes? Frankly, I don’t think this was all by accident but by design. And, if this is the case, then we GROSSLY misunderstand what these structures were and what they were used for. Somehow we must break out of this preconditioned conception of our ancestors being savage primitives because THEIR technology says otherwise. They explored much further than we thought. They had engineering skills much more sophisticated than we thought. They had an amazing amount of knowledge about the stars (astronomy). They appear to have had a skilled knowledge of biology, medicine, and medical science, among other things. They had organized societies with assigned social roles. They had trade and monetary systems. They educated their young. When faced with challenges they appear to have met those challenges with creativity and innovation just as we do today. Sorry, but these are NOT signs of a savage or primitive society!

        It is our own egotism that blinds us to the truth about these ancient people in my opinion. To understand them and to “know” them we must remove our blinders! That is, IF we truly wish to “know” them and understand them.


        • Absolutely… But in your post here is another lesson about ourselves. We have a habit of viewing history with only one sense, sometimes but rarely with all senses taken into account. We are limiting scope, perspective, and perception. Like this example here, This topic goes beyond our normal observations of just sight and adds a not much talked about perspective of sound.

          But to have full scope one must not just use both these aspects of what did it sound like added to what it may have looked like to be there at that time. What about smell? What did it also smell like? Feel? what might it have felt like with these vibrations?

          For example when thinking about medieval cities in France let’s say… What did it look like? What did it sound like? what did it smell like? what would it feel like to have a chamber pot emptied on your head as you walked down this street full of sewage?

          Only if you take all these senses into account can you truly have a real scope of what it might have been like. lol

          And Rob? you know that “hangover” feeling you get when you come home after a few days in the bush? that is all the manmade sound and electromagnetic frequencies hitting you again and your body telling you how wrong it is for you. 🙂


      • OK this is pretty cool. 🙂 Sharing this story made me go looking for my old Friend John again. I have been searching for news about him for years and years now with absolutely no luck. Even though he was from a very prominent family in town he himself was kind of low key. Last I heard he was headed off to school and on Mission for the LDS Church back when we got out of Highschool and haven’t been able to find him since.

        Just I found him…He now owns a Recording Studio in Utah. 🙂

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  3. I was playing around with music today and ran across this and had to share it. 🙂

    The creativity of man playing a Gastropod

    Steve Turre playing a Conch Solo. 🙂

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      • It is kind of cool 🙂 But I really didn’t mean for it to auto-embed in here, lol I was just linking to it but the script loaded it up as an embed on it’s own. So if it is out of place on the blog here Karl is welcome to remove it if he needs to. Lesson learned, now we know the script is going to do this with video links. 🙂

        I have to critic the drummer on that video though, He was a little too fortissimo for that run and it was hard to hear the Conch solo. Actually, it was hard to hear all the other instruments. And he got a little too “busy” in a couple places. lol

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        • LOL I agree he should tone down the beating drums. Karl is gone as his intership is over so right now all that is here is me. Just don’t ask me to do anything technical and we should run smoothly. 🙂


          • Well darn it…I didn’t even get to tell Karl goodbye. We had some great one party conversations. Lol

            Hey… I’m here too! lol I thank you for the great conversations Barb. 🙂

            Ok, You got it… 🙂 I will go on float with the tech questions Barb and I appreciate your wanting to add a little in here when you get a chance. Things will be different around here for awhile going forward, and it would be absolutely natural for this. So I am just riding along at whatever pace you all set with no expectations of any kind. 🙂

            When someone gets thrown from a horse this hard it always takes quite a bit longer to shake it off and climb back in the saddle. This is just how it is and normal.


    • OK after running this one through, Watch the video on the bottom left. Much better more professional environment and composition. I should have posted that one here instead. 🙂


  4. Well he was pretty unsociable but he was a hell of a computer wiz and I could have used him this morning as I’ve been busy all morning fixing computer errors and finally had to reset the thing completely. Of course I had some help (I am not a computer wiz) and we have a new/additional one on the way too. So everything worked out but it all just took a long time to get things up and going again. It wasn’t a virus but more like the windows environment was crashing step by step. Thankfully we saved it and now this sucker is running better than it ever has LOL.


    • Was it happening while you were on here, or happening wherever you were going to? I ask this because I was not going to mention it yet because I promised you no tech stuff. 🙂

      But WordPress(dot) com has been serving up some malicious ads in the adsense ad rotator block here. Certain ads have been giving me warnings and locking mine up after they load now and then.

      But this is not the script here and a WP responsibility to cure I would think. 🙂


      • No problem on WP but I ran into several problems on the AO site a few days ago. In fact it brought up the “blue screen of death.” Even though all of our ad blockers are on that site still plauges us with ads galore! In fact the ads are so bad and slow things down so much that you can’t even read the site anymore so I’m staying away from it. That is the only site I’ve had problems with especially lately and I think it might be their way of forcing readers to go premium.


        • Yep, I quit going there several months ago. 🙂 In fact if you search here I ranted to Roberto about it for a few days in a row. lol

          But worse than the extortion to premium factor, they are indeed installing very malicious cookies into your system. Their main business is Development and software, So they know exactly what they are doing there with their crap.


          • Wait a minute. “Their main business is Development and software.”???? I thought they were an academic site focused on archaeology and related?


            • Lol… Sorry I missed this on my way out the door this morning Barb. Go check their parent company links. 🙂 Oh yeah… I did about 2 weeks of background on these guys at AO and found Roberto might be absolutely right about them being a front for a more nefarious agenda. Further more they claim to have experts on their staff that Roberto knows personally. NOT, and there are quite a few “Proxy Identities”. lol

              I already told Roberto but I think halve the commenters their are AO family themselves. But what really pissed me off was that every comment creates a whole new email “spam account” I had to deal with. They had no “logged in” controls to actually eliminate all of these in mass at one time. I wrote them and threatened to expose their scam and then all of a sudden the controls were now there to stop all the different spam sources. lol

              See…their other sites are in the UK, but their email server is in LA. So US antispam laws apply to this particular server. I pointed this out and my user settings changed accordingly. lol

              But you know what? They are NOT showing the EU cookie warning that is required by law over there if I remember right? This alone could shut them down because of their UK IP addresses of the AO and their parent development corporation. 🙂

              Do you have adblock plus yet? if not get it! or use the firefox browser that has this option to block ads and scan cookies for you. Firefox has a great add on called lightbeam… This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! It gives you a “molecular” style graph of every connection tied too and associated with a website like AO, then lets you block all but what you want to just make it work for you and remembers the settings. All the ads, all the hidden third party tracking connections, It is fantastic. lol

              I always use it when I am doing risky political background investigations to see who all is connected to the sites and information I am searching. I am absolutely for sure it has saved my Butt several times. 🙂

              So Yay! We just got new phones and internet connections. I might actually be able to get some stuff done now! Those dial up 10 minute page loads were killing me! Trying to get anything done and then tested on my own site was almost futile. lol


    • I would like to suggest getting Firefox if you don’t have it Barb. You will never go back. 🙂 The only reason I used it selectively is because the security features and filters made it go a little slower on the Dial up connection. But now that I am high speed again it will be the only browser I will use.

      Man…I wish I could edit my reply above for grammer… lol I went in and couldn’t find anywhere to edit comments and replies? I was only in there once prior so I went to see what I would have to do if I had a chance to post an article here.


  5. Firefox is all i use and i have adblock plus as well. Comodo security as well and malwarebytes, spybot search and destroy, and CC Cleaner. no problems and if somebody tries to invade my computer i run those programs to clean it all up. Macafee is a rip-off too in my experience.


    • Absolutely Randolf. Have you added on Lightbeam also? I have found it very useful to see who is truly snooping around in a supposedly “innocent” website or to explain why a site might be so heavy and slow like AO.

      Something important about Firefox though. It is imperative to go and make sure your settings for “sharing” back to Mozilla are off for it to be completely safe and private. Because this will report all your stuff to the “Ford Foundation”. But IE is much much worse about this sharing issue though and as long as this is adjusted in Firefox it is the best and most secure browser available.

      And you are right about MacAfee, I have caught them giving me a virus to charge me more to remove that virus they just gave me. Kind of like the extortion stuff AO is doing with all the ads and premium memberships. lol


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