5 comments on “Lions face same extinction threat as Sabre Tooths

  1. Thank you Barb. So is the main factor Weather? From what I understand, aside form local poachers now and then, they are now trying to do a good job at managing and protecting the prey of these big cats. What more could be done to help I wonder?

    What great Images of these stately creatures!


  2. I certainly think changes in the environment have something to do with it as does the poaching of animals also. Poaching is big money in Africa unfortunately and it is a growing problem from what I hear.


  3. These are beautiful and fascinating animals and I hate to see them moving on the road to extinction. Honestly, I’m not sure what we can do to avoid that now and this has been an ongoing problem for many decades. We are seeing many species beginning to walk the road to extinction. Some of it has to do with humans but a lot of it has to do with changing ecosystems as global climate IS changing. We’ve seen this before in past extinction events so this is not the first time.


    • Good morning Barb 🙂 I agree with everything you shared here. I was reading yesterday about how the oceans are also losing oxygen content, which of course lead to a past mass extinction long before the influence of man. As you say it was not the first time, And I think it comes in cycles and it may be just a fact of nature that is overdue to reoccur again.


  4. Nature does operate in cycles and we might be overdue for such events. Nature has a sort of rhythm to it which continues despite human efforts to perhaps prevent or change them. When we go up against nature we are on the losing end most of the time. That rhythm continues as do the cycles. I’ve thought about this a lot and I think we are entering a new cycle and this is why we see changes in ecosystems and species on the road to extinction. But we are also finding new species that we never knew existed and that too is thrilling! Have they always been around or are they something new? Honestly we don’t for sure know. Interesting times we live in .


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