12 comments on “The Coexistence of H. naledi and Modern Humans in South Africa

  1. I fully support the hybrid theory, it just makes too much sense. And the timeline is very interesting. I wonder if any coprolites have been found? Apparently they can now get DNA results from coprolites and it would be interesting see what they might find with this dig.

    I understand the point about this being in Africa, But Roberto has also suggested it is possible that one of these very early species may have found it’s way to the new world during this timeline but we just haven’t found it yet.

    I have started a draft and research about how this very thing happened with early Polar Bear ancestors, Not just the hybridization but also very early migration. If Polar Bears did it why not the same with man?

    With the re-dating of the San Diego find we are getting closer though. 🙂


    • I too think some early hominids made it into the Americas by various means or perhaps they were simply already here to begin with. I would be interested to see your draft/research on polar bear migrations. Ancient people followed their food source so if the food source crossed the land bridge or by some other means then of course these people would have followed them as far as I can see. It’s only logical and natural behavior of predator and prey. I find it thrilling that new finds are being made that actually support what Peron has been saying for a long time now. Thank you for your comment JR.


      • I saw it yesterday on the other thread Rob but was just unable to muster thought. It deserves to be on it’s own thread Rob. Thanks!

        I have been researching the polar bear thing as time allows in between treasure hunts you guys end up sending me on with your thoughts here. 🙂 Their evolution history is quite interesting and very well can be compared to the hybridization theory Roberto has suggested in man.

        They are a living example of hybridization and more importantly very early migration to all continents and islands in the far north. And they are Mariners who FLOAT. If bears could float at such an early time, why not man?

        It’s taking me a bit because it covers several different correlation examples at once, but I will eventually make all the connections . 🙂


            • It will be my pleasure Barb, thank you. The more I dig the more interesting it gets and I keep getting sidetracked into more detailed stuff and now even colorations with oral traditions and origin stories. 🙂

              So it’s like “OK now where am going to fit this into it? it needs to be there…”

              but more important things keep coming up.


    • This is actually pretty amazing, honestly. But I tend to agree with the idea that H. naledi was likely some hybrid form of H. habilis. It certainly has some of those features but it also has H. sapien features too. It will be interesting to see what else they come up with at Rising Star. Berger and Hawks are great btw.


    • I sort of agree with the Neutral Theory and I agree with the findings of Shi Huang and his team. Genetics is turning up things that we never suspected and sometimes in surprising ways. I believe that as more genetic work continues we will find more and more that we’ve made a lot of assumptions and wrong hypotheses about human evolution. This should be interesting to see what future genetic research shows.


      • Me too Barb. And one of the most incredible advances is the recent ability to get DNA from Coprolites, This will be the Rosetta Stone of DNA tracing!


          • Unfortunately this is going to take quite awhile for them to catch up on Rob. I just can’t imagine how many thousands of specimens have been documented, cataloged and stored away over the years that should be sequenced. I want new information right away! lol Maybe we will get lucky and they go after the most controversial “big fish” first! 🙂


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