7 comments on “The Sun is BLANK!!

  1. Yep, It is matching up with the insolation trend on that long term Graph I linked to in the other thread. They are already warning of a Mini Ice Age in Europe and crops all over the world have failed for this year. If Crops fail two years in a row we are in huge trouble… I think this is what happened to the Mesoamerican cultures. Not drought, but cold weather!


  2. Another indicator that can be seen in the far North and South would be the Auroras. Once a very common event almost nightly now has websites dedicated to forecasting when it “Might” be seen. It is weakening to the point of being a rarity.


  3. I put the graph in here above also so everyone could see it. Yes 2 years in a row of crop failure and that’s it. As for Mesoamerica I think the REAL data has been so messed with that we’ll never know for sure if it was drought or cold. Either way their crops most certainly failed and that ended their civilization and I’m sure of that.


  4. Did you notice the Solar insolation? Note about when it was last at it’s highest? This appears to me about the time man became very artsy, very spiritual , and the tree of life traditions started. I’m sure that during this insolation maximum the Auroras were truly something to behold all the way to the equator! And it blew man away with curiosity making them start wondering about how small and insignificant they truly were and it spawned all kinds of spiritual and physical creativity. šŸ™‚


    • Yes I did and I absolutely agree with you. Such events in the heavens most certainly would have struck something in humankind and inspired them to creativity as it still does today, in fact. Very good observations JR šŸ™‚


      • It would be very cool to see an animated model of what it might have looked like when it was that intense. šŸ™‚

        I owe you a google pic Roberto. I will try to do that tomorrow. Been busy with new rental contracts the last few days. I want to do It for myself too… šŸ™‚

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