6 comments on “Creative Collaboration and Our Ancestors

  1. I really like this Barb, and it makes a lot of sense. When one is being creative in reality they are only using a smaller but special part of the brain. So I would agree that brain size probably doesn’t make that much difference. Man is also the only species than get themselves in trouble with their own imagination! 🙂

    Thank you!


  2. Speaking of imagination…:) It looks like Karl splashed us with his paddle this morning! It adds an “earthy” feel to the site and creates a comfortable mood. It feels less “generic” than it did before. Thanks Karl !


  3. This is what I’ve been saying for a long time now. Our ancient human ancestors were creative and intelligent despite the size of their brains. They had to have been or they would not have survived and none of us would be here today. That’s only logical in my mind.

    Yes, we can use our creativity to create or to destroy, for good or for bad. And sadly many times humans have used this ability for the bad and destructive and that needs to change. I cannot help but wonder just how more advanced our species would be if we all collectively used this skill to create! In fact, maybe that is our next real step in our evolution. That is, perhaps our next evolutionary step is not physical by psychospiritual or something along those lines involving creativity.


  4. Very interesting Barb. Creativity and especially collaborative creativity has led to some of our greatest innovations and advancements. Of course at times it has also led to some of our greatest demise. I agree that our ancestors had to have been creative and that they collaborated or the human species would not have survived. We’ve very much underestimated our ancient ancestors. They may have had physical bodies similar to our ape cousins but it was their minds that were different and which made the difference between us and them.


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