6 comments on “And the weather is getting stranger……..

  1. Yes he has… He has some great facts and information on there. Yep, it got cold here too! We went to bed with the windows open because it was hot. We woke up and it was 42 in here. lol

    They keep showing just a very small tail end of the data showing a small rise in global temps. But when the larger picture and longer timespan in history is presented it is a very different story.

    We are absolutely headed into the next Glacial period using true history as an example.

    OK I am going to try and set an image here… Hopefully it resizes it!


  2. 42 degrees here this morning on May 10 and in 20+ years I’ve never seen this kind of weather here for this time of year. Looks like the mountains got some snow too! GLOBAL WARMING MY ASS!! I think Al Gore and his gang should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity! We were right back in the 70s and we allowed CHARLATANS like Gore to detour us and now it is TOO LATE!!! That dirty POS should be charged immediately!!

    And BTW yesterday Trump was supposed to meet with him AGAIN but the meeting was cancelled. I say that if Trump does meet with Gore, AGAIN, that DONALD TRUMP SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY IMPEACHED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE!


  3. No I flubbed it or the spam filter is stopping images from general public guests. As it should! πŸ™‚ It was that long term graph I am stuck on…


    Was just reading at Iceage now that Al Gore is at it again, He wants another new Carbon tax…

    Roberto… I have never seen this before in my life. Was talking with Dad and he has never seen this before in his life either!


      • Thanks! It would have been a great addition to your articles as well. This timeline fully supports your direction and perspective in climate change! lol πŸ™‚

        Side note… My site should now be all public. You will notice that when I marked all the posts and articles as public it reloaded them all as “new posts” because they had been updated. After you read the ones I loaded today I am going to try and flush the cache so that we don’t have to go revisit everyone of those again. lol

        I also sent you an email Roberto if you get time. πŸ™‚

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