5 comments on “Homo Erectus Had Human-like Cognition 1.8 mya!!

  1. I found this pretty amazing too! I suppose once you get good at knapping there can become a plan and rhythm to it as one takes alternating flakes from one side then the other preplanning ahead three or four platform strikes. This would definitely require exercising creativity and forethought just like playing a musical instrument. 🙂

    Sorry for being late to these, my connection quit altogether yesterday.


  2. I would imagine you’d get pretty good at it. In fact, I know you would because I’ve watched some people do it and they knock these stone points out with no problem and very quickly.


  3. Uh Oh, The paradigm is shifting again… New find from Fels Cave. A MAMMOTH IVORY ROPE MAKER! More importantly it is a four strand rope maker unlike even the modern Rope, Wire Rope and Cable makers that are a standard three strands! A four strand Rope would have been by physical nature not only stronger, but much more flexible and actually easier to hold varied knotting patterns!

    I hope they are right on this… Shows a whole world of difference in assumed Cognitive abilities… If true, this is huge!



    • The “industrial revolution” may have started much earlier than we think with this find… 🙂

      Love it! 42 thousand year old Mechanical Engineering Technology! lol


      • You are likely right. This is actually pretty amazing and significant proving once again that our ancestors were not the barbarians we’ve been told they were. 🙂


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